Oakland Raiders Give Kyle Boller Shot at QB in Denver: Gradkowski Sidelined

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIOctober 20, 2010

Kyle Boller given a shot at winning in Denver
Kyle Boller given a shot at winning in DenverTom Pennington/Getty Images

The Oakland Raiders players and fans are still waiting for the return of Bruce "Almighty" Gradkowski.

However, it appears that he will still be sidelined with a shoulder injury, and third string QB Kyle Boller will be given the opportunity to launch missiles down the field and attack the Denver Bronco defense.

Kyle Boller is a former Baltimore Raven QB, and has shown in the past that he can win games. Boller does have a good arm and has made some great come from behind wins.

But can he defeat the Denver Broncos at home, and is he the new second-string QB for Oakland?

The answer to both questions is a solid yes!

Kyle Boller has to be thinking that this an opportunity to take this team and launch his career. I doubt that he will be holding the ball as long as Jason Campbell and may shock the Denver Bronco offense by launching the ball down field.

Another factor in this game is that Boller has absolutely nothing to lose. With an attitude like this, the Raiders should have a great day in Denver.

Darrius Heyward-Bey and Louis Murphy should have decent yardage. I am a little skeptical about DHB, but he appears to be growing as a WR.

   It would be a welcome change to see Jacoby Ford on the field more as a WR. Lets not forget Johnnie Lee Higgins. Different WR will only confuse the Broncos and I am assuming that Boller has been working with these receivers to begin with.

There are many fans out there that feel Gradkowski is only a patch for the Raiders until they can draft of trade for a better QB. However, the Oakland Raiders have named Gradkowski the main QB.

Once Bruce is healthy, he will get the reins and bring the spirit to Oakland.

Spirit to the team.This is something fans may want to watch when Kyle Boller is on the field Sunday.

Will Boller have the will and desire to defeat Denver? I am hoping that he goes all out and performs greater that Jason Campbell did last week against the lowly 49ers.

Kyle Boller will more than likely win this game for the Oakland Raiders. Both RBs Michael Bush and McFadden will open the passing game, and the Raiders can win in the Mile High city.

A win in Denver, however, doesn't mean that Boller gets to lead the team. In fact, I would bet that Kyle Boller becomes the second-string QB, with Jason Campbell set to pasture for a lineman next season.

The Oakland Raiders really need this win, and just like QB Gradkowski, Kyle Boller will need protection. Protection from the offense will mean a win in Denver.

Then they face Seattle next week with a healthy Bruce Gradkowski and McFadden to finally get two back-to-back wins.

Don't give up on Oakland yet! I realize there have been three QBs at the helm, but both Campbell and Boller are temps until Gradkowski get back.

When he returns, I am certain he has read the press. The Raider fans are supporting Bruce, and this should drive him to win at leastand I do mean at least—five more games.

Raiders defeat Denver 21-7. Sacks abound!