Demons In The Outfield: Damon's Two Errors Cost The Yankees Ball Game

Jon SContributor IAugust 19, 2008

It was a pitchers dual and one of the best outings of the year for Yankees pitcher Darrel Rasner who went 6.2 innings giving up one run on three hits. A.J. Burnett was lights out but the Yankees happened to find themselves ahead 1-0 after 6 innings because of a hit and run with Bobby Abreu hitting in Johnny Damon during the first inning.

Then in the 7th inning all hell broke lose. A 3-2 breaking ball that went right into the sweet spot of lefy Adam Lind was launched into souvenir city over the right field fence matching the score at 1. But in the 8th inning Jose Veras gave up a hit to deep center. Damon appeared to track the ball down and began backpedalling on the warning track. He jumped near the wall and the ball glanced off his glove and the wall allowing the go ahead run to score. Damon also miss played a ball in the first inning but a run did not score because of it. When asked what happend, Damon said, " I missed it." The first one was a really easy play and the second one was harder but he was still there. Damon said he was baffled that he missed both plays. To me it is inexcuseable for a Major League player to miss play fly balls like that.

Damon at the plate was also 0-3 and is only 1 for his last 17. What will the Yankees do with their center field situation. Damon is a better hitter, but Gardner is a better center fielder.

In the top of the 9th A-Rod tried to stretch a bloop hit into a double, but Overbay ran it down slid to his feet, barehanding the ball and threw a strike to second gunning Rodriguez down. This was a game that the Yankees had to have with the Red Sox winning against the Orioles and it really hurts. It was a wasted opportunity with Rasner pitching a gem, which for the most part this year has not been the case. With Rasner who is the Yankees 4th starter, matching a quality pitcher in Burnett, the Yankees needed to pull this one out badly. The Blue Jays are only one game back of the Yankees and seem to be on a roll. Girardi expressed the Yankees frustration in the post game when he said, " Every game you lose makes it more difficult". The Yankees will need to take the next two games from Toronto or they will be in serious trouble.