Tony Romo Injures Left Clavicle, Jon Kitna Takes Over

Keet BaileyCorrespondent IIOctober 25, 2010

Tony Romo could be out for a few weeks.
Tony Romo could be out for a few weeks.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With less than 13 minutes to play in the Monday Night Football game against the New York Giants, Tony Romo left the game with an undisclosed shoulder injury. We later learned that he has a fractured left clavicle. Fantasy football managers who own Tony Romo are scared out of their minds right now.

Fullback Chris Gronkowski is going to take a lot of heat for his missed play causing Romo to get taken down to the turf. Gronkowski was supposed to read the linebacker first. If he blitzes, pick him up, if he doesn’t, go out into the flats. He went immediately out to the flats, allowing former Falcon and current Giants linebacker Michael Boley to go between the guard and the tackle on the left side, untouched. Boley put a big hit on Tony Romo, knocking him out of the game.

So what does this mean for the Cowboys? Fractured clavicles can vary in healing time. Depending on how serious it is, Romo could be out for 3-4 weeks at the least. Most likely he’ll be in a sling for the first week or two if it is pretty serious, and Jon Kitna will have to fill in for the Cowboys.

Romo hasn’t missed time on the field since 2008 when he missed three games with a broken pinkie finger on his throwing hand. This could be very bad news to the Cowboys who could end up 1-5 following Monday night’s matchup. Before filling in for Romo in the second quarter, Jon Kitna had not have taken a regular season snap since 2008 when he started four games for the Detroit Lions.

Kitna has been successful in different times of his career, but he’s aged quite a bit, and really hasn’t had a productive season since 2003. While the Cowboys have big time weapons on offense, Kitna’s issue has been holding onto the ball for too long. The Cowboys offensive line has played well enough so far this season, but Romo has been hit 30 times, despite only taking seven sacks.

Kitna will need to get rid of the ball quickly, otherwise opposing defenses will get to him and sack him, as his delivery isn’t on par with Romo’s, neither is his decision making.

In terms of fantasy, Jon Kitna doesn't have a lot of value. However, if you're desperate, he at least has very solid weapons on offense. Kitna should be a good pickup against Jacksonville, but if he has to start against Green Bay or New York in three weeks, then I'd suggest keeping him out of your lineup.

Dallas could be in serious trouble. They already had their bye week during Week 4, and their schedule over the next few weeks doesn’t look to help them either. The Cowboys get Jacksonville next week, but then go on the road to Green Bay, then to New Meadowlands Stadium to face the Giants again. They could easily win only one game the next three weeks, but could drop to Jacksonville if they don’t have Tony Romo.

This could be good news, however, for Felix Jones and Marion Barber. The Cowboys don’t seem to want to utilize some of their best weapons. At one point this season, they were passing over 70 percent of the time, despite Felix Jones rushing for 4.5 yards per carry and nearly six yards a carry in 2009. Perhaps the Cowboys will take a more conservative approach and run the ball a bit more.

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