Randy Moss Waived: Minnesota Vikings Give Wideout the "Chilly" Shoulder

Dave AuerbachContributor INovember 1, 2010

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 31:  Randy Moss #84 of the Minnesota Vikings runs onto the field before a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium on October 31, 2010 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

In a shocking turn of events, as soon as the Vikings picked up one of the best WRs in the history of their franchise, head coach Brad Childress announced to the team that they released free-vocaled WR Randy Moss.

I know there's got to be a considerable number of people out there wondering, "Why?!"  

At this stage, it's still early to say. Early reports from various NFL sources have stated that Childress stated in a team meeting he wasn't the type of person that he wanted around the locker room.

Randy was given extra time to stay up in the New England area since he's got a home up there.

While Randy might be a vocal and possibly troubling WR occasionally, there's no doubt as to what he brings to an offensive game plan. Randy can command double coverage on most passing plays. He is questionable when it comes to effort, no question. That doesn't mean he is a bad decoy.

Look at most games this season. Opposing teams will leave a safety floating over the top just in case Randy decides this is the down that Randy wants to play.

So what's next for the future Hall of Fame receiver?  

Well, it wouldn't be a shocking move to see Randy go back to New England. Not only would he be coming back to a situation where he wasn't immediately cast out, but the Patriots essentially got a third-round pick to let Randy have a few weeks' vacation back in purple.

Other teams that would be in the mix could possibly include Washington, Seattle or even Chicago.

Washington has been looking for that receiver for Donovan McNabb to build that serious connection with. With head coach Mike Shanahan being such an offensive-minded coach, McNabb needs that real deep target for Washington to stay in the hunt in the NFC East.

Seattle tried making a play for San Diego WR Vincent Jackson in the offseason. While they were unable to land him, don't be shocked if they bring Randy up to the Northwest. The NFC West isn't exactly the toughest division to win, but if they want to have a shot to compete with the upper echelon of the NFC, they need someone to separate them from defenders. Randy would give them that option.

Chicago seems like a very viable option. Lovie Smith knows this is his last year, and they are almost drowning in the NFC North. Randy knows the Vikings now somewhat and can give them an upper hand in a divisional matchup. Also you can see Jay Cutler being happy that he would have that true No. 1 receiver again like he had in Denver with Brandon Marshall.

Regardless how this all pans out, it definitely is a head-scratching move by Brad Childress. You basically lost a third-round pick for a few-week experiment with a player that you immediately dumped after only a couple weeks. Then again, this only adds to the idea of desperation for what has become the Vikings' season.