So Do You Guys Still Want David Carr Starting For the San Francisco 49ers?

Ryan SmithContributor IOctober 24, 2010

The Carolina game surely reminded fans just how bad David Carr is.
The Carolina game surely reminded fans just how bad David Carr is.Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In the San Francisco 49er's seventh game of the year, many of the 49er fans around the world got their wish for David Carr to be the 49ers quarterback and for Alex Smith to head to the bench.  Although it did not happen as most thought it would, I'm sure many anti-Smith fans were happy to see him leave the field, even if it was due to an injury.  Well fans… you got your wish.

David Carr entered the game in the earlier minutes of the third quarter, only to prove exactly why Alex Smith should be the 49ers starting QB in San Francisco this season.  Sure his first full drive looked impressive as the 49ers marched down the field for a field goal, but it had nothing to do with Carr's play whatsoever.  In fact, the 49ers, obviously not trusting DC, handed the ball off to Gore time and time again as he pounded his way up field.  Though this drive scored points it ended up hurting the team in the long run.

The reason that drive ended up hurting the 49ers is because the Panthers realized the coaching staff had no trust in Carr at all and instead were just going to try and run the ball the rest of the game.  Knowing this, Carolina stacked the box and stuffed the run forcing Carr to throw, and all fans who have had Carr as QB before or have seen him play before were reminded why a former 1st overall pick is a second string qb on a team with a horrible QB situation to begin with.

My point is that Alex Smith is our best option right now and the 49er faithful were shown that today as they ate their own words and chants for WE WANT CARR?  What football fan in their right mind would ever want David Carr quarterbacking their team? 

The 49er nation must face reality this season and instead of going against our rosters best QB, we must support him and cheer for him so we aren't stuck with the garbage QB play we all witnessed today when David Carr stepped foot on the field.