NFL Picks: Week 8, They Get Harder By the Week

John BartramCorrespondent IIOctober 28, 2010

NFL Picks: Week 8, They Get Harder By the Week

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    I've always refrained from doing these on here because everyone else does. 

    It seems as though all anyone wants to read are "Picks", "Grades" and "Rankings".  Ironically, they all mean very little.

    At least the picks offer some challenge, only if you use the Las Vegas Point Spreads, which I will do.

    They must be going crazy in Vegas this year, because nothing seems to be going as planned.

    Let's see how I do.  I'm just glad I don't do this for a living.

    All home teams will be listed first.  Also, there is not one road favorite this week.

San Fransisco -1 Over Denver—In London

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    Hell, didn't we do enough to this poor country during the Revolutionary War?  Now this?  *Sigh*

    It seems like every week we have one or two games that are labeled "Do or Die" for a team.  I think this is true for both.

    Flip a coin.

    I'll take Denver.


Dallas Plus 6.5 Over Jacksonville

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    It's hard to imagine Dallas being a 6.5 favorite over anyone right now.

    The Giants did everything they could to hand the game to the Cowboys before Romo went out, and they refused.  Still, it ended up closer than I thought.

    David Garrard comes back, Kitna is in.

    I'll take Dallas, but Jags cover the spread.

Detroit Plus 2.5 Over Washington

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    Again, I'm surprised the Lions are favored, even if by less than a field goal.  The Redskins have been solid, but not spectaular.

    The Lions keep trying to not be the Lions, and it looks like they're getting closer.

    Lions win.

NJ Jets Plus 6 Over Green Bay

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    I think the Jets are probably the best team in the NFL right now.  I think Green Bay should be one of the best teams.

    I keep waiting for Rogers to explode.  This might not be the right place.

    That said:

    I'll take the Jets, but Green Bay covers

St. Louis Plus 3 Over Carolina

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    Battle of the Titans, and I don't mean Tennessee.  Two teams going in opposite directions. 

    Rams win and cover

Cincinnati Plus 2 Over Miami

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    This is another tough game to pick.  In Miami, I wouldn't hesitate to go with the Dolphins.  I'm still not sure about the Bengals.

    The spread is irrelevant, for the most part.

    I think the Bengals can pull it off.

Kansas City Plus 7.5 Over Buffalo

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    Last week the Chiefs were a nine point favorite and this week they're a seven and a half point favorite.  New territory for KC.

    Well, they responded last week, and they'll do it again.

    The Bills had a great game in Baltimore last week, but that was last week.  The Chiefs running game is off the charts and it has opened up the passing game for Cassel.

    Chiefs win and cover.

San Diego Plus 3.5 Over Tennessee

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    Wow, here's another really tough one.  The Titans are proving to be one of the better teams in the NFL.  The Chargers are proving to be underachieving, to put it kindly.

    Everyone claims that San Diego always starts slow, but not like this.  I don't care what the stats say, they're a mess.

    However, they rank as one of those teams, in my opinion that can explode at anytime. 

    Is this a do or die game for San Diego?  I actually think that game was last week.

    I'll take the Titans.

Arizona Plus 3 Over Tampa

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    Well, who knows?  Try to figure either one of these teams out.  Tampa certainly looks to be the more solid team.

    Tampa has only played on the road twice.  They won them both, but not this one.

    Arizona wins and covers.

Oakland Plus 2.5 Over Seattle

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    Here we go again. Ask any Raider fan and they're now the 1927 Yankees because of they're total annihilation of the Broncos last week in Denver.

    Seattle on the other hand is one of our feel good stories of the NFL. They are leading the NFC West with a 4-2 record.  That's kind of like being the skinny kid at fat camp.

    Also, Seattle has kind of sucked on the road so far so they have the prove they can beat a mediocre team on the road, never mind a good one.

    Not this week.


New England Plus 6.5 Over Minnesota

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    How many drama's do we have in this one?  Favre will either be taken out behind the stadium and be shot before the game, or "retire" by Saturday.  That, or he'll play with a walker.

    No matter what happens, the Patriots will win this game.  There is no way they will let the Old Fool and Randy Moss come into New England and beat them.

    Patriots win and cover.

New Orleans Plus 1 Over Pittsburgh

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    I don't think Pittsburgh is nearly as good as everyone else who's drooling all over them.

    I think the Saints will eventually get their act together.

    Sounds like a good week for both.


Indianapolis Plus 5.5 Over Houston

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    Revenge of the Colts

    Colts plus the cover.

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