Michael Vick, Vince Young and the Top 10 Running Quarterbacks in the NFL

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent IOctober 19, 2010

Michael Vick, Vince Young and the Top 10 Running Quarterbacks in the NFL

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    Michael Vick, Vince Young, and a few other modern NFL quarterbacks have stirred memories of a bygone era

    Though the days of Randall Cunningham and the 'Running Quarterback' have come and passed, as a consolation, the NFL still has a mighty force of mobile QBs.

    As College Football still remains vastly diverse in each team's offensive scheme, the NFL remains constant in its bid to enhance the 'Pocket Passer' and the mobile quarterback has almost become a thing of the past.

    But let's cut to the chase and break down the top 10 mobile signal callers.

No. 10—Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

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    It's the revenge of the Smart Kids as Cutler, a Vandy alum, starts off our list.

    Cutler has 15 carries for 81 yards this season which turns out to 5.4 yards per carry.

    Not bad, especially considering Cutler is running for his life a majority of the time behind a beat up offensive line.

    Cutler isn't a huge runner, but when his number is called he manages to get the job done.

No. 9—Dennis Dixon, Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Let me start off by saying that Dixon would be considerably higher if he wasn't a backup in Pittsburgh to Ben Roethlisberger.

    Dixon posted five carries for 32 yards and a 6.4 yards per carry average in one game against the Denver Broncos before he was injured against the Titans in Week 2.

    If you average that out over a five-game span then Dixon would be around 160 rushing yards and would be in Michael Vick range.

    Dennis is a threat and the Steelers need to use that threat.

No. 8—Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos

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    What a man.

    Just looking at Tebow defenders are intimidated, and for good reason as at 6' 3" 240, he's a load to bring down.

    Tebow scored his first touchdown this past Sunday against the New York Jets and Tebow now holds eight carries for 25 yards with a 3.1 yards per carry average.

    That's not bad for a player who gets a few carries a game at best and works primarily in short-yardage.

    Once and if Tebow is able to become the lead horse for the Broncos, he will be a force to be reckoned with.

No. 7—Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys

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    A stalwart for his passing skills, Tony Romo also has a pair of wheels that he shows off from time to time.

    Romo has six carries on the year for 38 rushing yards with a 3.8 yards per carry average.

    Solid numbers for a QB who relies so much on the spread offense passing attack.

    It could be debated whether or not Romo belongs, but along with the way that he escapes sacks along with his rushing attempts, Romo clearly belongs on this list.

No. 6—Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Freeman is the definition of an underrated athlete.

    At 6' 6" 248, Josh doesn't scream athletic mobile quarterback.

    However, Freeman is one of the top five rushing QB's in the NFL in yards.

    Freeman has 18 carries for 114 yards and a 6.3 yards per carry average, which is quite impressive.

    In fact, Freeman is No. 2 in rushing yards for QB's behind Michael Vick so he is certainly a name to look out for in the future.

No. 5—David Garrard, Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Garrard is as steady as they come, and his rushing skills have made him a solid starting quarterback in the NFL.

    Out of ECU, Garrard, mostly known as a running quarterback, developed in the Jacksonville system and got his turn and never looked back.

    Netting a couple 50-70 carry seasons with 200+ rushing yards helped Garrard to get his footing in the NFL and then slowly his passing accuracy came along.

    This season Garrard has 23 carries for 94 yards with a 4.1 yards per carry average.

    His numbers look to be on pace for another solid season and he is still quite a running threat from the QB position.

No. 4—Donovan McNabb, Washington Redskins

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    Ol' faithful.

    Ever since McNabb has come into the league he has done nothing but dominate defenses through the air and on the ground.

    What's good about McNabb is the fact that he has come to the point where he runs when it is necessary and makes smart sound decisions when he runs.

    McNabb has 14 carries for 92 yards and a 6.6 yards per carry average, which is very impressive for a player who has played 10+ seasons.

    The savvy veteran gets the nod from me and is a rock-solid contributor.

No. 3—Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

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    Before I take any heat for putting Rodgers this high, make sure to check the stats, because they indicate that Rodgers definitely belongs here.

    Rodgers, not known as a runner, is the third leading rusher for QB's in the NFL.

    On the season he has 23 carries for 113 yards and a 4.9 yards per carry average along with three touchdowns.

    Fantastic numbers for a quarterback who again, runs a spread offense (noticing a trend with that?).

    Either way, Rodgers is a great quarterback all-around and a fantasy stud as well!

No. 2—Vince Young, Tennessee Titans

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    While not primarily known as the runner he was in college, Vince Young brought his video game-like playing style to the NFL and he had a good amount of success in his first few seasons with the Titans.

    VY has 17 carries for 88 yards and a 5.2 yards per carry average.

    Vince has transitioned from a run-first quarterback to a pass-first-then-run quarterback and it has benefited him as well as the Titans immensely.

    Young looks to be on pace for another 300 yard rushing season and maybe even a playoff birth for the Titans as well.

No. 1—Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Michael Vick Experience is back and in action.

    The only question is, when will we see Vick back at the helm?

    After suffering a rib injury against the Redskins, Vick has been sidelined and awaiting to play, the only problem is that Kevin Kolb has been tearing it up in his absence and shows no signs of letting up.

    Vick has 26 carries for 187 yards with a 7.2 yards per carry average and a touchdown on the year.

    His numbers are easily the best at the quarterback position and that's also with Vick missing the past two weeks due to his concussion.

    Vick is the essence of a running quarterback in the NFL and he easily deserves to be No. 1 on this list.