Brett Favre's Ankle: Why His Consecutive Game Streak Ends Sunday

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 25, 2010

Brett Favre's Ankle: Why His Consecutive Game Streak Ends Sunday

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    As if we haven't gotten tired of Brett Favre, his name continues to come up in the news. At this point, I'm convinced that this is exactly what Favre wants.

    People seem to be forgetting about him and the fact he's actually the quarterback in Minnesota. He's given us two reasons not to forget him.

    The first of which is his lousy play so far this season. The other would be his mix-up with Jets' sideline reporter Jenn Sterger.

    But, like a mosquito, he continues to come back and remind us that he's still around that and still emblazoned into our collective brains.

    One thing that might come to an end this coming Sunday is his 'Iron Man' streak of consecutive games played. If his ankle is as bad as some say it is then Favre will need to stand on the sidelines and not cause his team any more problems.

    According to a report in the National Football Post, the 41-year-old superstar has two fractures in his right ankle.

    Here are 10 reasons that the iron man streak will come to an end this coming Sunday.

No. 10: See What Tarvaris Jackson Brings to the Table

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    Tarvaris Jackson is no Brett Favre, that much is true. He was pushed to the backup roll when Favre came back before the 2009 season.

    With Favre out, you can see if Jackson really can lead this team.

No. 9: Severity of the Injury

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    Two fractures in his surgically repaired ankle is nothing to take lightly. He's already in a walking boot according to head coach Brad Childress, but if the injury is worse than first glance would suggest, there's no reason for him to keep going.

No. 8: Keep Himself Out of the News

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    I'm sure Brett is as tired of the media questions as we are. Stepping away from his start on Sunday gives him time to get away from the same old questions.

No. 7: It's Time to Step Aside

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    He stepped aside in Green Bay and New York, maybe it's time to do so in Minnesota.

    Are the Vikings really better with Favre right now than if Tarvaris Jackson took over?

No. 6: Tendonitis in His Throwing Shoulder

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    Besides the ankle injury, there had been talk Favre was also dealing with tendinitis in his throwing shoulder.

    Couple that with the ankle and you have one hobbled quarterback.

No. 5: Forcing it Isn't Best for the Team

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    We saw what happens when Brett Favre tries to push himself to a level his body won't take him. If he continues to push this injury, it's not going to do his team any good, especially if he throws three interceptions per game.

No. 4: Talk to the NFL Office

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    With a possible NFL investigation right around the corner, Favre could use this time to talk to the NFL office to clear up anything they need to know.

    Cooperation is going to be key to keeping himself out of more trouble. He should take this time to do just that.

No. 3: Heal Up for the Stretch Run

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    If the Vikings really are a better team with Brett Favre at 100%, than using two full weeks to heal up makes him that much more dangerous.

    The Vikings want to get back into the playoffs, hopefully with Favre at the helm. One week off, and the end of a streak, isn't going to kill him.

No. 2: Deal with Personal Issues

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    Taking a game away from the team could give him time to deal with his personal issues.

    I can't imagine his wife likes him at this point so getting things back in order may be something he needs to do.

No. 1: Because It's Just Not That Important

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    There's only been one other 'Iron Man' streak and it belonged to Cal Ripken.

    While Cal never won a World Series, Brett does have a few Super Bowl rings under his belt. But is this streak really more important than taking care of the issues that surround him?

    To me, this is not worth him pushing himself, costing his team another win, and putting himself in an even worse position.

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