NFL Week 6 Questions: 25 Most Important Things To Consider

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistOctober 12, 2010

NFL Week 6 Questions: 25 Most Important Things To Consider

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    Boy how the weeks have flown by.  With Week 5 now done and dusted, and newspaper headquarters overloaded with exciting headlines, Week 6 is now upon us, and it promises to be an affair that no NFL fan will forget.

    This upcoming weekend will mark a milestone for a handful of issues. 

    The AFC South will ultimately  be decided one way or another as the Tennessee Titans play the Jacksonville Jaguars, Brett Favre will attempt to lead the one win Vikings over the one win Cowboys, and Ben Roethlisberger makes his awaited debut from a hasty suspension that has lasted the remaining five weeks.

    Therefore, once again the NFL is rocking and rolling all directions.  It may not be as big a show as the MLB Playoffs, but in terms of punch, Week 6 promises to be a slobber knocker.

25. How Much Time Will Jake Delhomme Be Awarded in Cleveland?

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    To be fair to Jake Delhomme, the Cleveland Browns quarterback, has had a rather up-and-down start to the year in terms of game time.

    Entering the 2010 season, Delhomme was depicted as the new savior for the Browns franchise.  Finally Cleveland had rid the Dawg Pound of Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, and with Eric Mangini and Mike Holmgren seeking Delhomme from Carolina, the Browns' passing game had taken a direct boost instantaneously.

    Unfortunately, that isn't how the scenario turned out.

    In an effort to share the starting role with with Seneca Wallace, Jake Delhomme currently sits at one touchdown, four interceptions and 324 yards on the season.  For a starting quarterback of Delhomme's caliber, these type of statistics really don't warrant all of the offseason hype that surrounded No. 17.

    So how much time are the Browns going to allow Jake Delhomme to flip flop at the starting position?

    It's tough to tell.  Realistically, Cleveland does have bigger issues than who is under center right now, seeing as though the Browns have only one win on the year.

    Time is ticking for Jake Delhomme though, as he needs to either grasp the starting role firmly, or become accustom to the second string position.  Like many struggling teams right now, promise has glistened from the Browns franchise, and this type of indecision is only backpedaling in the opposite direction.

24. Which Miami Dolphins Team Will We See Fresh Off a Bye Week?

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    Similar to the Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks and San Diego Chargers of present day, the Miami Dolphins have been one of several teams to remain inconsistent on the year.

    To be perfectly frank, it seems that when we give the Dolphins credit for a stellar passing game and a much improved defense, Miami then turns around and loses to the likes of the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, in rather unconvincing fashion.

    On the positive side for the Dolphins, they had the privilege of an early bye week, something some teams have dearly needed five weeks into the season.

    In Week 6 the Dolphins are set to take on the Green Bay Packers, away at Lambeau Field.  For those who don't know, the Packers' home stadium is an immensely tough ground for an opposing team, so much so that the Dolphins may struggle to maintain balance on the offensive side of the ball.

    Once again on the positive side though, the Dolphins may be taking on a 50 percent Packer outfit, considering that Aaron Rodgers is now suffering the effects of a concussion, and Jermichael Finley and Clay Matthews have endured potentially serious injuries.

    Normally when a team is fresh off a bye week, they come out booming the very next week.  Tuna Town will be hoping for that scenario to play out, but it is still a question as to which team we will see in Green Bay.

    Chad Henne and Brandon Marshall have been lighting up the playing field recently, so expect to see the Dolphins target the Packer defensive weakness, the secondary.  A big time game is ahead on Sunday, and either team is looking for that go ahead victory.

23. Is Tom Cable Officially Off the Hot Seat in Oakland?

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    A party is never normally thrown over a 2-3 record five weeks into the year, but when you take a look at the fact that the Raiders currently sit in second place in a surprisingly weak AFC West division, it's fair to say Oakland has improved a lot.

    On paper, the Raiders have certainly endured a turnaround.  Much of this is due to the emergence of an impressive run game led by Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, but seeing as though the Raiders rank 11th in points and 14th in yards, the silver and black have changed their game plan drastically.

    However, aside from what has been unfolding on the field, much of the Raiders' newfound way has seemingly overshadowed some past turmoil that occurred on the sidelines, between head coach Tom Cable and the entire team.

    This time last year, Tom Cable was listening to criticism and accusations, after allegedly punching one of his coaching staff.  Fast forward to now, and it seems that Tom Cable is edging his way off the hot seat, and toward a potentially promising career in Oakland.

