At 4-4 The Oakland Raiders Will Battle The KC Chiefs For AFC West Domination

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IINovember 2, 2010

Michael Bush: A repeat in 2010?
Michael Bush: A repeat in 2010?Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

 The Oakland Raiders are playing remarkably well lately. It appears that the team has finally come together and they are ticking like clockwork.

  RB Darren McFadden has been gaining a 100 plus yards a game while the Raider defense has become simply fearsome! Opponents are feeling the hits, the hurries, the sacks of a defense that has really come alive!

  As for QB Jason Campbell, well he is playing at a higher level but is still only second string. It should be noted that a good running game will make a QB look even better. I had listed the example of Bo Jackson and Jay Schroeder years back.

   The way the Oakland Raiders are flying now, it would seem that the introduction of QB Bruce Gradkowski can only improve the offense and raise spirits even higher in the house of Silver and Black.However, since the Raiders are doing well with Jason Campbell maybe keep him in until he begins to falter.

  Either way both QBs have looked decent lately and when it comes to release, Bruce Gradkowski needs little time to get the ball to receivers while Jason Campbell needs the time. Tom Cable has already named Gradkowski as the starter and only time will see who is the better fit.

    A huge factor has been the youth of the Oakland Raiders.Lineman such as  Rolando McClain, Mike Mitchell and Matt Shaunessy have improved the needy Raider defensive line.The Oakland Raiders seem to get a sack every game and turnovers are usually in their favor. It has been a thrill to see this team go from basement to penthouse. They are playing like their legendary predecessors!

 In their last two games the Oakland Raiders have scored over 80 points! In fact, the last game was one that will go down in both Oakland Raider and Denver Broncos history! 59 - 10, the worst defeat by the Broncos.

   The Oakland Raiders are now at 4-4 and have a game next week against their AFC West rivals the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs have long been a tough rival and this game will definitely be played hard as they battle for who is the best in the AFC West. The KC Chiefs (5-2) managed a win this past week,  so a loss to the Oakland Raiders (4-4) next week will tie the AFC West rivals with 5 wins.

 RBs Darren McFadden and Michael Bush will battle it out against RB Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. This should be a running battle however Oakland Raiders

 CB Nnamndi Asomugha was injured and hopefully he can return and provide pro bowl coverage in the secondary. This is actually the only factor that could hinder the Oakland Raiders.

   Next week is a huge game for the Raiders and a win will prove to many that they are the real deal. San Diego learned first, Broncos felt it the worst and now the KC Chiefs are gonna really need to study some film.

 The Raiders so far have done well stopping the run so expect more passes from KC. Michael Huff, Tyvon Branch, and Rolando McClain should have a great day!

  The Oakland Raider offensive line is huge and rookie Jason Veldheer is doing a great job with the run blocking.. Robert Gallery has also returned, so the team is much closer to a perfect game. In KC possibly? Well without Nnamndi it will be tougher.

  If the Oakland Raiders are to take the AFC West and shock the millions of naysayers then they will need complete balance and domination over the KC Chiefs when they come to Oakland next week. Gridiron play needs to stay at the level it is now and the powerfully, fast defense needs to shut down Matt Cassell with hurries and sacks.No prob :) Right Mr. Seymour or  Kamerion Wimbley.

  The Oakland Raiders are really on pace to have a great season and with the team closer together and getting wins then they will rise above all else. At this point, there are millions upon millions of fans worldwide absolutely thrilled to see great games and wins. Tom Cable has led to team with productive results and both he and Mr Al Davis have to be pleased with the hard work.

  Oakland Raiders vs KC Chiefs 40-20