Tony Romo Injury: 10 QBs the Cowboys Should Target To Replace Him

Jack LondonCorrespondent IJanuary 4, 2017

Tony Romo Injury: 10 QBs the Cowboys Should Target To Replace Him

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    Ever try to pull off a fantasy football trade while writing? It's rather difficult. 

    So if for some reason Visanthe Shiancoe makes his way into this article, you now know why. 

    Speaking of fantasy football, Tony Romo owners are now scrambling to find a replacement. 

    But in the bigger picture, the Dallas Cowboys are scrambling just to save their season, which may be all but over. 

    But the 'Boys have to find someone to replace Romo right?

    I mean, are they really going to go with Jon Kitna? Really?

    So here are some serious options to replace Romo...and some not so serious...

1. Jon Kitna

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    Knowing the Cowboys, and Wade Phillips, it will probably be Kitna who will carry the load the rest of the season, as sad as it is. 

    The good news for the Dallas fans? He threw two TDs. 

    The bad news? He's 38 and last quarterbacked a winless team. 

    You wanna know an ironic thing about all this? 

    Two of the main pieces for the Cowboys remainder of their season may be Jon Kitna and Roy Williams, former Lions. 

    And Cowboys fans are letting out a collective groan. 

    Speaking of the Lions, if Kitna doesn't work out, there's always...

2. Dan Orlovsky

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    Orlovsky provides fans a show every time he plays for sure. 

    Plus, he'll run out of the back of the end zone and keep going. 

    That's free of charge. 

    What's not to like? He entertains Dallas fans, and he's low budget?

    Sounds like Jerry should get to the phone right now. 

3. Stephen McGee

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    On a more serious note, Dallas fans have to wonder if McGee gets any playing time this season, considering that Kitna is 38 and all. 

    McGee, a local product from Texas A&M, is now the backup, but he has the better build and arm strength for the 'Boys offense. 

    He definitely has the better upside, but I'd say until Kitna royally messes up, or the Cowboys lose a couple of more games, we won't see Stephen. 

    It will be interesting to see what McGee can do however should he get some playing time late in the season, which I imagine would happen. 

4. Kevin Kolb

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    Wouldn't this be interesting? 

    Granted, the trade deadline has passed, but I mean Jerry has pull with the league office right? 

    And Kolb would definitely flourish in the Dallas system. 

    So even though they would probably have to wait a while, Philadelphia can't hang on to Kolb forever right? 

    Maybe I'm wrong...

5. Cam Newton

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    Or maybe Dallas could follow the example of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. 

    The Cavaliers, several years back, basically tanked in order to have a chance to draft LeBron James with the first pick (although there is no proof, just theory of course). 

    Of course, that was risky, considering the lottery system of the NBA's draft. 

    But should the Cowboys conveniently lose every game from here on out, they would probably have the number one pick, and they could just draft Newton, who is looking unstoppable in the college ranks this year. 

    I'm mostly teasing here, and plus the Bills would have to win a couple of games, which doesn't look likely. 

6. Mark Brunell

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    If the Cowboys want to one-up on the age thing, they could go ahead and get an older QB than Kitna-- that being Brunell of course, at age 40. 

    The crazy thing is, Brunell may be able to outplay Kitna. 

    First one who's arm doesn't fall off wins!

7. Josh McCown

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    About the most tempting name on the free agent list is Josh McCown, who in his illustrious career played for the winning franchises of the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers and Oakland Raiders. 

    But on the bright side, McCown's stats aren't overly terrible, and when given some good receivers, as he was in Arizona, he actually did quite well for himself. 

    He's certainly a good possibility for the Cowboys to pickup if they are extremely desperate. 

8. JaMarcus Russell

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    Hey, this guy can throw the ball 50 yards while sitting down. 

    His stats? Why do you want to know?

    Look at his frame! Look at his killer arm! He'd make a great quarterback!

    I'll tell you what, if the Cowboys want to win, maybe they should make a call to Russell before someone else snags this potential gem off the wire. 

9. Andrew Luck

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    All kidding aside, there just isn't a whole lot of options out there for the Cowboys, whose fans absolutely have to at their lowest point maybe ever. 

    I'm not mocking when I say I feel bad for you guys. 

    Either way, the organization has to be tired of Tony Romo, along with the fans, and there's no guarantee that he'll last beyond this season. 

    So, realistically speaking, the best QB in the draft right now is Andrew Luck, and while I doubt the 'Boys will finish with a top 5 pick, if they do, they could go after Luck. 

10. Billy Volek

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    Let's be honest here: there just aren't a lot of great QB's in the NFL. 

    I was looking at some backups the Cowboys could try to make a move for, and the list was extremely thin, but one name came to my attention: Billy Volek. 

    I've always thought Volek got the short end of the stick. He could've been a starter in Tennessee by now if he had stayed there, and now he's backing up Phillip Rivers. 

    Ironically, it was his backup, Charlie Whitehurst, who got more attention than Volek during the offseason. 


    If I were the Cowboys, I would inquire about Volek, who I think could finally shine in a high-flying offense like the Dallas's.