How Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Can Save Mike Singletary's Job?

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How Denver Broncos Tim Tebow Can Save Mike Singletary's Job?
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Well if your Mike Singletary firing your offensive coordinator in Week 4, that is usually a sign that you're a coach making last ditch efforts to salvage your career, season and highly talented team.

Men in desperate situations, can find themselves resorting to desperate measures. As desperate as giving up next seasons first round selection for Kyle Orton?

Now the Broncos have a 2-3 standing this season with the hot Jets on the horizon.

Trade deadline is exactly 1 week away with the Broncos looking to be 4-12 in their last 16 games.
Not trading Orton while he is such a hot commodity, would be even crazier than maintaining a course with him at the helm and expecting different results given the fact of just how impotent the offense has been with him at the helm. 

Now both Josh McDaniels and Mike Singletary need to come to grips with reality and make each other a deal the other simply can not refuse. It is not as if the highly talented 49ers are going anywhere any time soon with the 27th rated QB in the league.

The opportunity for the 49ers to go and land a top ten rated QB and jettison one who leads the league in interceptions seems to me to be a no brainer.

Something has got to give with both teams and a move at the QB position is a win win for both teams considering the fact that they are not going anywhere while stuck in the losing rut they are in.

Orton also brings a passing philosophy from a coach who executes one of the most dynamic passing schemes in the league. Add to that you will be getting a player from a team you will play the following week while forcing their opponent to go with a rookie QB making his starting debut.

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