NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Ranking the Top Wide Receivers in the NFL

Bryan DietzlerSenior Analyst IOctober 20, 2010

NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Ranking the Top Wide Receivers in the NFL

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    The NFL season is almost to its halfway point and we are starting to see who the better wide receivers are in the NFL.  There are some surprises in our top 32 wide receivers in the NFL this week as after a week of some great games, some guys have moved up while others have moved down. 

    Where does your favorite wide receiver rank? 

    Check out this week’s rankings to find out.

Number 31: Mike Wallace-Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Wallace is poised to have a big season now that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is back and ready to go.  Look for him to become a favorite of Roethlisberger and see a lot of balls thrown his way during the rest of the season.  

Number 30: Larry Fitzgerald-Arizona Cardinals

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    If Kurt Warner was still with the Cardinals Fitzgerald would be higher on this list, probably at number one.  But with all of the quarterback problems they have had, he’s fallen quite far and just isn’t getting the production that he is used to having.  That may pick up soon with some additional stability at the position.

Number 29: Donald Driver-Green Bay Packers

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    As with Jennings, now that Finley is out for the season, Driver’s catches should increase.  He has gotten older and may have lost a step but Driver is a proven pass catcher that catches everything that’s thrown his way and he will see a lot more passes thrown his direction.

Number 28: Roy Williams-Dallas Cowboys

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    Yes, even Williams gets on this list as a part of our top 32 wide receivers.  Williams hasn’t been playing too bad so far this season after not doing much of anything since coming to the Cowboys in a trade from the Lions a couple seasons ago.  If Dallas can get their offense on track, Williams could easily see a lot more catches.

Number 27: Louis Murphy-Oakland Raiders

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    Sure the Raiders may not have a well known passing game but they do have a wide receiver that’s doing a lot for them in Murphy.  Murphy has stepped his play up and is a nice target for whichever quarterback is stepping in for the Raiders.  Look for him to have a fine year this season.

Number 26: Michael Crabtree-San Francisco 49ers

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    If the 49ers had a better passing game going Crabtree would definitely have better numbers than he has right now but when he gets his hands on the ball, he can really do something with it.  Things have gotten better for Crabtree now that he has had some time to get used to the offense and if things get better for the 49ers he should be much more productive.

Number 25: Chad Ochocinco-Cincinnati Bengals

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    This list wouldn’t be complete without having Ochocinco on it.  Sure, he’s not having the best year but that’s because teams have concentrated on covering him over covering Owens.  He still gets the respect of defensive backs because of his ability and is proving his worth even though he’s not seeing a lot of action.

Number 24: Derrick Mason-Baltimore Ravens

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    The old reliable wide receiver is still going strong in Baltimore and should be able to keep going for another year or two.  He’s gotten fewer catches now that Boldin is there but he’s not covered as heavily as he was last year and is much more productive.

Number 23: Danny Amendola-St. Louis Rams

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    It’s hard to believe it but there is a St. Louis Ram wide receiver in this group and he’s a guy that many people might remember as the guy who was “on the ropes” with the Cowboys during their turn on HBO’s Hard Knocks.  Amendola is coming up big for the Rams this season and is becoming new quarterback Sam Bradford’s favorite wide receiver.

Number 22: Greg Jennings-Green Bay Packers

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    Now that tight end Jermichael Finley is out for the season, you can bet that Jennings is going to be one of quarterback Aaron Rodger’s favorite targets.  He had a pretty good season last year so there is no reason to think that he won’t be up for the challenge this season.

Number 21: Braylon Edwards-New York Jets

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    Despite his off the field the field problems, Edwards has been an on the field asset for the Jets so far this season.  He has become a reliable target for Jet’s quarterback Mark Sanchez but with Santonio Holmes coming back from suspension, he might see some of his catches disappear.

Number 20: Marques Colston-New Orleans Saints

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    The Saints started out a this season on a bumpy road but have gotten back on track and one of the reasons is that their passing game has come back and Colston is a big part of that passing game.  He’s a big body wide receiver that can catch almost anything thrown his way.  Look for even bigger production out of him as the season goes on.

Number 19: Eddie Royal-Denver Broncos

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    Another Denver Bronco’s wide receiver makes our top 32 this week.  The Denver passing game is strong and it involves almost everyone and Royal is one of the key components that helps to make it work.  If the Broncos could ever get things figured out on defense, coupled with this passing offense, they could win a lot of games.

Number 18. Steve Smith-New York Giants

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    Along with Nicks, Smith has helped the Giants passing game get on track and help them win games.  Smith, like Nicks, has come a long way and is getting better with every game.

Number 17: Jabar Gaffney-Denver Broncos

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    After going from team to team to start his career, it appears as if Gaffney may have finally found a home with the Broncos.  Along with Lloyd and Eddie Royal, Gaffney has been part of a pretty decent passing game in Denver.  Now if they can just win some games this receiving group may get more attention.

