Colt McCoy: 10 Reasons He'll Be Browns Starter For Rest of Season

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer IOctober 14, 2010

Colt McCoy: 10 Reasons He'll Be Browns Starter For Rest of Season

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    And the student becomes the teacher.

    Ok, maybe not the teacher but Cleveland Browns' third string quarterback, and former Texas Longhorn, Colt McCoy is set to be the new starter on Sunday when the Browns face the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    This is not how the Browns saw things going but with Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace still dealing with severe ankle injuries, the team has no choice but to bring up their third round draft pick as their new guy under center.

    While this move wasn't expected, especially heading into the sixth week of the season, Colt McCoy won't only be the starter this weekend but will remain the starter for the remainder of the season.

    Want my reasons? I'm glad you asked.

No. 10: Jake Delhomme Had Little Success

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    In 2008, he had 15 interceptions. In 2009, he had 18 interceptions. This season, he already has four.

    The Cleveland Browns aren't a good team with Jake Delhomme as their quarterback.

No. 9: Seneca Wallace Hasn't Been a Regular Starter

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    As the backup quarterback in Seattle, Seneca Wallace was never the every day starting quarterback. At least not consistently.

    His best season with the Seahawks came during the 2008-2009 season when he finished with 1,532 yards, 11 touchdowns, and just three interceptions in 10 games.

    Despite that, the Seahawks won just four games that year. Not that Cleveland has been any better but if they want any resemblance of success, Wallace is not their guy.

No. 8: Colt McCoy Gained Experience In Pro Style Offense

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    Colt McCoy already has experience in a pro-style offense run at the University of Texas.

    He was able to play under head coach Mack Brown who got him ready for what he would eventually have to face in the NFL.

    While the plays might be different, the concept is not.

No. 7: The Young Quarterback Will Surprise People

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    McCoy led Texas to 45 wins over his career as the starting quarterback, most in NCAA history. His experience, and throwing ability, will surprise coaches and fans alike.

    Give him a chance and watch him succeed.

No. 6: That Little Chip On His Shoulder Makes Him Dangerous

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    Leaving the national championship game, the final game of his Texas Longhorns career, has made McCoy that much more dangerous.

    He wants to prove that he can be a starter in the NFL. Now that he's gotten his chance, don't think he's going to relinquish it without a fight.

No. 5: Dismal Offensive Numbers

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    The Cleveland Browns need a chance and they need one quick.

    Their offensive numbers are even less than dismal and they could use anything to jump start them at the moment. They are 30th in points scored (15.6), 25th in yards per game (301.4), and 22nd in passing yards per game (198.6).

    Bringing in a guy like Colt McCoy gives defenses a different look and it brings new found confidence to an offense that was seeing more interceptions than touchdowns.

No. 4: Getting Tested Right Off The Bat Will Do McCoy Good

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    A little competition never hurt anyone. A stiff competition, however, will put a little hair on the young quarterback's chest.

    Colt McCoy's first game right out of the shoot will come against the Pittsburgh Steelers who lead the NFL in points (12.5), and fourth in total yards (289.0) against. However, they are giving up 226.8 passing yards per game.

    A stat that might per McCoy's ears right up.

No. 3: Not a Single Interception In His Debut

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    The Cleveland Browns, over the years, have gotten used to seeing their quarterback throw more interceptions than touchdowns.

    But, with Colt McCoy under center on Sunday, they will watch as he won't throw a single one the entire day.

    The Browns may not win, but he'll show them enough to allow him to stick around.

No. 2: He'll Earn The Respect Of His Teammates

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    Colt McCoy's teammates, both the ones starting and the ones on the sideline, will be watching intently to see how the kid from the University of Texas does right out of the shoot.

    To be accepted, you need to walk through the fire with poise and a calmness that lets the other guys know that you can handle the pressure.

    After his one's over, McCoy will have his teammates' respect. Maybe not fully, especially after one game, but it'll be enough for the next week.

No. 1: Solid Under Pressure

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    All rookies make mistakes. Most of them are able to make them, learn from them, and come back stronger. But there are others who don't learn from them and they become worse.

    As for McCoy, he'll learn those lessons early on and though he may make mistakes, his ability to learn on the fly and deal with the pressure will lead his coaches to continue to put their trust in him.

    Cleveland, get ready, because Colt McCoy is sticking around for awhile.