Vote: Who Is The No. 1 Fantasy Football WR For The Rest Of The Year?

Joe SContributor IOctober 29, 2010

Roddy White, currently #1
Roddy White, currently #1Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

Say you get to pick any wide receiver right now for your fantasy team to use for the rest of the year. Who would you pick?

I'll make the case for each guy as I see it, vote for who you would pick.

Roddy White - Currently the No. 1 WR in fantasy, averaging almost 15 points per game; he simply doesn't have bad weeks. His worst week is 83 yards receiving.

Matt Ryan's favorite target has been able to beat whatever coverage is put on him and there is little reason to think he can't continue to do so going forward.

Andre Johnson - He's a beast.

An ankle injury slowed him down this year and the Texan's more run based philosophy has limited him a little, but it's hard to argue that there is a guy you feel more comfortable with in your lineup.

Hakeem Nicks - Was considered a sleeper by many and he hasn't disappointed. Anyone who got him after the fourth round committed grand larceny.

He's Eli's favorite target in the red zone and has plenty of other weapons around him to keep defenses from focusing on him.

Reggie Wayne - Peyton Manning's No. 1 receiver, Wayne has been passed over at times for Garcon and Collie, which keeps me from picking him over receivers that are go-to guys on their teams every single week.

Calvin Johnson - He might have the most upside out of anyone.

Stafford is coming back and Burleson is healthy so he can draw attention away from Calvin. With tight ends and Jahvid Best, defenses can no longer triple team "Megatron."

Injuries make him a little risky, but his upside makes owners drool.

Anquan Boldin - Has had a solid season so far in Baltimore. Anquan also seems to get hurt a lot, but has been OK so far this year.

Consistency may remain an issue, as he may not be the feature of the Raven's game plan every week.

Randy Moss - As he learns the Minnesota playbook, watch out.

Even if Favre goes down, Tarvaris has a strong arm and will surely be able to toss it up for Moss. Don't forget, Moss is going to be a free agent after this season and you can rest assure he will stay motivated to earn the big bucks, even if Minnesota's season collapses.

And guess what else? Defenses can't focus too much on Moss because the Vikings have the best running back in the NFL and a true play-maker in Percy Harvin.

If Sidney Rice somehow comes back, it just won't be fair for opposing teams.

Greg Jennings - Struggled early on this year, but then Finely went down and the Packers decided they would get him more involved. About time!

Since then, Jennings has 207 yards and two touchdowns (in the last two games). Now Driver is hurting. Jennings is due for a very strong second half.

Brandon Marshall - Has been solid for Miami but a bit of a disappointment for fantasy owners so far this year.

He's picking up plenty of yards but has had trouble scoring.

Chad Henne's improving play is a good thing, but with teams focusing on Marshall, Davone Bess has been more productive in two of the last three games.

Kenny Britt - Thanks to his ridiculous game, he is the sixth best fantasy WR so far this season. He has scored in five straight games.

It doesn't seem to matter if it's Kerry Collins or Vince Young behind center, Britt is a beast on the field and at the club scene.

He would actually have to be put in prison at this point for Jeff Fisher to keep him off the field.

My picks for the rest of the season:

Calvin (First)

Roddy (Second)

Andre (Third)

What are yours? Did I leave someone out that you feel is worthy of consideration? Please comment with your opinion


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