NFL Trade Rumors: Vincent Jackson and 10 Players Who Are Staying Put

David Daniels@TheRealDDanielsSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2010

NFL Trade Rumors: Vincent Jackson and 10 Players Who Are Staying Put

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    The NFL trade deadline is approaching quickly and there are some high-profile names on the trading block: Vincent Jackson, Albert Haynesworth, and maybe even Kevin Kolb?

    October 19th the countless rumors will die and be forgotten.

    There is less trading in the NFL than any other major sports league (MLB, NBA, NHL).

    This offseason, the lack of a salary cap has resulted in the most boring free agency period in recent memory.  To make up for the lack of signings, the number of orchestrated blockbuster trades soared to new heights.

    That trend will most likely come to an end, not carrying over and resulting in a trade deadline that changes the landscape of the league.

    Here are 10 players involved in popular trade rumors that will not happen by October 19th:

10. Dwayne Bowe

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    Linked Teams: No Links

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    Even though Dwayne Bowe is inconsistent, he is still the Chiefs' best receiving threat.

    Kansas City is actually a contender to make the playoffs this season so trading Bowe wouldn't make sense from a competitive standpoint.

    There wouldn't be much return from a Bowe trade either.

9. Mike Sims-Walker

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    Linked Teams: St. Louis Rams

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    Mike Sims-Walker is the Jaguars' only legit receiver.

    For a franchise threatened with the possibility of relocation, there is no way it would trade its best downfield threat and most talented offensive weapon besides Maurice Jones-Drew.

8. Logan Mankins

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    Linked Teams: San Diego Chargers

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    Reports are that Logan Mankins isn't drawing many offers.

    If he wants to become an unrestricted free agent this offseason he must play in a Patriots uniform by November 16th.

7. A.J. Hawk

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    Linked Teams: Buffalo Bills

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    The Packers proposed an A.J. Hawk-Marshawn Lynch swap with the Bills, but obviously that trade is now out of the question.

    Green Bay won't trade Hawk without justifiable compensation with Nick Barnett's recent injury.

6. DeAngelo Williams-Jonathan Stewart

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    Linked Teams: Washington Redskins, Green Bay Packers

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    No. 1—Breaking up the league's best rushing attack after a rough start would be a foolish move.

    No. 2—The worst thing a team can do to a rookie quarterback besides start him too early, not protect him, and not provide him with enough weapons is to not have a quality running game.

    The beginning of the Jimmie Clausen era in Carolina couldn't get much worse, but it will if DeAngelo Williams or Jonathan Stewart is traded.

5. Brandon Jacobs

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    Linked Teams: No links

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    The Giants just need Brandon Jacobs more than other teams do.

    Ahmad Bradshaw is anything but durable.

    The market for a soft power back isn't very strong right now.

    The best bet for New York is to keep Jacobs and hope the old, untackleable Jacobs returns.

4. Kevin Kolb

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    Linked Teams: Cleveland Browns

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    Michael Vick's injury forces the Eagles to keep Kolb around.

    The fact that Vick is a scrambling quarterback means he is going to take some shots.

    One nice pop to the ribs again and Kolb will be needed for an extended amount of time.

3. Shawne Merriman

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    Linked Teams: No links

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    Wednesday the San Diego Chargers placed Shawne Merriman on Injured Reserve.

    They reportedly will release Merriman as soon as he recovers from his current injury.

2. Vincent Jackson

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    Linked Teams: New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    The teams linked to Vincent Jackson have already resorted to other options at receiver.

    Plus, it would honestly not be surprising if A.J. Smith refused to pull the trigger out of pure revenge.

    A scumbag and the most hated GM in the entire league would and has stooped that low before.

1. Albert Haynesworth

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    Linked Teams: Tennessee Titans, New York Jets

    Why He'll Stay Put:

    The asking price is too high for an out of shape, unmotivated, supposedly diseased, and currently ineffective Albert Haynesworth.

    Past success alone isn't enough to give this rumor legs.