NFL Picks Week 7: Survivor Pool Locks and Games To Avoid

Denton Ramsey@DentonRamseySenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2010

NFL Picks Week 7: Survivor Pool Locks and Games To Avoid

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    With 14 games on tap for Week 7 in the NFL, it’s time to take a look at the predicted winners, losers and survivors heading into another Sunday.

    Specifically, today I will be take a quick glance at every matchup this coming weekend, ranking the games from survivor pool locks, to games to avoid.

    So without further ado, let’s begin today’s NFL picks for Week 7...

New Orleans Saints vs. Cleveland Browns

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    LineNew Orleans -13


    Why the Saints Could Win

    If you want my bet on an absolute lock in Week 7, none ring truer than the matchup between the New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns. And with that in mind, look for Drew Brees and company to march to another victory on Sunday.


    Why the Browns Could Win

    Cleveland would have to pull one of the biggest upsets of the season to walk away winners on Sunday. Unless the Browns can learn to limit New Orleans' offense and play solid defense for four straight quarters, there is no way Cleveland can win this one.



    New Orleans should breeze past the Browns this coming weekend—and although it’s way too early to check out lines for Sunday’s showdowns, I see the Saints winning this one by 17.

San Diego Chargers vs. New England Patriots

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    San Diego -3


    Why the Chargers Could Win

    San Diego hasn’t been exactly awful this season, but they haven’t looked sharp either. In order to win on Sunday, the Chargers will have to play nearly perfect on both sides of the ball—and the play of their secondary will be huge.


    Why the Patriots Could Win

    New England hits the road to battle the San Diego Chargers in NFL Week 7 action, and I’d also mark this game down as a lock. Tom Brady and company should cruise into San Diego and take this one with ease, regardless of the latest lines favoring the Chargers.



    New England is currently one of the best teams in the league, and I don’t foresee the team having any problems whatsoever winning on Sunday; Pats by 16.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Buffalo Bills

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    Baltimore -13


    Why the Ravens Could Win

    Baltimore, coming off a heartbreaking loss last weekend in overtime, shouldn’t have a problems bouncing back on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. As long as the team returns home with a focused attitude toward making last week’s loss a thing of the past, Baltimore should win this showdown.


    Why the Bills Could Win

    Is there really even a chance that the Bills COULD win on Sunday? I know miracles can happen, but unless Buffalo becomes a much better football team overnight, I don’t see how in the world they can win.



    I’m fairly certain Baltimore will beat Buffalo in a blowout, with the Ravens cruising to a 14-point victory.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Atlanta -3.5


    Why the Falcons Could Win

    The Atlanta Falcons, recipients of a blowout loss in Week 6, aim to turn things back around this Sunday, when the team hosts a Cincinnati Bengals team struggling to find an identity. In addition to returning home and seeking revenge after last weekend, the Falcons will face a Cincinnati team that has lost two straight contests.


    Why the Bengals Could Win

    Cincinnati honestly COULD win this game as long as the Bengals defense remains grounded. Is it a long shot? Yes, but anything can happen in the NFL, especially in 2010.



    My bet is going towards Atlanta, and I personally foresee the Falcons winning by 10.

Denver Broncos vs. Oakland Raiders

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    Denver -7


    Why the Broncos Could Win

    The reeling Oakland Raiders visit Colorado on Sunday to face Denver at Invesco Field, and the Broncos shouldn’t have a problem cruising to a Week 7 victory. If the Broncos defense is solid and the offense can find the end zone a few times, I don’t think Denver will have any problems winning on Sunday.


    Why the Raiders Could Win

    Oakland looks awful in 2010—and in order for the Raiders to win in Week 7, a whole lot needs to change very quickly. However, IF Oakland’s secondary can step up to the challenge, the Raiders COULD pull off an upset this weekend.



    I truly believe the Broncos will be able to win Sunday’s matchup by eight points or more—especially against a Raiders team that looks terrible this season.

Miami Dolphins vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Pittsburgh -3


    Why the Dolphins Could Win

    Miami will need to play a picture-perfect game to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, regardless of playing at home. In addition to better play from the Dolphins secondary, Miami’s offense will also have to fire on all cylinders if the team expects to win this weekend.


    Why the Steelers Could Win

    The new-look Steelers, revamped after a Week 6 win, look to build upon that success on the road to face the Miami Dolphins on Sunday. As long as the Steelers continue building upon the progress made thus far, Pittsburgh should easily cruise to a Week 7 win.



    I foresee Pittsburgh winning in a game that will likely come down to a touchdown or less; Steelers by four.

Dallas Cowboys vs. New York Giants (Monday Night)

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    Dallas -3


    Why the Cowboys Could Win

    Dallas win? At home?? The Cowboys enter the Week 7 showdown against the Giants with a winless 0-2 mark at home. In order to turn things around this season, the key will be winning at home. The question is, can that streak begin on Monday night?


