NFL Rumors: Kevin Kolb and Deals That Will and Won't Happen

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistOctober 18, 2010

NFL Rumors: Kevin Kolb and Deals That Will and Won't Happen

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    NFL trade rumors have been circulating today as the league's trade deadline approaches. Some teams desperately need to bring new life to their squads, while others have some excess baggage they need to get rid of.

    There has been talk of the Philadelphia Eagles using yesterday's game against the Atlanta Falcons to showcase Kevin Kolb's talent and raise his trade value, and even though the Oakland Raiders have denied any interest in trading members of their team, some experts say otherwise.

    With less than 24 hours to go, teams will need to act fast if they are looking to make a trade, and I will break down the latest rumors and determine if there is any truth to be found in them.

10. Steve Smith

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    Interest in Carolina Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith has been building throughout the league, but the Panthers are struggling as it is.

    They will need to decide which asset will help them rebuild the most: Smith or draft picks?

    Trade Potential: 1

9. Nnamdi Asomugha

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    Even though an anonymous Raiders executive denied any Oakland trade rumors, the team itself has neglected to squash trade talks surrounding Nnamdi Asomugha (or any other Raiders for that matter).

    ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that the Raiders are willing to trade just about any player on their roster, but with Asomugha's hefty contract (one of the highest-paid players at his position), it is hard to see any teams taking on that load.

    Trade Potential: 2

8. DeAngelo Williams

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    This is more of a suggestion from some Redskins fans, but it's worth taking a look at. The 'Skins need some help at running back, and the Panthers have a bunch of talent in DeAngelo Williams.

    But just like with Steve Smith, this trade is unlikely.

    Trade Potential: 2

7. Vincent Jackson

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    Is there still interest in a Vincent Jackson trade?

    Maybe. The Minnesota Vikings expressed interest in trading for Jackson a few weeks ago, but the Chargers were apparently asking too much. Now the Vikings have added Randy Moss to their roster, but the Seattle Seahawks remain an interesting possibility.

    Trade Potential: 3

6. Shawne Merriman

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    The San Diego Chargers will be releasing Shawne Merriman once he is healthy, and many teams in the league could benefit from his talent.

    But if Merriman is ruled healthy before tomorrow's deadline, the Chargers might be able to get something out of him in a trade.

    Trade Possibility: 3

5. Marion Barber

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    Teams like the Green Bay Packers have been struggling at the running back position, and Marion Barber would be an excellent addition, as the Dallas Cowboys seem to be phasing him out of their offense.

    ESPN's Adam Schefter seems to think that this would be a great idea for the Packers, but will the Cowboys part with Barber?

    Trade Possibility: 4

4. Willis McGahee

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    Rumor has it that the Baltimore Ravens are looking to trade Willis McGahee after the running back did not play during the Ravens game against the New England Patriots.

    However, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh told reporters in a press conference today that there have been "no trade talks" concerning McGahee.

    Trade Potential: 4

3. Lee Evans

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    The Buffalo Bills have already started to clean house by trading Marshawn Lynch, and they could continue to unload more of their roster with Lee Evans.

    A possible new home for Evans? The Washington Redskins.

    Trade Potential: 5

2. Kevin Kolb

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    The Philadelphia Eagles find themselves in the midst of a dilemma.

    They have two excellent quarterbacks on their roster, and with Michael Vick looking good to go for next week, it would be a shame to let Kevin Kolb's talent go to waste.

    Especially with so many teams struggling at quarterback around the league.

    Teams like the Carolina Panthers and the Cleveland Browns could really use a solid starter.

    Trade Potential: 7

1. Shaun Rogers

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    Cleveland Browns defensive lineman Shaun Rogers didn't play much in Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and rumors have been circulating around Cleveland that Rogers is on his way out. According to ESPN Insider, the Browns have holes to fill elsewhere on their team (cornerback and wide receiver), and they may trade Rogers to make room.

    Trade Potential: 8