Devin Thomas Released by Redskins: Gone and Hopefully Soon Forgotten

Josh McCainSenior Writer IOctober 12, 2010

LANDOVER, MD - DECEMBER 6:  Devin Thomas #11 of the Washington Redskins runs the ball while being held by the facemask during the game  against the New Orleans Saints at FedExField on December 6, 2009 in Landover, Maryland. The Saints defeated the Redskins in overtime 33-30. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Larry French/Getty Images

Wide receiver Devin Thomas was released by the Washington Redskins on Saturday (and has since been signed off waivers by the Carolina Panthers).

Local talk radio and Twitter has been abuzz with talk about the release.

This was especially apparent during the first half of the Redskins game, where the offense couldn't get anything going.

First, let me say I've got nothing against Devin Thomas. In fact, I was a big supporter of his and couldn't wait to see him get on the field.

However, he couldn't get on the field.

A lot of pundits kept speculating that Mike Shanahan had something against him and wouldn't let him on the field, as if this was some sort of pissing match.

Thomas isn't Albert Haynesworth, who took $20 million and then demanded a trade and didn't show up to minicamp.

Devin Thomas was there and working and hasn't really contributed anything to the team in his first two seasons.

If Coach Shanahan had something personal against him, he would have been cut before the season started.

With that in mind, I've got to say that Thomas couldn't get on the field because of practice issues.

There have been reports and rumors that Thomas just wasn't understanding the offense.  After all, he could barely get on the field when Jim Zorn was the coach, and I find it hard to believe that Zorn's playbook is more complicated than Shanahan's.

Still other rumors (and I stress these are rumors I've searched and couldn't find any concrete evidence) suggest that Thomas had trouble telling his left from his right on routes and lining up, as well as had an extremely low Wonderlic test score.

This wasn't the first time the Skins have drafted a wideout bust. Remember Desmond Howard?

Sure, he paid off big for the Packers in the Super Bowl as a kick returner.

But we didn't draft him as a kick returner (after all, we had the greatest returner the game had ever seen in Brian Mitchell); we drafted him to be a wide receiver.

Like Thomas, Howard couldn't get on the field because he just couldn't understand the offense.

So no matter the reason Thomas wasn't getting on the field (except for kick returns), his release and pickup by Carolina is probably the best for all parties involved.

Thomas will probably get a chance to play, and the Skins free up a roster spot.

In the end I'm pretty sure Anthony Armstrong is going to light up the highlight reel, and the Thomas not getting into games for the Skins debate will be forgotten.

I do, however, wish Devin Thomas the best of luck in Carolina, and hopefully he can do something to help that terrible offense.

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