    To say that Tom Cable is totally off the hot seat would be ludicrous, after all the Raiders are about as predictable as the lottery.  No, Tom Cable is still under the gun, yet at the same time his actions on the field have certainly earned him some lee way.

    If this type of play keeps up for Oakland, Tom Cable may be in for a decent coaching career.  Still, we'll wait and see how this storyline folds out, as the Raiders take on the winless San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park, in a game that may see the Raiders reach the much desired .500 mark.

22. Are the Houston Texans Who We Thought They Were?

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    From a big time Week 1 win over division rivals Indianapolis, to a Week 5 loss to the dominant defense of the New York Giants, the Houston Texans haven't seen their entire season go to plan as some would think heading into 2010.

    Against Tom Coughlin's crew of impressive defensive lineman, Texans quarterback Matt Schaub notably struggled in the passing game, with 196 yards and one interception. 

    More to the point though, Schaub also hit the turf for sacks three times in the affair, as the Giants big-time playmakers continued their dominance fresh off a win over the Chicago Bears in Week 4.

    What comes as the most concerning aspect of the Texans loss, is that Houston hasn't managed to maintain a stranglehold in the AFC South division.  In past weeks, Jacksonville, Tennessee and Indianapolis have all managed to shoot themselves in the foot, only to find the AFC South still locked up at 3-2 heading into Week 6.

    Realistically speaking, all may work out for Houston this upcoming weekend.  The Jacksonville Jaguars play the Tennessee Titans at home in Municipal Stadium, and if the Indianapolis Colts are unsuccessful against the Washington Redskins, everything may just pan out.

    As for Gary Kubiak's team, the Texans take on the previously undefeated Kansas City Chiefs.  If the Texans were smart, they would have taken note of how the Colts exposed the Chiefs defense in the passing game last week, in a victory that saw Indianapolis capture a 19-9 victory.

    To answer the question, the Texans are who we thought they were, for the time being.  On paper all aspects match up, and there is no denying how dominant Schaub and Andre Johnson have been on the scoreboard lately.

    With this in mind, the Texans lack of consistency and ability to grasp the division may come back to bite them sooner or later, especially when the AFC South is so tight at the present time.

21. Is David Garrard Finally Off the Hook in Jacksonville?

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    David Garrard's work ethic in the offseason was duly noted following the Jaguars disappointing 2009 campaign.  Whether it was working with his wide receivers, or simply developing an understanding of his duties, David Garrard barely took any time off to recuperate during the NFL's usual down time period.

    To say that Garrad's mentality has payed off would be the ultimate understatement.  Right now, nobody expected Jacksonville to be sitting at 3-2, and although it could be said that the AFC South has helped the Jaguars glide along, big time wins over Denver, Indianapolis and Buffalo certainly speak for themself.

    Other than the Jaguars' 3-2 record, David Garrard has been the focal point of this team.  As easy as it is to highlight Garrard's six interceptions, it is also easy to notice that No. 9 has accumulated 789 yards and nine touchdowns, a stat was deemed almost out of reach by some experts heading into the season.

    In terms of whether or not David Garrard is off the hook, let's just say that he has at least let go of the bait.  Keep in mind though that there is plenty of time in the season left, also meaning that David Garrard could collapse again as expected.

    But let's give credit where credit is due: David Garrard has been near unstoppable.  Sure, he's had a few hiccups and a flat patch here and there, but for the most part Garrard has led the Jaguars to their three wins on the season, something that spells confidence for a team seeking a potential top spot in the division.

    Big things are to come for Garrard and the Jaguars if they keep their heads on straight.  If the team plays their cards right and continues to fly under the radar, who knows where this team may end up in 10 weeks time.

20. Can Matt Forte Continue His Dominance Against the Seattle Seahawks?

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    Some may say that Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte has taken a little longer than expected to burst out of the gates.  While this is partially true, Lovie Smith's newfound running favorite has begun to excel on the playing field, in more ways than one.

    By performing a quick check of Matt Forte's stats, it could be said that his season hasn't been as fantastic as some have made out. 

    An interesting trend appears against tougher teams in the division, as Matt Forte only rushed for 29 yards against division rivals Green Bay three weeks ago, similar to Forte's 26-yard effort against an impenetrable New York Giants defense in Week 5.

