Randy Moss Cut? Top 5 Teams That Might Land the High-Flying Wide Receiver

John DurstCorrespondent INovember 1, 2010

Randy Moss Cut? Top 5 Teams That Might Land the High-Flying Wide Receiver

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    It's no secret that Randy Moss is one of the greatest wide receivers of all time and contributed more than his fair share in the New England Patriots offense over the past few seasons.

    But after going back to Minnesota and doing very little, it appears that he will be contributing somewhere else next season.

    For the first time since Moss became a Viking, he was back in New England on Sunday for a game against the Patriots. After the game, he answered "his own" questions in the postgame press conference, and he seemed to be more about missing the Patriots than playing for the Vikings. He averaged only three catches for 46 yards per game with the Vikings. The Vikings cut him on Monday.

    Regardless of where Moss winds up this season, he'll be a free agent after the season. He'll be looking to land on a team worthy of title contention. There will certainly be a large number of suitors calling for his services, but here's a list of some leading candidates in the Randy Moss sweepstakes, as far as I'm concerned.

The Chargers Need Help, and Moss Would Be a Great Fit

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    The Chargers have been in the playoffs every year since Philip Rivers joined the team and have a disgruntled WR of their own in Vincent Jackson. It looks as if the team will be able to salvage their relationship with the receiver for the last month of this season, but the spot in this above picture between TE Antonio Gates and WR Malcom Floyd will need to be filled soon. 

    Randy Moss would be a perfect fit on this team. They already have a Pro Bowl QB in Phillip Rivers. Rivers would love to have the best jump baller in the game running the sideline for him, and with Gates sucking up some serious attention in the secondary, Moss would have a little bit less pressure than he has had in recent history.

    With Floyd on the other side of the field, Moss could actually see one-on-one coverage more often than he ever has since his rookie season. Also, the Chargers always have a sturdy running game, so Moss could be the last piece of a puzzle that has been lacking completion for a very long time.

Matt Cassel Needs Help: Moss Could Help Boost a Good Chiefs Team to Greatness

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    The Chiefs seem to really have something cooking over in Kansas City, and it isn't the barbecue. This team is full of young up-and-comers, and they need some depth at the WR spot. Dwayne Bowe is a good receiver in his own right, but he hasn't shown the kind of consistency that the team needs out of him.

    Rookie TE Tony Moeaki is QB Matt Cassel's favorite target and has a similar skill set as Gates in San Diego. He'll be sure to draw a defender or two away from Moss, as well. Rookie WR Dexter McCluster is a speedy playmaking threat in all facets of the offense, but he'd benefit from a little concern being shown to someone else when he steps on the field. Moss would surely draw said concern. Dwayne Bowe on one side of the field and Moss on the other? Deadly.

    This would also be a reunion of sorts for Moss. He would be teaming up with the man who brought him to the Patriots in the first place, Chiefs GM Scott Pioli. He'd also be reunited with Cassel, who won 11 games as the starting QB in in 2008 during Tom Brady's absence. Moss seemed to develop chemistry with Cassel as the season went on.

    The Chiefs also have the most potent running game in the league and a stifling defense. The Chiefs are set up for success. They have youthful players and an experienced coaching staff on their sideline. They can only get better, and Moss could only aid them in that department.

The St. Louis Rams: Great Rookie QB Sam Bradford in Search of Veteran WR

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    The Rams are moving in the right direction for the first time since the departure of former head coach Dick Vermeil, and they are poised to make a run at winning the NFC West. They have a gritty young QB named Sam Bradford, who is running away with the offensive ROY award. The team is very thin at the wide receiver spot, though.

    The Rams lost their No. 1 receiver, Mark Clayton, for the year a few weeks ago. Their starting WRs are Laurent Robinson and Mardy Gilyard. Who? I'm sure the Rams fans could tell us, but the truth is that the rest of the country knows very little or nothing about these guys.

    Bradford is looking like the genuine article, and if he gets a safety valve like Moss, he could really do some serious damage in this league. I'd be very worried about an offense that boasts Sam Bradford, Randy Moss and Steven Jackson, who just became the Rams' all-time leading rusher in Week 8, passing guys like Eric Dickerson and Marshall Faulk.

The Jets' Offense: Missing in Action

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    The Jets have everything in place but a legitimate threat at the WR position. TE Dustin Keller is looking great, but a TE doesn't win championships by himself. WR Braylon Edwards is far from sure handed, and he's already having legal problems—again—in New York (DUI). WR Santonio Holmes is good at his trade, but he's much better-suited as a No. 2 than a main target.

    The Jets also have one of  the best defenses in the NFL, and they have the league's best cornerback bar none in Darrelle Revis. This move would ensure that Moss would never have to face Revis again, who seemed to be Moss' kryptonite when the two faced off.

    The Jets run a two-back system that is shaping up to be very dangerous for opposing defenses, and RB LaDainian Tomlinson is having his best season in years and is just as hungry for a title as Moss. The two could really do a number on the competition.

    Most importantly, the Jets were already in the AFC championship game in 2009. The pieces are in place, and the team is already winning. Moss would only make young QB Mark Sanchez even better than he already looks.

    Sanchez looked very solid in the first five weeks of the 2010 season, but lately he has been shaky at best. He's really coming along well, and Moss would be a welcome addition in his growth, I'm sure. Let's not forget, the Jets just became the first team this season to be shut out. They can use all the offensive help they can get.

The Steelers Could Steal a Ring with Randy Moss in the Lineup

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the league's best teams, but WR Hines Ward isn't getting any younger. The team has been looking for a new No. 1 to fill his diminishing role for years, and Moss would be perfect to fit the bill. WR Mike Wallace is very good, but he's young and raw. He could only benefit from having one of the league's best and most success-driven receivers to learn from.

    After losing to the Saints on Sunday night in Week 8, there are certainly some adjustments that need to be made. The fact that the Steelers only scored 10 points suggests that these changes need to come on the offensive side of the ball.

    This team is literally strong at every position except WR, and they're not exactly weak there, either. Head coach Mike Tomlin has done a wonderful job of continuing the Steelers legacy. They play hard-nosed defense and have the best singular defensive playmaker in the NFL in Troy Polamalu. Tomlin and Troy are responsible for much of the Steelers' recent success.

    QB Ben Roethlisberger has already won two Super Bowl rings, and Moss would easily make him the favorite to win a third. With Ben's elusiveness, physical prowess and strong arm, Moss would be able to run around for what would seem like days until he got open for Big Ben to find him downfield. The two together would be a nightmare for any defense.

    Randy Moss would make a great team simply ridiculous. There would be virtually no way to stop the Steelers from doing whatever they wanted to on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and whatever other days they'd be playing on.

Just My Opinion, But I Think It All Makes Sense

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    I'm sure everyone has their own opinion on what Moss should do, and we all have our own ideas on where he should go. These are mine, and I think they're very good. If Moss goes to any of these teams, they instantly become favorites to win their division. Once a team wins the division, January gives them a fresh start and the same chance as any of the 12 playoff teams to win a championship.

    Moss is still a leading receiver in the NFL as far as talent goes, but he's having his worst season since he left Oakland. He needs a change as much as these five teams do. No matter where he ends up, though, be on the lookout: the Randy Moss circus will probably be making a stop in a city near you.