NFL Fantasy Football: Chargers RB Ryan Mathews is a Bust

Joe SContributor IOctober 25, 2010

I feel with you Mathews owners
I feel with you Mathews ownersEzra Shaw/Getty Images

Let me start by clarifying that I am saying Ryan Mathews is a bust in Fantasy Football this year, not a bust in the NFL. He has the talent, but he is a fantasy bust this year, and his outlook for the rest of the season is bleak.

That's right, Mathews has the talent. He is averaging almost five yards per carry this year and has battled back from an ankle injury that cost him some time.

Coming into the season, everyone was crazy about Mathews because we all assumed: the running back on the Chargers has to get 1,000 yards and 8 TDs. It was just basic math; if you figured out the carries Norv Turner prescribed for Mathews and factored in the high-powered offense the Chargers run.

And the Chargers also have a schedule that it is friendly against the run. We all should have known it looked too good to be true.

Well the workload just isn't there for Mathews to be that productive. He lost goal-line duties to Mike Tolbert. Darren Sproles has dominated passing downs. That leaves only early-down work for Mathews on a passing offense. There is just no way he can put up big numbers with such limited work and small scoring potential.

The only hope for Mathews this year? The Chargers are 2-5, so clearly what they are doing isn't working in terms of winning. But, Tolbert and Sproles are doing pretty well with their roles.

My recommendation: trade Mathews if you still can. Guys like Moreno and Wells seem like better options going forward. I don't see how Mathews is even a top-20 running back going forward. If you see the situation improving for Mathews this season, please explain, but I can't see it.