    Against weaker teams in the league, Matt Forte begins to show his dominance.  In Week 1 against Detroit, Forte kicked his season off with 50 yards, and just last week against the Carolina Panthers, No. 22 exploded for 166 yards and two touchdowns.

    From the Chicago Bears point of view, this new trend couldn't have come at a better time.  With Jay Cutler showing his true colors, and the Bears beginning to show signs of struggling in some areas, Matt Forte's leadership and skill is more than welcome by Chicago faithfuls.

    In Week 6 the Bears take on the Seattle Seahawks, back home at Solider Field.  It could be said that Pete Carroll's defense is rather weak, and therefore Matt Forte may be in for another solid day.

    Better yet, the Seahawks rank 29th overall in rush yards on defense, making Seattle the easy favorite to come off second best.  Finally Matt Forte has showed promising signs this season, and if he keeps it up against the Seahawks, a rendition of "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" should follow in The Windy City.

19. Why Are the Atlanta Falcons Still Flying Under the Radar in the NFL?

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    Upon reading this, many fans may misinterpret the term "under the radar" in relation to the Atlanta Falcons. 

    But let's look at it this way, despite a 4-1 record on the season that includes wins over the New Orleans Saints, are the Falcons really being mentioned with the likes of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets of this league?

    I don't think so.

    So why is it that the Falcons are flying under the radar so much?

    To be straight up, nobody really knows.  The Falcons have always been a team that manages to stay out of media attention, and it seems even when the team is playing well, Atlanta struggles to earn respect and admiration from fans alike.

    However, perhaps much of the Falcons problem this season is due to the fact that they haven't beaten many ideal opponents, seeing as though the Saints are the only main contender that Atlanta has managed to topple so far.

    In the other four games, the Falcons have beaten the likes of the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns, along with a loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  As much as these teams are decent, they aren't exactly "big time" tests for a team like of the Falcons talent.

    Going forward, the Falcons do have the chance to redeem themselves against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 6.  Although the green and white have struggled, Philadelphia are still a very promising team, following a close win over the 49ers on Sunday Night Football that saw Kevin Kolb show flashes of brilliance.

    Bigger tests await the Falcons, and when the Cincinnati Bengals, Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers come knocking in coming weeks, we should get a good taste of what Atlanta is all about.

    For the time being, a 4-1 record speaks for itself, so the Falcons deserve some respect.

18. How Much Longer Will Carson Palmer Survive As the Bengals Starter?

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    If it isn't Terrell Owens' Twitter traits, or the Bengals woeful ways, it's Carson Palmer's lack of performance as the starting quarterback in Cincinnati, that has notably cost Marvin Lewis a handful of wins recently.

    Prior to the beginning of the season, the Bengals looked stacked on offense.  Chad Ochocinco had hung around, and with acquisitions such as Jermaine Gresham, Jordan Shipley and Terrell Owens, all that was remaining was for the loop to be tied in a possible playoff year.

    But while fans gathered and squabbled over how great this team's offense was, many forget Carson Palmer actually had to perform, for it all to work out.

    And has that situation unfolded on the playing field?

    To put it simply, no, no it hasn't.

    Right now Carson Palmer has 1,287 yards on the year, with seven touchdowns and six interceptions in hand.  Looking at these numbers and knowing nothing of the Bengals' issues, one may reach the conclusion that Carson Palmer isn't the problem, without even realizing how dismal No. 9 has looked lately.

    However, what Palmer's stats fail to show is his overall lack of accuracy and determination, along with his winning attitude that has taken a direct hit since the start of the season.

    Let's face it, 2-3 isn't a favorable record in the AFC North.  The Bengals may not be the bottom of the barrel, but the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens have turned the division into a solid two way battle.

    It isn't likely that we will see the end of the Carson Palmer era anytime soon, after all, the Bengals don't have a bundle of suitable replacements to fill in. 

    In Week 6, Cincinnati have the week off to reflect on their season, and where it is headed, hopefully Carson Palmer works on his mechanics a little in the meantime.

17. Are the Redskins Favorites to Upset the Colts Like They Did the Packers?

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    There's been no bigger shock than the Redskins winning ways as of late.  Not only have Washington knocked off the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, Mike Shanahan also managed to lead his team to a tight overtime victory over the injury riddled Green Bay Packers in overtime, this past weekend.

    In terms of morale boosters, this is by far the biggest.  Any lingering thoughts of the Redskins old ways have now evaporated, and it goes without saying that this is all due to the man in the photo—Donovan McNabb.