    Why the Giants Could Win

    No doubt about it, the Dallas Cowboys are absolutely awful this season. But there are too many games left for them to be overlooked on any given Sunday (or Monday). However, with Week 7 on the horizon, I have a feeling Dallas’ turnaround may be put on hold for at least another week—as the Giants should be able to pull off a wild road win.



    With the Cowboys slated to host the New York Giants on Monday night, I’m personally leaning towards Eli Manning and company winning this one by six.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. St. Louis Rams

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    Tampa Bay -3


    Why the Buccaneers Could Win

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be hosting the St. Louis Rams in a Week 7 matchup that should be fairly entertaining. As long as the Buccaneers play the right way at home, they shouldn’t have any issues garnering a win this weekend. The team must avoid penalties as well.


    Why the Rams Could Win

    St. Louis looked very solid in Week 6, but we’ll all know soon enough if that was just a fluke, or a true sense of a turnaround season for the Rams. IF St. Louis can play phenomenal in the secondary for the entire Sunday showdown, the Rams COULD walk away with a win.



    Tampa Bay, losers last weekend, will face a St. Louis team fresh off a Week 6 win—although I see the Buccaneers winning Sunday’s contest by six.

Chicago Bears vs. Washington Redskins

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    Chicago -3


    Why the Bears Could Win

    In case you haven’t noticed, we have very quickly eased from locks and survivors and into games to avoid. But that doesn’t mean the Bears can’t or won’t win on Sunday. Chicago must buckle down defensively if they expect to win this weekend.


    Why the Redskins Could Win

    Washington has been surprisingly strong this season, but I have a feel the Redskins will lose in Week 7. Not to say that Washington CAN’T win on Sunday—but in order to pull the road win this weekend, the Redskins will need to fire on all cylinders for four quarters.



    The Washington Redskins hit the road to face the Chicago Bears in a Week 7 showdown—and although this game will likely come down to the wire, I believe Chicago will walk away as four-point winners.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Kansas City -4.5


    Why the Chiefs Could Win

    Although the Jaguars have been one of the hottest teams in 2010, I believe they will take a loss when Jacksonville hits the road to face the Kansas City Chiefs. As long as the Chiefs play their potential, they should run away with a much-needed win on Sunday.


    Why the Jaguars Could Win

    Sure, Jacksonville has been fairly solid in 2010, but can it continue? IF the Jags can find a way to win at Kansas City, Jacksonville will have to control the clock, play superb defense and score on a somewhat stingy Chiefs secondary.



    The Chiefs, losers of two straight, should bounce back on Sunday at home—knocking off the 3-3 Jaguars by four.

Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings

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    Green Bay -2.5


    Why the Packers Could Win

    Honestly, Green Bay looks pretty bad this season—especially after Week 6. IF Green Bay can learn to play defense and open holes offensively, the Packers very well COULD walk away victorious.


    Why the Vikings Could Win

    You think Brett Favre is looking forward to any sort of homecoming  at Lambeau Field on Sunday? I highly doubt it. Beyond the drama, Minnesota must take care of the pigskin—especially on defense—if the Vikings expect to win this weekend.



    Regardless of the Favre chaos continuing, I believe the Vikings will pick up a three-point win this weekend over the Packers.

Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49ers

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    San Francisco -3


    Why the Panthers Could Win

    Unless Carolina has some sort of secret weapon we don’t know about, I don’t see how in the world the Panthers could win on Sunday—even against a team that was winless until Week 6. What Carolina MUST do, in order to stand a fighting chance, is to play some of the best defense in the franchise’s history.


    Why the 49ers Could Win

    The San Francisco 49ers, likely feeling quite invigorated after picking up win No. 1 of the season last Sunday, have a chance to make it two straight in Week 7. The main thing San Francisco needs to do is cut down on turnovers and stupid penalties, while focusing on controlling Carolina with a solid secondary.



    My bet is leaning towards the 1-5 Niners beating the winless Panthers by three.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals

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    Seattle -5.5


    Why the Seahawks Could Win

    The Seattle Seahawks are slated to host the Arizona Cardinals in Week 7, with both team entering Sunday’s contest with identical 3-2 records. This game will likely come down to the buzzer, but if Seattle can contain the Cardinals with super defense, they will win this game.


    Why the Cardinals Could Win

    Arizona, starting off the season hot, has looked anything but sharp lately. In order to win, the Cardinals offense MUST play consistently if Arizona hopes to walk away with a victory.



    I believe Seattle will squeak out a three point win this weekend once all is said and done.

Tennessee Titans vs. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Tennessee -3


    Why the Titans Could Win

    On Sunday, the Tennessee Titans will host the Philadelphia Eagles, in a Week 7 must-see matchup. In order for Tennessee to garner a victory, they must learn to rely on the defense when things break down—while playing crisp offensively.


    Why the Eagles Could Win

    This game should be a barn-burner—and although it’s absolutely the No. 1 game to avoid, it’s likely the No. 1 game to watch. In order for Philadelphia to win on the road, the Eagles offense must stay on target all four quarters, while the secondary must remain grounded.



    I am leaning towards the Titans taking a one-point victory over the Eagles on Sunday.


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