Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for NFL Week 7

Lake CruiseAnalyst IOctober 19, 2010

Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em for NFL Week 7

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    Which players can you count on this week to bring you the highest value and which ones should not be dragged and dropped?

    The answers may surprise you.

    As always I take no prisoners in sharing my logic with you as I write by the lake.

    My fantasy teams had big victories across the board last week in both Yahoo! and formats. 

    My decisions to start Ryan Torain, LaDanian Tomlinson, Arian Foster, Kevin Kolb, Matt Schaub, Andre Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, and Vernon Davis worked out fine.

    My advice can help you overcome your opponents each week too.

Jermain Gresham: Sit Em

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    With the woes of the Atlanta secondary in deep coverage, Gresham will serve to set up the deep corner routes by Terrell Owens and Chad what's his name.

    He could be good for a score in the red zone, but do not rely on it.

Tony Romo: Start Em

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    Romo faces the top ranked New York Giants passing defense.

    But he usually plays well against them.

    Now he is developing deep threat connections with Dez Bryant.

    Expect Romo and Bryant to try to score on a go route or a deep fade route. 

Peyton Hillis: Start Em

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    His opponent New Orleans is a middle of the pack rushing defense.

    They give up 106 yards per game on the ground.

    In contrast, Cleveland gives up around 120.

    Several teams rank below Cleveland in rushing defense.

    Hillis should be good for 100 yards and at least one touchdown.

San Francisco 49ers Defense: Start Em

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    They gobble up unstable quarterbacks like the old Purple People Eaters.

    This week they will have the Carolina Panthers, and that team defines quarterback instability.

    Ted Ginn II is back to provide a scoring threat in the return game so scoring could be aplenty for this dee.

Jay Cutler: Start Em

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    Why are you surprised?

    Any quarterback facing the Washington Redskins is a must start in all formats until further notice.

Jimmy Clausen: Sit Em

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    The 49ers are ranked at 11 in passing yards per game allowed in the NFL.

    The woeful Panthers passing attack is ranked 32 of 32 with 136 yards per game.

    San Francisco put forth one of their best defensive efforts last week against Oakland.

    Clausen may hide in the closet after he sees the red berry and wine colored uniforms.

Matt Schaub: Sit Em

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    The Texans have a bye week and time for Andre Johnson to get fully healthy.

    Do not drag and drop either player this week into the starting roster.

Dexter McCluster: Start Em

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    He is seeing more and more time on the playing field including the red zone where he can be lethal. 

    The Chiefs have not unveiled a deep passing game, but this could be the week that Dexter does it.

    Kansas City hosts Jacksonville, one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL statistically.

    McCluster is always a threat to score a touchdown off a returned kick, and in just about any other way that a player can score on offense.

    He is already a high value for the low cost of getting him in leagues.

    In Yahoo! leagues where touchdowns are most important, Dexter is a few weeks away from returning high value in those formats.

Ryan Torain: Start Em

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    The Chicago Bears have the third ranked rushing defense in the NFL, but Torain is a physical back who can run through any defender.

    He has a little to learn about making the proper cuts, yet he is unstoppable in near the goal.

    Redskins rushing touchdowns going forward will most likely be by his courtesy.

    Sit him in formats, but he is made for Yahoo! leagues.

Matt Ryan: Sit Em

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    The Bengals are ranked just outside of the top ten NFL passing defenses, giving up an average of just over 200 yards.

    In Yahoo! leagues he will be a liability especially.

Tim Tebow: Sit Em

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    The temptation may be too much for some owners to pass up.

    Yet Tebow is a virgin to Fantasy rosters and it should remain that way.

    Even though the Broncos face one of the worst rushing defenses in the NFL, Tim is good for one rushing touchdown - tops.

    Okay maybe two against the Raiders, but he is not worth the risk in any format.

Willis McGahee: Start Em

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    The Buffalo Bills defense ranks last in the NFL in rushing yards per game allowed.

    Well over 180 yards in average, the Bills next closest contender for 32 is Oakland at 157 yards given up per game. 

    If the two teams ever play each other, then we could witness the first ever 2,000 yard rushing game in NFL history.

    Start McGahee. Drag and drop him now.

Graham Gano: Start Him

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    He is deadly from 50 yards and he is playing in a game this week against the Bears in Chicago that could call for at least two attempts.

    The weather in the Windy City is not flat enough to stop field goals yet.

    While the Redskins offense tries to get it together, Gano provides high value in all formats this week.

Sam Bradford: Start Em

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    How cool are the Rams new uniforms?

    Bradford will not only look good, but he will pass good against the Buccaneers.

    They are ranked 16 against the pass, but near the bottom against the rush.

    The Rams running game will open up lanes for Bradford to throw deep.

    Advantage: Sam.