    To keep the ball rolling, Washington remains at home to take on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football. 

    For the most part, as dominant as the Colts have been in the past, this game actually doesn't favor Peyton Manning and his crew, as FedEx Field has become a breeding ground for losses on the opposing side of the field.

    First the Dallas Cowboys, then the Philadelphia Eagles, followed by the Green Bay Packers.  Is Indianapolis next?

    We'll wait and see.  If there is one thing to focus on though, it's that the Colts may be without starting rusher Joseph Addai, a huge hit for a team that could use a run game against a "hot and cold" Redskin defensive line.

    As for Washington, Donovan McNabb continues to impress, and Chris Cooley's 303 yards and two touchdowns on the year only further compliment this fact.

    A big time win could be ahead for Washington, and more importantly, the NFC East will certainly have a new dog in town.

16. Does the Loss of Mark Clayton Spell the End of the Rams Winning Ways?

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    Devastating news struck the St. Louis Rams fanbase on the weekend, as Steve Spagnuolo later found out that his No. 1 wide receiver Mark Clayton would be out for the season with a torn patellar tendon.

    To make this loss even more disappointing, the Rams had finally found their winning gene.  Sure, it was only a two game win streak, but it was nice to see St. Louis topple Washington and Seattle in consecutive weeks, and maintain a 2-3 record.

    To add salt to the wound, rookie quarterback Sam Bradford is now without his go to receiver.  Mark Clayton had racked up 306 yards on the year and two touchdowns before his injury, and the way things were going, he was set to possibly reach a Pro Bowl appearance.

    There's not much more to say here, other than that this loss hurts the Rams in every way possible.  Just when St. Louis catches a break, the unthinkable happens, and they lose one of their main men.

    A tough loss to swallow, yes, but on the bright side, many promising things to come from this six-year player, and the duo of Sam Bradford and Mark Clayton should delight fans in years to come.

15. How Does Shaun Hill’s Week 5 Performance Affect Matt Stafford?

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    It's quite possible that the San Francisco 49ers regret trading Shaun Hill to the Detroit Lions, following "we want Carr" chants heard at Candlestick Park on Sunday Night.

    But as unfortunate as this is for San Francisco, Detroit gained a very promising young quarterback, who has taken over a team that has shown the utmost determination and sheer will to win in the past five weeks this season.

    When Matt Stafford went down injured, most of Detroit worried for their future.  With the franchise player down, faith in replacement Shaun Hill was low, and it appeared Detroit would struggle again this season.

    While the second part of that statement is true, as for Shaun Hill struggling, his 227 yards and three touchdowns against St. Louis last week tell a very different story.

    Looking at Hill's stats, some may say that he isn't all he's cracked up to be.  With more interceptions than touchdowns on the year, Shaun Hill has struggled against bigger teams, even though he has managed to rally against the likes of Green Bay and Minnesota.

    It's hard to predict where Shaun Hill's future is going, but one thing is for sure, as long as he is doing well, it's hurting Matt Stafford.

    Chances are when Stafford does return, he will be granted the starting role as promised, but no longer is Shaun Hill looked at as the hopeless back up who will never excel.  Matt Stafford now needs to watch his back, as a very capable quarterback is looming right behind him upon his return.

14. Is Philip Rivers Capable of Leading the Chargers to a Win Vs. the Rams?

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    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    In typical Philip Rivers fashion, the Chargers starting quarterback has piled up a high number of yards this season, to earn himself the No. 1 passing yard award so far this year.

    But while Philip Rivers stands ahead of players such as Peyton Manning and Drew Brees, the Chargers' 2-3 record isn't all that reflective of Rivers' efforts five weeks into the year.

    First and foremost, not all of the Chargers' losing ways can be blamed on Rivers.  As it stands, he has played darn good lately, even though he has strayed off a little in the dying stages of games.

    Secondly, Philip Rivers must do just that, and maintain stability.  No more sloppy plays in the fourth quarter against teams like Oakland, and more importantly, getting his offense on the same page heading into each and every drive.

    San Diego currently sits 2nd in points and 1st in yards in the NFL.  This is a staggering statistic for a team that is below .500, that also features the number one ranked quarterback.

    You get the feeling that if the Chargers fix up the few kinks, they'll be back to business.  In the meantime, San Diego gets an easy test against St. Louis in Week 6, a game most people expect the Bolts to win.

