Oakland Raiders: Can They Make the AFC Playoffs With Two Quarterbacks?

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IINovember 3, 2010

Will Bruce "Almighty" Gradkowski quarterback against the KC Chiefs?
Will Bruce "Almighty" Gradkowski quarterback against the KC Chiefs?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

These past weeks have been surreal for the Oakland Raiders. They are currently 4-4 and in second place in the AFC West facing their AFC West nemesis the KC Chiefs next Sunday.

  It appears the the quarterback for this AFC rivalry could possibly be Bruce Gradkowski, provided his shoulder is healed.This should be a huge plus for the Oakland Raiders but the Raiders have been juggling QBs from the start of the season.

  The Oakland Raiders started out the season with Jason Campbell as starter. Jason Campbell played poorly against the Tennessee Titans. The following week after halftime against the St. Louis Rams Jason Campbell was replaced  by Bruce Gradkowski. Jason Campbell had ample opportunity to score in the Red Zone but he simply could not score.

  Bruce Gradkowski completes the game against the Rams and wins. Bruce remained as QB for the Raiders until he was injured week 4 against the Houston Texans. Enter Jason Campbell. Campbell comes in and defeats the Chargers, loses to SF and then plays his most historic game as the Oakland Raiders defeated the Denver Broncos 59 - 10.

  The ride continued the following week as Jason Campbell then outscored the Seattle Seahawks 33 - 3. Question now remains ? Who will be the starting QB for the Oakland Raiders against the KC Chiefs? Has not Jason Campbell earned the right?

  So far it appears that Jason Campbell looks the better of the two in that he has 3 of the 4 wins. Jason Campbells' game has definitely improved and he appears a bit more relaxed in the pocket.

  However if you place Bruce Gradkowski in the same environment, I believe he will do more for you. Bruce has the faster release and he seems to find the open receiver a whole lot quicker than Jason Campbell.

 The Oakland Raider offensive line is doing a great job protecting the QB. So if Bruce Gradkowski does indeed start against the Kansas City Chiefs, then he will have to prove he is the starting QB. It really seems like the coaches and the fans are waiting to see which  will emerge as the leader of the team.

 So how can an Oakland Raider team that seems to be on the verge of greatness be teetering on two quarterbacks?

   As it stands now Bruce Gradkowski is the leadership and heart of the team.This can be seen as his emotions peak once he enters the gridiron.The guy is all heart.

  Then there is Jason Campbell who was told from his signing that he had the team. In fact, he did and seems to have the Raiders now on a great run as they now have back to back wins. With 3 of the 4 wins records for the Raiders, Campbell deserves a shot at the Kansas City Chiefs. Both QB's  have 2 losses, so why not?

  The decision is up to Tom Cable and I believe they are bringing in Bruce Gradkowski. I know Bruce can continue the wins and defeat the KC Chiefs. Bruce Gradkowski needs to remain healthy and with the offensive line holding the rushing I am sure Bruce will surprise the naysayers.

   The Oakland Raiders are fortunate to have two decent QBs. The question remains however ? Who will be at the quarterback for the Oakland Raiders should they make the playoffs?

 The competition between these two athletes will play itself out with the defeat of teams to come. So let it be written...So let it be done...Go Raiders!!! Return to Glory !!!