NFL Week 8 Power Rankings From Bleacher Report's Featured Columnists

Tyler Horner@BR_TylerHornerCorrespondent IIOctober 28, 2010

NFL Week 8 Power Rankings From Bleacher Report's Featured Columnists

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No. 10: Kansas City Chiefs (4-2) 105 Pts.

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    Last Week: W 42-20 v. Jacksonville

    Next Week: v. Buffalo


    No. 8 Offensive Scoring, No. 12 Offensive Yardage

    No. 7 Defensive Scoring, No. 17 Defensive Yardage

    The Chiefs offense is on a roll right now. Dwayne Bowe's hands haven't seemed so bad lately and the combination of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles is very scary for opponents. Jacksonville would agree after getting pounded in almost every facet of their game last week. 

No. 9: Houston Texans (4-2) 120 Pts.

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    Last Week: Bye

    Next Week: @ Indianapolis


    No. 6 Offensive Scoring, No. 4 Offensive Yardage

    No. 29 Defensive Scoring, No. 32 Defensive Yardage

    Houston's All-Pro linebacker DeMeco Ryans is now out for the season, leaving them in a heap of defensive trouble heading into Indianapolis. That game could get ugly without Ryans' leadership. 

No. 8: Indianapolis Colts (4-2) 258 Pts.

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    Win McNamee/Getty Images

    Last Week: Bye

    Next Week: v. Houston


    No. 3 Offensive Scoring, No. 2 Offensive Yardage

    No. 15 Defensive Scoring, No. 21 Defensive Yardage

    The Colts are battling a series of blows to their pass offense, as Dallas Clark is now out for the season and one of their other best receiving threats, Austin Collie, is still out with a thumb injury. Don't expect Manning to take a step back though. He is one of (if not the) most resilient players in the league. 

No. 7: Atlanta Falcons (5-2) 303 Pts.

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    Last Week: W 39-32 v. Cincinnati

    Next Week: Bye


    No. 12 Offensive Scoring, No. 9 Offensive Yardage

    No. 9 Defensive Scoring, No. 24 Defensive Yardage

    Another wide receiver that had a huge day was Roddy White for the Falcons. He made 11 receptions for over 200 yards in a winning effort over the Bengals. After giving up 22 points in the second quarter, the Falcons fought back and picked up an important home win heading into the bye week. 

No. 6: Tennessee Titans (5-2) 1 First Place Vote, 315 Pts.

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Last Week: W 37-19 v. Philadelphia

    Next Week: @ San Diego


    No. 2 Offensive Scoring, No. 24 Offensive Yardage

    No. 3 Defensive Scoring, No. 14 Defensive Yardage

    Although disappointing for my fantasy team (who played Kenny Britt this week), the Titans were able to put up a great effort to soar by the Eagles. The Titans scored 27 unanswered points to end the game and pick up another win. 

No. 5: New York Giants (5-2) 327 Pts.

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    Last Week: W 41-35 @ Dallas

    Next Week: Bye


    No. 9 Offensive Scoring, No. 3 Offensive Yardage

    No. 19 Defensive Scoring, No. 2 Defensive Yardage

    The Giants went down 20-7 against their division rivals, but then scored an astounding 31 unanswered points to take the lead. By that time it was too late for Tony Romo's (Fractured left clavicle) replacement, Jon Kitna, and the Cowboys to make a comeback. 

No. 4: Baltimore Ravens (5-2) 444 Pts.

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    Larry French/Getty Images

    Last Week: W 37-34 v. Buffalo

    Next Week: Bye


    No. 17 Offensive Scoring, No. 15 Offensive Yardage

    No. 6 Defensive Scoring, No. 8 Defensive Yardage

    Despite Ryan Fitzpatrick tearing apart the Ravens' defense (Yes, I know), Ray Lewis was able to come through in overtime by stripping the ball from Bills tight end Shawn Nelson. Their bye week will do them some good as their defense regroups. 

No. 3: New England Patriots (5-1) 1 First Place Vote, 510 Pts.

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    Donald Miralle/Getty Images

    Last Week: W 23-20 @ San Diego

    Next Week: v. Minnesota


    No. 1 Offensive Scoring, No. 19 Offensive Yardage

    No. 22 Defensive Scoring, No. 29 Defensive Yardage

    The Patriots should not be proud of the performance they put up against the Chargers. The Chargers lost the game - New England did not take the win. When Louis Vasquez's false start moved a San Diego field goal back to 50 yards, their fate was sealed as Kris Brown could not put it through the uprights.

No. 2: New York Jets (5-1) 9 First Place Votes, 627 Pts.

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    Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

    Last Week: Bye

    Next Week: v. Green Bay


    No. 4 Offensive Scoring, No. 17 Offensive Yardage

    No. 4 Defensive Scoring, No. 12 Defensive Yardage

    After a week off, Rex Ryan and the Jets had some time to make some self-evaluations. Although their record looks like what many expected, it hasn't been very pretty and they look to correct that in a big game versus Green Bay. 

No. 1: Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) 13 First Place Votes, 639 Pts.

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    Marc Serota/Getty Images

    Last Week: W 23-22 @ Miami

    Next Week: @ New Orleans


    No. 15 Offensive Scoring, No. 26 Offensive Yardage

    No. 1 Defensive Scoring, No. 4 Defensive Yardage

    The Steelers escaped the upset-minded Dolphins after a critical late call went in their favor. The ruling was that Ben Roethlisberger fumbled before being down by contact, but it was unclear who recovered the ball so Pittsburgh kicked the field goal and took the lead. 

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    New Orleans (45), Green Bay (42), Philadelphia (18), Minnesota (15), Washington (12), Seattle (9), Miami (6)