    Let's commend Philip Rivers for a tremendous amount of effort, but some wins would be nice to compliment this highly impressive statistical show.

13. Can the Cowboys Overcome Week 5 Criticism and Win in Minnesota?

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    Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    Where to start with the Dallas Cowboys?  I know, let's start with the basics that saw Big D lose against the Tennessee Titans at home in Week 5.

    In a must win game for Jerry Jones' men, the Cowboys basically let a win slip.  Although Tennessee led for much of the affair, the Cowboys did manage to claw back and tie the game, only to see it slip due to a number of Tony Romo errors, and mistakes by the defense.

    Following on from the Cowboys now 1-3 record, Dallas have been linked with the word "overrated" all week—and not for the first time.  Issues linger within, and Wade Phillips can feel his seat warming beneath him heading into Week 6.

    So what must the Cowboys do to get back on track?

    Easy, they must beat the Vikings at home in Minnesota.  No "ifs" or "buts," if Dallas lose this game and fall to 1-4, the Cowboys will be in a world of trouble for the rest of the season.

    To make matters worse, the Minnesota Vikings also need a big time win.  Both teams are with only one win on the year, and seeing as though Brett Favre hit Randy Moss for his 500th touchdown pass on Monday Night against the Jets, the Vikings aren't looking all that easy to topple right now.

    The Cowboys have had their bye week already, so no more excuses.  They've come back in the face of criticism before, and have also blundered horribly.  Which will it be in Week 6?  We'll wait and see, something tells me though, that this "overrated" trend isn't going away easily.

12. Which Bye Week Team Benefits the Most from a Rest?

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    A bye week is always luxurious for a team lucky enough to have one.  Week 6 sees four teams take the week off, with the Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers and Cincinnati Bengals all taking some time away from the action.

    Realistically, all four of these teams could do with a week off.  Funnily enough though, the Arizona Cardinals are the only team above .500, as the Panthers and Bills are yet to open their account, and the Bengals are struggling to win crucial games.

    Who benefits the most from the time off?

    It could go either way really, but the Cincinnati Bengals are the obvious answer.  With problems on offense, and a lack of quarterback motivation, Cincinnati now have the opportunity to turn their season around, and get back in the hunt in the AFC North division.

    While it could be said that a bye week is meaningful for the Panthers and Bills, judging by the past five weeks, time off won't alter their season all that much.

    As for Cincinnati, a prime opportunity presents itself, so let's hope Marvin Lewis makes good use of it.

11. Will the Ravenous Baltimore Defense Topple the Patriots In Week 6?

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    Larry French/Getty Images

    Baltimore's big time defense is back, and with it comes a third rank spot in the NFL's overall defensive rankings right now this season.

    It's arguable to say, that the Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the league five weeks into the year.  Not only have they beaten the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers and Denver Broncos, the Ravens now have the chance to knock off AFC rivals the New England Patriots, away at Gillette Stadium.

    In terms of game of the week material, this certainly makes the cut.  The AFC doesn't get much more exciting, and with Joe Flacco showing signs of absolute brilliance recently, the Ravens have a great chance to really prove themselves in 2010.

    But of course, the biggest story is the defense, and the Ravenous Baltimore D takes on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, in a game that always offers serious bragging rights.

    So do the Ravens have enough to make it a win?

    Chances are they do.

    Ray Lewis is hitting hard as usual, and with the Patriots struggling in the run game, it will place extra pressure on Tom Brady to hit now limited wide receiver targets Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez on offense.

    A big time game is on tap, and it will be the Ravens defense vs. the Patriots offense.  Who will come out as the victor remains to be seen, but if you're a betting man, it would be wise to place some money on John Harbaugh's defense, it's been magical as of late.

10. Is Kansas City Now on the Downward Spiral Following a Loss to the Colts?

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    Scott Boehm/Getty Images

    Despite the Chiefs' previously undefeated record, Kansas City's 19-9 loss at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts in Week 5 wasn't want Todd Haley had in mind for his young offense.

    What came as the biggest disappointment for the Arrowheads, was Matt Cassel's once again inconsistent play.  As much as we have spoken about up and down teams, Matt Cassel has been the epitome of an "all over the place" quarterback, seeing as though one week he is great, while the next he is reasonably flat.

    In the game against the Colts, the Chiefs were the underdogs.  No 3-0 record can outdo the fact that Lucas Oil Stadium is a tough environment, and Matt Cassel's 156 yards on the day certainly make that statement all the more true.

