NFL Trade Deadline: Who Got Moved, Who Didn't and What It Means

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 19, 2010

NFL Trade Deadline: Who Got Moved, Who Didn't and What It Means

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    With the NFL trade deadline having now come and gone, we can officially look back at the players who moved and the ones who stayed put.

    There were some big names who moved in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline but do they really mean more to the teams that received them or to the teams that dealt them? I know of one team that's better off without the player they dealt.

    Meanwhile, another team could have gotten rid of a disgruntled player but didn't, and yet another team could have rid themselves of a holdout, but didn't.

    Were there trades that could have been made? Perhaps. But the NFL trade deadline doesn't bring nearly the traffic, or fan interest, as the Major League Baseball trade deadline. Not to say that it means any less, it's just never as busy.

    So, let's take a look at who moved, who didn't move, and what this all means to each respective team.

No. 10: Albert Haynesworth

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    One move that could have been made—one that I even expected—was defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth.

    With all the problems that the Redskins have had with him since he signed his huge contract, one would expect that they would want to be done with him, but he's still a member of the team.

    We'll see what kind of drama he continues to create. Or, perhaps, he'll straighten up and fly right now that the Redskins are a better-than-average team.

No. 9: Marion Barber

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    Earlier today, there was news out of Dallas that the Cowboys could be talking trade with the Green Bay Packers.

    That trade talk apparently centered around Cowboys running back Marion Barber. As we all know, the Packers need a running game, especially with Ryan Grant out for the year, and they could use a guy who can be a bruiser through the tackles.

    It's not known just exactly what the Packers were willing to give up or if there was ever any serious talk between the two teams.

    The Cowboys don't have a running game either outside of Felix Jones so it would have surprised me to see them move Barber or even consider it.

No. 7: Steve Smith

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    Whether or not there were ever any real talks surrounding Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is unknown, but I know there were some San Diego Chargers fans who were screaming his name like they were at a Britney Spears concert.

    OK, bad example.

    However, with Vincent Jackson still not back on the field and the Chargers looking for some sort of spark, apparently the fans were hoping that their team would make a big splash at the deadline.

    Apparently, they also forgot who the general manager of the team was. That should have explained it all.

No. 6: Logan Mankins

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    Another NFL holdout and former Fresno State alum (no jokes please) is New England Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins.

    His holdout got to the point where the NFL league office stepped in and told Mankins to report to the team and begin his season.

    Most thought that would mean the Patriots would look for a suitor but Mankins remains with the team through the deadline.

    Quarterback Tom Brady has enjoyed having a guy like Mankins in front of him for protection, so having him back on the line will give him that much more time to throw.

No. 5: Anthony Smith

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    On Monday, the Jacksonville Jaguars traded safety Anthony Smith to the Green Bay Packers for an undisclosed draft pick.

    Smith was released by the Packers after training camp back in 2009, but they're bringing him back since they are thin at that position after losing Morgan Burnette to a season-ending injury.

No. 4: Vincent Jackson

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    Vincent Jackson has been on the sidelines and away from the team for quite some time. It's not that the San Diego Chargers haven't tried to trade him, because they have on more than one occasion. However, with a stubborn general manager, a deal was probably hard to come by.

    He remains with the team and should be reporting some time soon if he hasn't already been ordered to by the NFL.

    His return gives Philip Rivers another offensive target to throw to outside of Antonio Gates.

No. 3: Alex Magee

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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers needed to get better in the sacks department and the Kansas City Chiefs had a guy who was expendable.

    So, the two teams came to an agreement earlier today that sent Alex Magee and a draft pick from the Chiefs to the Bucs for an undisclosed draft pick in 2011.

    The Bucs definitely need a big impact on their defensive line so anyone at this point would help.

No. 2: Deion Branch

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    After the New England Patriots traded away Randy Moss, they needed a wide receiver.

    They had apparently contacted the Chargers regarding Vincent Jackson but a deal between the two teams never went down.

    So, the Patriots moved on and landed a former teammate of theirs in wide receiver Deion Branch from the Seattle Seahawks.

    Branch knows the system and has a good relationship with Tom Brady, so it will be an easy transition for him to get back in the groove.

No. 1: Randy Moss

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    He's back!

    The place where he got run out of town will now have to accept Randy Moss back with open arms—so long as he doesn't create problems and does what he does best.

    While his first stint with the Vikings went well on the field, it didn't go so well off of it. Maybe Brett Favre will help that situation. Or maybe Favre will show him how to be a photographer.

    Either way, this is a move the Vikings needed make.