AFC West I.Q.: It's a Brief Test, So Can You Not Cheat?!

John BartramCorrespondent IIOctober 21, 2010

AFC West I.Q.: It's a Brief Test, So Can You Not Cheat?!

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    This is for kicks and giggles only.  The Kansas City Chiefs have played one less game than the rest of the division, so stats would be skewed anyway.

    This is not to identify who's team is better.  It is simply for fun, though it took me too long for it's purpose.

    Obviously, you can look up every answer in a heartbeat.  That, however is like playing chess with a computer.  What's the point?

    It's very simple.  It's like grade school all over again without the nasty teacher or report card.

    Just add the points listed and the answers will be at the end.

    It's short, it's silly.


Who Leads the Division in Tackles? Five Points

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    1) D.J. Williams- DB

    2) Derrick Johnson- KC

    3) Kevin Burnette- SD

    4) Michael Huff- OR

Which Team Has Thrown the Most Interceptions? Five Points

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    1) KC

    2) SD

    3) OR

    4) DB


Which Team Has The Best T/O Ratio? Hint- Tie Five Points

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    Stop cheating 

What Is the Average Age of Each Team? Worth 20 Points

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    1) 27.1

    2) 26.7

    3) 25.3

    4) 27.2

    Put them in order, if you can.

Who Has Scored the Most Points, in Order. Worth 20 Points

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    1) Matt Pratter

    2) Antonio Gates

    3) Ryan Succoup

    4) Sebastian Janikowski



Points Scored/Given Up Differential: Try to Guess the Best Team. Five Points

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    1) Minus 16

    2) Plus 16

    3) Plus 31

    4) Minus 31

Who Has the Most Rushing Yards? Five Points

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    1) Knowshon Moreno

    2) Thomas Jones

    3) Darren McFadden

    4) Mike Tolbert

Who Has Allowed the Fewest Sacks and the Most Sacks? 10 Points.

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    1) SD

    2) KC

    3) DB

    4) OR


Bonus Question Number One: Five Points

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    Who is the only team in the Division with an all time wining record against all the other teams?


Bonus Question Number Two: Worth 2,000 Points

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    Which of the following teams will win the AFC West this Year?

    1) Kansas City Chiefs

    2) Kansas City Chiefs

    3) Kansas City Chiefs

    4) Kansas City Chiefs

Answers, Which You Already Know Because You Just Blasted Through to This Slide

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    1) Most Tackles: D.J. Williams, Broncos: 41-   ( Huff, 33; Burnette, 29; Johnson,28)

    2) Most Interceptions: Raiders: 8  (SD, 5; DB and KC 3)

    3) Best T/O Ratio: Chiefs and Broncos +1  ( SD -3; OR, -2)

    4) Average Age of Each Team, Youngest to Oldest:

    KC (25.3) OR (26.7) DB (27.1) SD (27.2)

    5) Most Points Scored, Highest to Lowest:

    Sebastian Janikowski- 52

    Matt Pratter- 46

    Antonio Gate- 42

    Ryan Succoup- 36

    6) Best Scored/Given Up Ratio:  SD +31   (KC +16/ DB-16/ OR -31)

    7) Who Has the Most Rushing Yards?

    McFadden- 392/ Jones- 336/ Tolbert- 295/ Moreno 159

    8) The Most and Fewest Sacks Allowed

    Most: Tie, SD and OR- 18/ Fewest KC- 4  (DB- 13)

    9) Bonus Question Number One

    KC:  54-45 over Denver/ 52-45 over Oakland/ 51-48 over San Diego

    10) Bonus Question Number Two

    Huh, Kansas City?

    Grade Scale:

    2,000+     You're an AFC West Genius and/or Cheater and/or KC Fan

    50-75       You may have actually played fair and you need to get out more

    25-50       You probably did play fair and sound like a reasonable person with a life

    0-25         You're a moron and/or member of Congress and/or Raider fan