Rich PerezContributor IOctober 13, 2010

The Addition of Vlad made it crystal clear the Rangers were going to strike!
The Addition of Vlad made it crystal clear the Rangers were going to strike!Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

LAS VEGAS-Amazing but very true, I have struck again. The angles and observations that I saw in April when baseball was entering game one have come a long way to being true for me AGAIN. You will remember this all started when I predicted on Fox Sports that the Giants would beat New England in the Super Bowl by 3 points. That was in August before the Super Bowl, before the season even started, Final score 7 months later: Giants 17, Patriots 14. I got both teams right and predicted the spread. OK so you don't live in Vegas and haven't ever heard my predictions over the years...I can appreciate your skeptical.

The next year year I predicted the Giants and the Steelers with the Steelers winning the Super Bowl, Boom it happened again, except I missed the Giants and Ironically enough I had the Cardinals as my second guess in the NFC, but Ill accept the Steelers win only since I said the Giants.

Last Year if you heard me on the radio, I was pumping the Colts vs. Giants, the Manning Super Bowl Dream that never happened. But I again I picked the Super Bowl representative in the Colts. I'll admit I didn't see the Saints coming to the big dance. So I'm Amazing three years ago, excellent two years ago and pretty darn good last year. Ill pat myself on the back, Fox is loving me now. This years NFL is already picked as I again took the Indianapolis Colts over Dallas Cowboys in Dallas.(sweating Dallas a bit right now at 1-3, but I will stick it out.)

So this year I go on the air with my ex radio partner and he makes his bold BASEBALL prediction. Now granted I'm an ex baseball player, lifetime minor league player, but I have never predicted a baseball game or long term World Series future ever! This is because I am always on the Radio during the football season with Joey Browner & Gang. (

OK So he makes his picks, I say San Francisco will play in the World Series but will lose to the Texas Rangers...He scoffs a bit, (who can blame him) but knows me well so he respects my answer as a tad silly being that Texas has never been in a world series but his Yankees have. So I can respect the Yanks and his pick of course....I just see the Texas Rangers winning this thing. Call it what you may, I know my abilities and I realize I have a true gift that I don't mind sharing with everyone. So based on that I am below giving you my firsts on predictions for NBA and NHL (NHL which I don't follow at all...). Lets all watch has the Texas Rangers win this thing. Welcome to my world, I wish you all knew what I went through daily as its amazing stuff I have been blessed you go:

NBA-2011 Champions-Los Angeles Lakers over Boston Celtics

NHL-2011 Champions-New York Rangers over Los Angeles Kings