NFL Fantasy How Kitna, Smith, and Stafford Will Impact Your Fantasy Team

Gladys Louise Tyler@neverenoughgltContributor IOctober 29, 2010

NFL Fantasy How Kitna, Smith, and Stafford Will Impact Your Fantasy Team

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    Kenny Britt Week 7 StandoutJ. Meric/Getty Images

    Okay full disclosure...I sat Kenny Britt on my fantasy team last week!  I Know RIGHT?  Statistically I still

    believe it was the correct move...however my team's record disagrees slightly.  So for Week 8 I will go

    with statistics and that all so powerful gut instincts.  But honestly with the bye weeks, and players

    dropping all around, diligence is going to be the key to fantasy victory!  In that spirit here are three

    quarterback changes you might want to pay particular attention to.

DeAngelo Hall Defensive Player Of Week 7

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    Deangelo Hall displaying his stud statusJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Matthew Stafford versus Washington Redskins

                    This will be Stafford’s second start of the year.  In his half action against the Bears, Stafford

    completed 11 of 15 passes for 83 yards and attempted only one deep pass to Calvin Johnson.  Stafford

    though possessed of deep strength talent seems to like the underneath routes the most. 


                    Now Stafford is going against the 31st ranked total defense.  But this same defense is tied

    for second in takeaways (17); and is tied for ninth in the league for points per game allowed (19).  What

     does this mean for your fantasy team?  Calvin Johnson is a stud.  Jahvid Best is leading all rookies in

     yards from scratch.  And DeAngelo Hall is coming off a record game; although Matthew Stafford isn’t

    half as reckless as Jay Cutler, Stafford is playing the second game of the year. 


                    This leads to Washington Redskins defense START.  Calvin Johnson is a stud although he

    may not see the end zone he should get lots of yards.  Jahvid Best did I mention he is leading all

    rookies in yards from scratch and that was with a quarterback who likes to throw long.

Troy Smith Getting Ready For London Debut

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    Troy Smith at 49ers PracticeJulian Finney/Getty Images


    Troy Smith versus Denver Broncos

                    This will be Troy Smith’s third start in his NFL career.  But he has Frank Gore, Vernon

    Davis, Michael Crabtree and Ted Ginn Jr., yes I said Ted Ginn Jr.  The only reason I mention Ted Ginn

    Jr., is that he and Troy Smith played together in high school and college, which doesn’t mean more

    passes (or any) but it is someone Troy Smith is comfortable with which could mean extra looks, but

    will it be enough to warrant fantasy points?  Let’s talk Frank Gore, so far he has 135 attempts with 573

    yards and 1 TD.  Gore is averaging 4.2 yards a carry.  The 49ers have been using him…and using

    him...and using him.  There is no reason to believe this Sunday will be any different.  They will be going

    against a run defense that ranks 30th having given up 156.3 yards per game.  Keep in mind these stats

    are slightly skewed by last Sunday’s debacle against the Raiders were the Broncos game up 328

    yards rushing in a 59-14 loss to Oakland, making Darren McFadden look absolutely studly!   The one

    thing to remember is that the Broncos defense is getting back Brian Dawkins and Andre Goodman  

    This should help the Broncos defense but will it save it?  Can it be saved?  Bottom line you know Frank

    Gore will be getting the ball ALOT!  Vernon Davis has a touchdown in four consecutive games leading

    the team with four touchdowns.  Vernon Davis is also suffering from a lingering ankle malady.  If healthy

    you cannot sit Vernon Davis. Michael Crabtree will be depended upon a quarterback who is starting his

    third NFL game, and has other options than a sometimes shaky Crabtree.

Dez Bryant Part Of a Talented Dallas Team

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    Dez Bryant a Shining Star in Cloudy DallasRonald Martinez/Getty Images

    Jon Kitna versus Jacksonville Jaguars

                    On the surface this appears the best match-up for throw –in quarterbacks.  In Jon Kitna’s game

    against the Giants he had 16 of 33 in passing with 187 yards 2 touchdowns, 3 sacks and a lost fumble.  

    Although the touchdowns came in the last closing minutes Kitna appeared to connect with Dez Bryant.  

    Jacksonville Jaguars are the worst team versus the wide receivers with 12 touchdowns allowed in seven

    games.  The Jaguars are second in the NFL with 10 rushing touchdowns allowed allowing six running

    backs to reach double digits fantasy points.  And Dallas is beyond desperate and talented.  The running

    backs Felix Jones and Marion Barber, yes please.  Dez Bryant looks good against a team that has

    allowed wide receivers with less talent 12 touchdowns in seven games. 

Brian Dawkins Making a Much Needed Return To Denver's Line-Up

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    Brian Dawkins Will Make a Welcome Return to Denver's DefenseJustin Edmonds/Getty Images

    Repeat with me... I will remember the byes, look at current injury reports, check the statistics and TRUST

    MY INSTINCTS!  Jon Kitna and the talented but under achieving Dallas offense versus Jacksonville

    defense.  In London Troy Smith will go against an abysmal Denver defense that was without Brian

    Dawkins, his return means the run defense will be better (hope is it cannot get worse).  And first

    round pick Matthew Stafford will go against a very confident DeAngelo Hall and Redskins takeaway