Dallas Cowboys Have Found Their Leader; Dez Bryant Stand Up

Ivan BliminseCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2010

In a season where the Dallas Cowboys have had nothing to smile about, there is a lone bright spot for the team: Dez Bryant

Bryant has shown glimpses of how special of a player he can be for the team in the future. He has made an impact in every one of his NFL games, whether it be key first-downs, receiving touchdowns or the spectacular game-breaking ability on special teams. Simply put: Bryant is a playmaker. 

Not only is the Cowboys first-round pick a playmaker, but he may be the team's leader. 

On a team searching for someone to step up and take control, Bryant demands the respect of his older teammates. His play speaks for itself, and that alone makes people want to follow him. But there is more...

Bryant is the type of player who can make everyone around him better. It is no coincidence that the Cowboys handed him No. 88. He has what Michael Irvin had. 

He is the only player that you see on the sidelines showing any passion. He has the heart and will to win—something that seems to lack from other players on the roster. Bryant has what it takes to lead this team for years on end. Let's hope he can stay suited up in Dallas. 

So in a time when Cowboys fans are feeling down, keep your chin up. We landed a special talent in Dez. Get excited. Every week he shows us more and take pride knowing that one of the league's future stars and potentially one of the best receivers in the NFL within a few years suits up with a star on their helmet.

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