Week 8 NFL Report Cards: 25 Winners and Losers From Sunday's Action

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer INovember 1, 2010

Week 8 NFL Report Cards: 25 Winners and Losers From Sunday's Action

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    The Week 8 NFL report card continue to examine different aspects of the game, as this time we look at winners and losers.

    We don't necessarily look at the team's records, but individual players who came out winners and losers on the day.

    Every game has the chance to make a player a hero or a goat, so here's a look at where a handful of players ended up this week.

    NOTE: Will be updated with a winner and loser from Sunday Night Football.

Loser: Brett Favre

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    Brett Favre started the game on a bum ankle and ended up being carried off the field so trainers could put 10 stitches in his chin.

    The Vikings lost and Favre gets to answer more health questions this week.

Winner: Josh Freeman

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    Josh Freeman led his team to another fourth-quarter comeback victory. He almost derailed his own effort by taking a bad sack after the go-ahead score, but the Buccaneers were able to withstand the setback.

Loser: Max Hall

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    Once again Max Hall is given the keys to the Cardinals offense, and the undrafted rookie quarterback looked like an undrafted rookie quarterback.

    This isn't the last we'll see of Max Hall, but it's definitely a setback for the young quarterback.

Winner: LeGarrette Blount

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    LeGarrette Blount ran for 120 yards and two touchdowns. This after being told he'd never have an NFL career after "The Punch."

    You think the Tennessee Titans GM isn't going to take any questions on this matter?

Loser: Donovan McNabb

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    Donovan McNabb was benched for the second time in his career vs. the Detroit Lions. The truth is his play hasn't been great the last couple of weeks and head coach Mike Shanahan probably was hoping Rex Grossman would give the team a spark.

    Shanahan was wrong by one fumble returned for a touchdown. Maybe next time.

Winner: Matthew Stafford

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    Matthew Stafford's return to the field went well with four touchdowns and 212 yards.

    Stafford had 101 of those yards with Calvin Johnson, making this tandem one to follow for the rest of the season now that Stafford is healthy again.

Loser: Chris Johnson

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    Chris Johnson dropped a pass on a critical fourth down at the end of the game and only had 59 yards rushing.

    Unless he has a couple of 300-yard rushing games, he's not going to reach 2,000 yards again this season.

Winner: St. Louis Rams Defense

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    The Rams forced four Carolina turnovers on a day when the Rams offense didn't do much.

    Three of those turnovers were Matt Moore interceptions, so they obviously had Moore's number on Sunday.

Loser: Matt Moore

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    As previously stated, Matt Moore threw three interceptions on Sunday and only had 194 passing yards.

    The Panthers have a tough enough time getting wins this season without the quarterback constantly throwing the ball to the other team.

Winner: David Garrard

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    David Garrard, returning from injury, finished the day with four touchdowns and a 157.8 QB rating.

    A perfect QB rating is 158.3

    So, yes, Garrard had a pretty good day.

Loser: Mark Sanchez

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    Mark Sanchez not only was unable to find the end zone AT HOME vs. the Green Bay Packers, he wasn't even able to get his team a reasonable chance to put points on the board as the field goal attempt by Nick Folk failed.

    The Jets and Mark Sanchez had a day they'd rather forget.

Winner: The Chiefs' Running Game

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    The Chiefs have two running backs who are 100-yard threats every Sunday: Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.

    Today Charles had the 100-yard game; next week it could be Jones. You just don't know, and that's the way the Chiefs like it.

Loser: Derek Anderson

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    Derek Anderson, given his 348th chance to be a starter in the NFL after Max Hall was benched in the second quarter for poor play, did what he does best: throw an interception late in the game and seal his team's fate.

    Anderson is really good at doing things like this; that's why he's a backup.

Winner: Clay Matthews

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    Clay Matthews was the lone bright spot in a game that will be remembered for how forgettable and boring it was.

    Matthews had four tackles and one sack on the day.

Loser: Carson Palmer

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    Carson Palmer didn't throw for 400 yards this week. He did throw an interception with 2:43 left in the game after failing to even get a first down in the third quarter.

    All in all, Palmer looked terrible.

Winner: Darren McFadden

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    Another 111 yards rushing for Darren McFadden as a followup to his performance vs. Denver last week.

    McFadden is emerging as one of the biggest offensive threats the Raiders have had in several years.

Winner: Oakland Raiders Defense

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    The Raiders defense gave up just 162 yards of total offense and pretty much made a mockery of Matt Hasselback's efforts to take control of the game.

    The Raiders defense only allowed 47 yards on the ground, eliminating the running game and forcing the Seahawks to keep going to the air, where there was nothing to be found.

Loser: Josh McDaniels

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    After starting the 2009 campaign with a 6-0 record, there hasn't been a lot for Josh McDaniels to celebrate or talk about. His latest defeat to the San Francisco 49ers only underscores how thin the talent is on his team outside of the quarterback position.

Loser: Kyle Orton

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    Kyle Orton threw for more than 300 yards, but he lost a fumble and threw a critical interception late in the game in yet another Broncos loss.

    Orton is the least of the Broncos' problems as their defense gives up points as fast as Orton puts them up on the board.

Winner: Troy Smith

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    Troy Smith provided a bit of a spark to the 49ers offense and earned the confidence of his head coach.

    To the delight of Ohio State fans, Smith completed three long passes in the fourth quarter and earned a comparison to Brett Favre from head coach Mike Singletary. The comparison was a favorable one, so don't get upset.

Loser: Jon Kitna

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    Yeah, Jon Kitna had a bad day.

    Four interceptions.


Winner: Frank Gore

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    Frank Gore kept the pressure off of Troy Smith by carrying the ball 29 times for 118 yards and one touchdown.

    When you have a good running game, it's a lot easier for your quarterback to have a good day.

Loser: Rian Lindell

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    After making a 53-yard field goal that was nullified because Kansas City had called a timeout, he missed the next try and the Chiefs later won the game with their own field goal.

    While the merits and fairness of "icing" the kicker can be debated all night, it worked on this day.