Philadelphia Eagles: Five Bold Predictions To Cap the 2010 Season

WesAnalyst INovember 5, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles: Five Bold Predictions To Cap the 2010 Season

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    I have a feeling this camera guy is creepy.Al Bello/Getty Images

    Remember that time in college when your best friend was convinced he was going to hook up with the hottest girl in your dorm?

    You knew he had no shot and when he failed you quietly said to yourself, "Saw that one comin'." 

    Or how about the time your friend gave $50 to a homeless guy in exchange for beer? But to ensure the guy returned, your friend held the homeless guy's Walkman for collateral.

    That never happened to you? Well after the homeless guy took the money, never came back with the beer, and your friend stood there with an old Walkman, you would have said to yourself, "Saw that one comin' too."

    Those were easy calls and no one other than you really remembers them.

    But the bold calls? Well those are something that stick with you.

    I still remember a kid telling me that the New York Giants were going to beat the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. He was so convinced that he bet the Giants on the money-line and he won a nice chunk of change.

    Every time that guy walks into a room, he gets the kind of greeting shown in the picture above. It's a celebration of epic proportions. That's what happens when you step out on a limb and you're right.

    The next five predictions start off with a hint of bold and finish with enough boldness to make you think I'm a walking, talking idiot.

No.5: Michael Vick Will Start The Remaining Nine Games

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    I wonder what he's looking at.Doug Benc/Getty Images

    It's not bold to say Michael Vick will start the next three or four games, but I'm starting to go out on a small limb when I say he will start the final nine games.

    The dangers associated with this prediction include injury or ineffective play.

    I honestly don't think either will be an issue down the stretch.

    Vick understands he needs to avoid unnecessary hits and I expect him to play smarter as the season winds down. And looking at the Eagles schedule, I don't see a stretch of games that will land Vick back on the bench.

No. 4: The Eagles Defense Will Give Up a 50 Spot

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    Fancy footwork...Nick Laham/Getty Images

    Giving up half a hunj is a big number in the NFL. But the Eagles seem more than capable of making it happen.

    I know this may seem like a strange prediction considering all of the success the Eagles are in store for down the stretch. I don't think it is that outlandish considering how up and down the defense has been this year.

    Can't you see the Eagles defense having a couple great games against a team like the Chicago Bears and then getting burned for 50 by the New York Giants?

    The G-men have an incredibly talented receiving corps with Steve Smith, Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks. Yes, Eli Manning could screw it all up, but that's where the Eagles porous secondary steps up, or in this case down, and lets little Eli go nuts.

No. 3: Eagles Blowout The Texans

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    They shouldn't even show up.Bob Levey/Getty Images

    People are looking at this game on paper and saying: "Houston has a really good offense, so yeah, the Texans will definitely win."


    Examine the schedule before you try to break down matchups, players, or anything else.

    Houston hosts Tennessee in what is sure to be a pivotal game not only for the AFC South, but for playoff position as well. The week after Houston travels to Philadelphia, the Texans play on Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens in what is sure to be another critical game.

    Now for the best part and something no one seems to talk about: The game against the Texans is on Thursday night.

    Does anyone remember the last time a vaunted offense came to Philadelphia on a Thursday following an emotional game?

    It was way back in 2008 when the Arizona Cardinals rolled into the Linc. The Eagles were coming off a tie against the Bengals and an embarrassing loss to the Ravens.

    The Eagles won 48-20.

    Based on how this game falls on the schedule, there is no way in hell the Eagles lose this game.

    In fact, the final score will be Eagles 50, Texans 17.

No.2: Eagles Beat The Colts

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    You're gonna lose.Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Sometimes when you have to pick a winner, it is best to allow someone else to do it for you.

    Now you don't want the clueless, illogical idiot who wears midnight-green glasses and tells you the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl.

    The "person" who needs to pick this game for you is Vegas.

    Those who set the lines in Sin City know more about the outcome of a football game than any national pundit, ex-player, or anyone else that comes to mind.

    The key to allowing Vegas to pick a game is following this simple rule: When a line makes absolutely no sense at all, you go the opposite way.

    A tell-tale sign that you have stumbled across such a game is when someone says: "This game is too easy." Or the always popular: "I can't believe they're a favorite."

    Here's a great example: The Philadelphia Eagles are a three-point favorite against the Indianapolis Colts.

    Yes, the same Colts led by the Baby Jesus in a football helmet are underdogs.

    Take note when everyone says the lines from above. Then listen closely.

    Hear it? That's Vegas piling up the money.

    I don't care about any trends going into this game, what the matchups are, who is healthy, who is hurt, who the coach is, where the game is played or any other factors.

    Vegas gift-wrapped this game and they are telling you: "Stop being a dope and take the Eagles."

    Too bad no one will listen.

    Eagles walk away with this thing 36-27.

No.1: Eagles Go To The NFC Championship...

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    More NFC Championship pain awaits us.Al Bello/Getty Images

    ...and they lose.

    The first pat of the prediction isn't too bold considering how wide open the NFC is this year. The second part is not very bold either when you consider the Eagles' track-record in NFC championship games.

    But when you make this type of call after the Eagles are only 4-3, it is safe to say it is bold.

    The scary part about this prediction is that I don't even think the Eagles are all that good. This is more of a reflection on how bad the NFC is.

    I can only imagine what the fans would say if this scenario played out.

    With Donovan McNabb getting exposed in D.C. this year, it would only be fitting for Andy Reid to get exposed in the same season.