Cubs News - September Call-Ups, Pawelek Sent Home, Guzman Ready?

Harry PavlidisSenior Analyst IAugust 21, 2008

According to the Daily Herald, 2005 #1 pick Mark Pawelek didn't get his passport in time for a trip to Canada, so the Boise Hawks have sent him home for the season. This is probably a good time for him to do some shopping, buy some ties and shoes, and get ready for some job interviews.

It was reported a week or so ago, in various places, that Lou Piniella was only expecting about 5 or 6 call-ups on September 1. Anyone on the 40-man roster is eligible, but the team doesn't feel the need to flood the bench. In the same article, the Herald says the Cubs are expected to bring up catcher Koyie Hill, pitchers Kevin Hart, Michael Wuertz and Angel Guzman, along with Felix Pie and Micah Hoffpauir. With the exception of Guzman, all good choices. Let Guzman go down to Arizona and work-out. I'm not sure he's really ready for major league hitters.

Angel did make a 12 appearances as a Cub in 2007, including three starts. PITCHf/x data is available from two appearances in May, one in Petco Park, one in Dodger Stadium. By mid-June, he was on the DL and headed for Tommy John surgery.

Guzman throws, based on very limited data, a curveball, slider, as many as three fastballs (2 seam, 4 seam, cut) and a change-up. He throws from a pretty low arm slot, and probably can do some serious damage with the sinking two-seamer.

Angel's a big guy, 6'3", and will turn 27 this Winter. Since returning to active duty, he's played at three levels, starting with High A Daytona. He started two games while in Florida, totaling just five innings. Guzman moved up to AA, making one three-inning start for Tennessee, before moving to the I-Cubs and doing the same. 11 innings aren't a lot of work, but he'll get some more work in between now and September 1.

His numbers in the minors have been impressive, but the sample size is too small to judge from. But, for what it's worth....

With more ground-outs that fly-outs, it does appear that Angel is on his way back. We'll see what we get if and when he's called up. Color me skeptical, for now.