Minnesota Vikings Off to Horrible Start: What is Wrong with Jared Allen?

Dennis ShayContributor INovember 1, 2010

Allen getting man-handled by Ferguson.
Allen getting man-handled by Ferguson.Andrew Burton/Getty Images

First, I will not blame Brett Favre for the Vikings poor record so far this season. He is a gunslinger without much protection. The play-calling has been horrible and appallingly predictable. It is no wonder why Favre has struggled at times. I think the media is being too tough on a 41-year-old veteran who has seen the ground close-up too many times this year.

Jared Allen is the player that the media should be assaulting. His play so far this season has been nothing short of pathetic!

No more double teams for the defensive end that had 29 sacks in his first two seasons with Minnesota. If I was told before the season that opposing teams were going to only use one blocker against Jared Allen, I would have been salivating with the belief that I would see Jared Allen roping invisible cattle left and right. Through seven games this season he only has ONE sack.

Allen's one sack this season, against the Dolphins, would only have been a tackle had the referees given Chad Henne a better spot. His one forced turnover, against the Packers, was an interception thrown straight to him on a play where Chad Clifton singlehandledly blocked Allen backward.

It is not only against the pass that Allen has struggled. Opposing teams have been picking on him in the run game as well. He cannot contain the edge. When the run play is in the middle he gets blocked to the outside. Allen's inability to get any penetration is reflected in his total of ZERO tackles for a loss.

Allen's ineffectiveness is poisoning the defense line. Offenses no longer have to double-block Jared. Which means that they are doubling Kevin or Pat Williams and putting a tight end over Ray Edwards instead of Allen. The result of which is a nearly, non-existent pass-rush and a weakened run defense.

 It is too bad that Jared picked this season to play so poorly. The play of the linebackers has been great and the secondary looks much improved despite numerous injuries and no pressure by the defensive line on the opposing QBs.

Is Jared hurt? Is he overweight? When his wife made him cut his mullet, did Sampson lose his strength?

I have no answers to these questions, just more questions.