Number 16: Johnny Knox-Chicago Bears

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    Yes, he doesn’t see a lot of passes thrown his way from time to time but Knox is a threat to score every time he touches the ball and can really stretch opposing defenses.  Now, if quarterback Jay Cutler could just get him the ball on a regular basis, imagine what he could do.

Number 15: Hakeem Nicks-New York Giants

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    Nicks is really starting to develop into a solid wide receiver and with the resurgence that the Giants are seeing, he has become an important part of the passing offense.  Quarterback Eli Manning is relying on him much more often in their offense which means he will see a lot more balls thrown his way and his value increase.

Number 14: DeSean Jackson-Philadelphia Eagles

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    Before he suffered that massive concussion against the Falcons this weekend, Jackson was one of the biggest “big play” receivers in the league.  Let’s just hope that he can make it back soon to help the Eagles offense continues to grow and develop under quarterback Kevin Kolb.

Number 13: Anquan Boldin-Baltimore Ravens

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    When the Ravens acquired Boldin many people felt that the Ravens passing woes would be taken care of and while they still have some issues Boldin has been there to step up and help them win games through the air.  He’s a tough big bodied receiver that isn’t afraid to take a hit and makes the tough catch.  This is exactly what the Ravens needed.

Number 12: Jeremy Maclin-Philadelphia Eagles

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    Maclin had a great game against the Falcons this past Sunday and is starting to become one of the better wide receivers in the NFL.  Granted, he’s only been in the NFL for a season and a half but he’s learned a lot and is developing quickly.  As long as he can avoid the injuries that have plagued him in the past Maclin could end up being a top receiver in this league.

Number 11: Calvin Johnson-Detroit Lions

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    Despite the fact that his quarterback Matthew Stafford has been injured for most of the season, Johnson is proving that he remains one of the more talented wide receivers in the NFL.  He makes those tough catches and can get up above almost any defender to make the grab.  Imagine what his numbers would be if he played in New England or Indianapolis.

Number 10: Santana Moss-Washington Redskins

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    Traditionally, Donavan McNabb has always had a favorite receiver and Moss is turning into that guy for him in his new home in Washington.  For years, Moss has struggled with mediocrity but is finally turning out to be the kind of receiver that many people thought that he would when he came into the NFL.  He should continue to do well this season.

Number 9: Brandon Marshall-Miami Dolphins

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    While Marshall’s start in Miami hasn’t been quite as good as anyone thought when the Dolphins acquired him from the Broncos in the offseason, Marshall has helped make Miami’s passing game much better than it would have been without him.  Look for Marshall to continue to improve in his new surroundings and become one of the better wide receivers in the game before the season is over.

Number 8: Miles Austin-Dallas Cowboys

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    Austin, like some of the others in this list, had a great year in 2009 but hasn’t had quite the impact that they had in 2010.  Some of Austin’s trouble can be blamed on the Cowboys inefficiency on offense as well as the emergency of rookie Dez Bryant at the position.  Hopefully he will be able to get back into his 2009 form (along with the rest of the offense), soon.

Number 7: Terrell Owens-Cincinnati Bengals

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    Who would have thought that Owens would mean that much to any team after the antics he has displayed and the trouble he has been through during his long career.  Owens presence has made the Bengals passing game better but it’ also taken out Chad Ochocinco who no longer “rules the roost” like he used to.

Number 6: Austin Collie-Indianapolis Colts

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    Having two Indianapolis Colt wide receivers in the top ten shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone and Collie has shown up big when he’s been called upon so far this season.  Look for him to keep on being an outlet for quarterback Peyton Manning to throw the ball to and develop into one of the better receivers in the NFL.

Number 5: Andre Johnson-Houston Texans

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    Johnson has had a bit of a down season so far but he is still the best wide receiver on his team and when he’s hot, he’s one of the best in the NFL.  Hopefully he and quarterback Matt Schaub will be able to pick things up and get the Texans and their offense back on track soon.

Number 4: Roddy White-Atlanta Falcons

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    Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan and White have teamed up for some big plays since Ryan became the Falcons quarterback and these two have developed quite a chemistry together.  White means a lot to this team and a lot to their success on the field.

Number 3: Malcolm Floyd-San Diego Chargers

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    Speaking of replacements, Floyd has stepped up in the absence of Vincent Jackson and has played pretty well in his absence.  He has become a vital part of their passing game and may even make it so that the Chargers don’t miss Jackson when it’s all said and done.

Number 2: Brandon Lloyd-Denver Broncos

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    Lloyd was once thought to be washed up and on his way out of the NFL but with the Broncos, he has found new life in replacing the departed Brandon Marshall.  He not only leads the Broncos in yards but also the NFL through this week.

Number 1: Reggie Wayne-Indianapolis Colts

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    Wayne has emerged as the number one in this week’s list because of what he means to his team and how well he has played so far this season.  He is definitely an asset to the Colts and comes through in the clutch almost every time.

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