NFL Rule Change: Why the Lingerie Football League Is Now Better Than the NFL

Brian Ethridge@BriEthridgeCorrespondent IIIOctober 19, 2010

NFL Rule Change: Why the Lingerie Football League Is Now Better Than the NFL

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    Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

    The NFL has once again taken a step closer to becoming a glorified flag football league by deciding to suspend players whom they feel hit a little too hard.

    Violence has always been part of what we love about football, but Commissioner Roger Goodell is doing everything in his power to take the physicality out of the game.

    If he continues to destroy the NFL and take away everything we love, fans will have to look for alternative football leagues that still offer the physicality we all want to watch on the gridiron.

    There’s always the Arena Football League, the Canadian Football League and the United Football League, but what about the Lingerie Football League?

    Here are a few reasons why even the LFL might be better than the NFL these days.


Full-Contact Sport

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    You will never see a player get suspended for a “flagrant hit” in the Lingerie Football League. These ladies understand the risks of playing their beautiful sport and they’re willing to put their lives on the line every single week.

    They realize playing in the LFL is a privilege not a right.

    If they were scared of getting hurt they could always transfer over to the NFL where slowly but surely Commissioner Roger Goodell is turning NFL into a true ladies league.

Ice-Hockey Style Helmets

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    These brave females don’t wear huge protective helmets like they have in the NFL. In fact they don’t even wear face masks.

    A lightweight hockey-style helmet with a clear visor is enough to protect these women.

Rule Changes

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    What’s up with Roger Goodell and the NFL making rule changes nearly every single week? Is it impossible for him to just leave the game the way it is?

    The LFL rules are simple.  Do whatever it takes to win and look sexy doing it.

No Field Goals or Punts

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    Let’s be honest, nobody cares about the worthless kicker. That’s why the brains behind the LFL have done away with field goals and punts. Every team must attempt to get a first down on every fourth down.

    Punting or kicking a field goal is never an option.

Gorgeous Ladies

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    I saved the best and most obvious choice for last. The ladies of the LFL are absolutely gorgeous and every game they run around jumping on top of each other in almost nothing but their bras and panties. 

    In the LFL wardrobe malfunctions are quite common and happen on a regular basis. What’s not to love?