Dallas Cowboys: 10 Ways To Salvage a Horrific Start to 2010

Denton Ramsey@DentonRamseySenior Analyst IOctober 18, 2010

Dallas Cowboys: 10 Ways To Salvage a Horrific Start to 2010

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    Six games into the 2010 NFL season, the nagging nightmare of the Dallas Cowboys pitiful campaign rolls on.

    And six games deep into a new season, and the reeling Cowboys are 1-4, after falling to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday afternoon.

    But there is still plenty of time to turn things around. Regardless of Dallas fans wanting to spend more time vomiting over the toilet than sitting on the couch in front of the tube on Sundays, let’s take a quick glance at 10 ways Dallas can salvage their season.

No. 10: Owner Jerry Jones’ Constant Optimism and Belief

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    Regardless of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' extreme optimism, even he is beginning to question the chances of Dallas turning things around in 2010.

    But he still has faith it can happen.

    Keep on smiling and believing, Jones; that’s honestly half the battle to salvaging a poor start to a season…

No. 9: Rely on Historical Success, There’s Still Time To Bounce Back

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    Another positive the Dallas Cowboys can dwell on is the success of the franchise, with numerous teams making triumphant comebacks and runs deep into postseason play.

    Granted, it’s been years since the Cowboys fielded a true contender in the NFL—but history is on their side. With time and patience, things can still turn around with the halfway point of the season looming around the corner.

    It’s just a matter of taking things one step—and one game—at a time.

No. 8: Dallas Secondary Must Step Up When Called Upon

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    Another vital concern that must be addressed if Dallas plans on successfully turning things around this season is readjusting the Cowboys secondary.

    Either that, or teach the defense to be accountable—and to step up when called upon in tight games. So far this season, the Dallas defense has been dull, to say the least.

    And it’s one of the reasons the Cowboys are sitting in the cellar at 1-4.

No. 7: Save the Celebrating for AFTER the Game

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    This probably doesn’t need to be said, but I’ll say it anyway: when you’re having a hard time winning a single game, it’s probably best to save the celebrating for the locker room.

    That means no more end zone celebrations, Cowboys.

    Honestly, does Dallas somehow find pleasure in beating themselves time and time again?

    Thus far in 2010, the Cowboys have no one but themselves to blame for a pathetic start to the season.

    One of the key downfalls, six weeks into the season, are celebration penalties resulting in negative yards and nothing to gain.

No. 6: Team Must Become More Productive Offensively

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    In all actuality, reason No. 6 could easily be the No. 1 way to salvage a terrible 2010 campaign thus far for the Dallas Cowboys.

    Sure, it’s a given that if you score more points, you will win the game.

    But for Dallas, it’s about a lot more than just scoring.

    It’s about even giving the team an OPPORTUNITY to score.

    And, once the Cowboys DO get that opportunity, it’s a matter of Tony Romo and company CAPITALIZING on those chances and making the most of field positioning.

    There’s still plenty of games remaining for this team to make a significant run.

    The question now is, will Romo and the 'Boys step up to the challenge?

No. 5: Take Advantage of Remaining Schedule

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    In addition to the 2010 season not quite even reaching the midway mark, the Dallas Cowboys still have plenty of time to garner the needed wins to overcome their earlier losses.

    Plus, they has a fairly favorable schedule remaining this year—with six home games and five road contests remaining.

    The Cowboys are 1-2 on the road this year, while going 0-2 at home.

No. 4: Improve Running Game

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    The Dallas Cowboys, in addition to being in the cellar in the NFL standings, are near the bottom of the league in team rushing.

    Currently ranked No. 23, Dallas average just 95 rushing yards per game.

    That is an area that must improve if the Cowboys want to salvage the season.

No. 3: Tony Romo Must Cut Down on Interceptions

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    Six games into the 2010 season, Tony Romo has nearly thrown as many interceptions as he has touchdowns.

    Specifically, Romo has 10 touchdown passes, seven interceptions and seven sacks to begin the season.

    You can’t win ball games if you continue giving your opponent the pigskin.

    It’s a fairly simple concept…

No. 2: Start Winning at Home

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    Another thing every team, no matter the sport, must do in order to salvage a season is to begin winning at home.

    Protect your home turf.

    Instead, Dallas has yet to win a single game at home—entering next weekend’s contest with an 0-2 record at Cowboys Stadium.

    That HAS to change if Dallas plans on making a run in 2010.

No. 1: Stop Stupid Penalties

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    And the No. 1 way the Dallas Cowboys can salvage a horrific start to the season?

    Stop the stupid penalties.

    Time and time again, Dallas has shot itself in the foot with momentary lapse of reason penalties.

    At this rate, the Cowboys could have a shot at winning every game from here on out—but won’t, due to the flags flying and the penalty yards piling up.

    It’s like a broken record of a band you don’t want to listen to, but are forced to do so every Sunday.

    But Dallas still has time to change the tune.

    There’s still more than a handful of games remaining, and plenty of weeks left to cause plenty of damage in a league that seems flipped upside down.

    Now it’s up to Tony Romo and the 'Boys to take care of business on the gridiron…


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