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Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IAugust 19, 2008
Random thoughts from a less than active blogger...
Not much interesting going on with the Tribe, they are battling for last place, their most interesting youngsters are still years away from the bigs, and football season is almost here. It is hard for me to get too involved with this team on a daily basis with updates as it is just not that compelling. When Hafner and Martinez come back, that should infuse my fandom a bit again.
The Paul Byrd trade saved the Indians 2 million dollars, let's see them spend it next year.
Jensen Lewis' velocity is up and is closing now. He looks good, but can he pitch this way in April and May?
The 2009 Tribe thirdbasemen will not be Andy Marte.
Adam Miller will be in the bullpen in the Majors in 2009.
Francisco and Choo are a lock next season, unless one is traded.
Sal Fasano is still awesome.
Two pitchers between Laffey, Sowers, Reyes, and Huff will be in the starting rotation at the start of next year.
Asdrubal is hitting in August, can he hit in April?
Ryan Garko will be on this team next season.
The Kansas City Royals come to town in the battle for the basement tonight.
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