San Francisco 49ers: Even Mike Singletary Doesn't Want David Carr

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2010

David Carr is so bad he might cause an international incident
David Carr is so bad he might cause an international incidentStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

As the headline says, I tried to warn you. I tried my best to make you see the light, but many of you didn't listen.

About 10 days ago, I wrote an article for bleacher report which you can find here:

The main point of that article was how the 49ers should stick with Alex Smith because he was the best QB on the team. Many of you argued with me, many of you said Smith was a bum, and they should go with David Carr.

Well, the only reason the 49ers sit at 1-6 instead of 2-5 is because Alex Smith got hurt, and the 49ers were forced to go with David Carr. Carr was abysmal against a terrible defense, throwing for only 67 yards and an INT in Sunday's loss to Carolina

Most people realize what I know: If Smith doesn't get hurt, San Francisco would be playing for a chance to go to 3-5 this week and possibly save their season. Now, they are likely to fall to 1-7, especially if Smith can't play.

Don't get me wrong, I don't blame David Carr. Carr did exactly what we all should have expected: He looked lost and scared, just like he did in Houston. He struggled to find an open receiver, and when he did, he couldn't get them the ball. That's the career story of David Carr in a nutshell.

The one nice thing is now that the "We Want Carr" chants were answered and now that the 49ers fans got what they wanted, perhaps 49ers nation can finally unite under what has been obvious to me since day one: Alex Smith is the best QB on your team. 

UPDATE:  It's now 8:47 AM, and I had to come change the rest of this article, which was basically making fun of the fact that Carr might start Sunday. 

As it happens, I just saw that the 49ers are going with Troy Smith. That's a great decision; anyone is better than David Carr. 

They would be better starting me than David Carr. 

Mike Singletary must have known what people like me knew a long time ago; whether it's in Europe, Asia, Africa or the United States, David Carr still sucks. The change of continents won't help. 

The only thing that would have saved Europe from David Carr was a United Nations intervention, telling the 49ers he could not play due to cruel and unusual punishment of the London citizens who paid money to watch him. 

Now they are spared because Smith is starting. Then again, the way Singletary has coached this year, maybe the NFL stepped in and told him to start Smith so that the London crowd would have some chance to see at least some semblance of a football game. 

Then again, maybe the UN did step in after all.

Either way, no one wants Carr: The 49ers don't, the NFL doesn't and hopefully the 49ers fans will never again embarrass themselves by chanting "We Want Carr!"