Carolina Panthers Playing Musical Chairs at QB: Matt Moore Returns as Starter

David ScercyCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

Matt Moore returns as the starting QB for the Carolina Panthers
Matt Moore returns as the starting QB for the Carolina PanthersMary Ann Chastain/Getty Images

The Carolina Panthers under head coach John Fox have always been committed to doing things one way, and if that way didn't work out they accepted defeat....but then the very next day stick to the original plan.

We will never know how many interceptions it would have taken for Fox to finally bench Jake Delhomme in the 2009 season. They stuck with him no matter the consequences until his fate was handed to him per injury.

After a ridiculous 0-5 start to the 2010 season, the Carolina Panthers announced this week that Matt Moore will return as the teams starting quarterback.

"We have struggled on offense since the beginning of the season," said Fox, whose team is averaging 10.4 points a game. "Sometimes it helps to step back and watch and Matt has had a chance to do that."

The Panthers (0-5) are set to play another struggling team this Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers (1-5).

The one thing Panther fans know is that the team has faced many rough starts, yet under John Fox never quit on a season.

In 2004, the Carolina Panthers were decimated by injuries and came out of the gate 1-7, but ran off 6 out of 7 wins, and finished off the season a respectable 7-9.

An 0-5 start is a pretty big hole to say the least, but it isn't the end of the season by no means. The last thing you do in these situations is show no heart and quit.

In 2009, the Tennessee Titans began the season 0-6 and were written off as blog entries and media outlets speculated who they would choose with the #1 pick in the NFL draft.

Coach Jeff Fisher never budged however, and the Titans went on to win 7 of their next 8 games...even making a run at a wild card spot...before a week 16 loss to the San Diego Chargers ended that run. The 2009 Titans finished the season 8-8.

Now there is no Chris Johnson on this team, but there still is some talent. Is it enough talent to reel off 7 or 8 wins? I don't think so personally. But I am anxious to see if this team has the heart to pull off some big wins and wreck some seasons by other teams.

Matt Moore has been his best as the #2 guy coming off the bench to provide that additional spark. If Moore returns with that same spark he had in 2009, the Panthers could very well put a huge blast in the 49ers division hopes...who still say they are going to win their division.