Wow, Another Loss! What In The World Is Wrong With The Dallas Cowboys?

Chris Phelps@ChrisPhelps0Contributor IIIOctober 13, 2010

Tony Romo and the Cowboys can't seem to get things straight.
Tony Romo and the Cowboys can't seem to get things straight.Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Week 1 for the Dallas Cowboys was a heart breaker. They scored a touchdown on the last play of game to take the lead against Washington, but it was called back by newly acquired tackle, Alex Barron. 

Week 2 had another poor performance by the Cowboys against Chicago. They just could not find the end zone, and that is all I have to say.

Week 4 contained way too much problems. an embarrassing 34-27 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

So what is wrong with the Dallas Cowboys?

1 - Too Many Turnovers

Tony Romo is partially known for all of his interceptions. He tries to force too many balls. On the season, he has 5 interceptions, 3 of them coming in Week 5's matchup against the Titans.

And then there was the fumble in week 1 that I am sure everybody knows about. At the end of the half, Romo tossed the ball to Tashard Choice and Deangelo Hall of the Redskins forced a fumble and returned it for a TD.

That is the only TD that Washington scored and it cost the Cowboys big time. If the Cowboys want to turn this season around, then they have to start limiting their turnovers.

2- Penalties, Penalties, Penalties

Cowboys have the leagues highest total of penalties called on them. In week 1, they had like 10 penalties just off of holding and false starts. The biggest one was the Barron holding call on the last play of the Washington game.

Week 2 was no better. They still had a whole lot of penalties. Week 4 against the Titans is what was really bad.

On the first possession alone for the Titans, the Cowboys committed three pass interference penalties and two of them were against Pro Bowl cornerback Mike Jenkins, and they were both on 3rd down.

What in the world is he thinking? Dallas, just get smarter and limit your penalties.

3 - Play calling

Play calling is an important part of the game of football. If you have good play calling, you have a better chance of winning. If you have bad play calling, then things will not go right on offense.

Jason Garrett has been a sensational offensive coordinator for the past couple of years. But this year, he hasn't called a lot of good plays.

The one play against Washington where Choice fumbled it was called by Garrett. If you didn't know, Garrett told Romo to toss it to Choice if nobody down field was open. Well, Garrett, how did that work out?

Garrett had great play calling against the Texans. He ran slants had some deep passes. He changed it up a little.

But the other 3 games that the Cowboys lost is when he didn't really change anything up. It was usually a run or a short pass. Garrett, don't keep calling the same thing, change it up.

4 - Lack of Leadership

Last year, we had one of the best leaders in the whole game in Keith Brooking. But Brooking has not been the same this year. You would expect the quarterback to step up, but Romo hasn't done anything either.

Leaders are people who help pump up the team, and teach their teammates, but nobody has shown the leadership for the Cowboys this year. 

5 - Jerry, just sign somebody new

It is obvious the Cowboys need to replace some of the players on their roster, but Jerry Jones is just too confident in all his players. He has to change it up.

We can't have the same guys for two years in a row, not counting rookies. I mean, he is starting Alan Ball at safety. Alan Ball is terrible.

He should at least go out and sign somebody that can defend the pass. 

Hopefully, the Cowboys can get their thoughts straight and start doing all or at least some of the above. They actually might start winning!


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