    Other than Cassel's lack of performance, the question must now be asked, are the Chiefs on the downspiral?

    While it may seem that way, Kansas City have showed signs of greatness.  Many fans say they haven't beaten anyone overly fantastic, but the Chiefs play on the field has been a breath of fresh air, especially when it comes to rookie tight end Tony Moeaki and up and coming running back Jamaal Charles.

    Kansas City face another tough AFC South test against the Houston Texans this week away at Reliant Stadium.  Odds are the Chiefs may wind up 3-2, but that doesn't take away from Kansas City's past five weeks.

    Stranger things have happened in the NFL, so who knows, Matt Cassel could come good once again, and impress us all.

9. Has Kevin Kolb Done Enough to Earn Himself a Potential Starting Role?

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    Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

    Like him or not, Kevin Kolb looked extremely capable under the helm on Sunday night against the San Francisco 49ers, as the new Eagles starter threw for 253 yards and one ouchdown.

    As it stands, Michael Vick is still questionable ahead of the Eagles' clash with the Atlanta Falcons in Week 6.  Therefore, Kevin Kolb once again gets the opportunity to earn himself some brownie points against a tough NFC opponent, that will test every bit of his skill and charisma.

    Following Kevin Kolb's performance against the 49ers, funnily enough No. 4 looked almost Michael Vick-like on the night.  On consecutive passes he looked steady, and his accuracy shined through from the get go, as he lit up tight end Brent Celek in the first quarter.

    Moving on forward, Kevin Kolb has done himself a massive favor.  From a Week 1 concussion, to the ultimate disappointment of losing the starting role to Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb has proven that he can still be a steady starter, and win for the Eagles. 

    No matter what Andy Reid says, there is issues at the quarterback position in Philadelphia, but they are far from negative.  A quarterback carousel now occupies The City of Brotherly Love, and it appears that either way, the Eagles have two very capable starters on their hands, even though the decision is extremely tough to make each week.

    The Falcons travel to Lincoln Financial Field, in a game that will test Philadelphia.  More importantly, if Kevin Kolb should win, Michael Vick may find himself clawing for the starting role once again.

8. Can the Giants Keep Their Number One Ranked Defense Rolling Against Detroit?

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    Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    Big Blue is back in full force, and the Giants are atop the defensive world in the NFL, due to their sack fest the past two weeks against Chicago and Houston.

    The main standouts for the Giants have of course been Osi Umeyiora and Justin Tuck.  However, with that in mind, the likes of Terrell Thomas and Corey Webster have also contributed, limiting Andre Johnson this past weekend to 95 yards and zero touchdowns.

    This upcoming weekend, the Giants return to New Meadowland's Stadium, to host the Detroit Lions.  To some, this game may seem rather weak, but given the Lions' all out determination against top tier opponents, Jim Schwartz is guaranteed to have his team fired up for the Giants defense.

    When it comes to favoritism, just about everybody considers the Giants heavy favorites to dominate Shaun Hill on the day.  Therefore, it's hard to argue against Osi Umenyiora and Justin Tuck, seeing as though their sack numbers are oh so high.

    The New York defense should keep rolling against the Lions, simply because the Giants are a defensive team, despite how much leadership Eli Manning shows.  Once confidence strikes New York, it's hard to rid, and the defensive scheme is working wonders for Tom Coughlin right now, so why play with what works, right?

7. Who Will Win the AFC South Deadlock Game Between the Jaguars and Titans?

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    Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

    Both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans recorded big wins on the weekend, over the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. 

    For each, these two wins were extremely important.  Not only does it keep each team above .500, it has also deadlocked the AFC South in a 3-2 tie, between all four teams at the present time.

    But what makes this lock interesting, is how timely it has been.  In Week 6 the Titans travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars on Monday Night Football, a game that could make or break the season for either team, given a loss.

    So who will win this highly electric affair?

    I'm no mastermind at predictions, but the Titans do have rolling confidence right now.  As dismal as Dallas has looked lately, a big time win over the Cowboys away in Texas Stadium always does wonders for motivation, and this factor alone should help the Titans highly.

    Still, the Jaguars are still feeling the after effects of a home win over Indianapolis two weeks ago, and a rather easy outing with the Buffalo Bills that highlighted how good the Jacksonville offense can be.

    It's anyone's ball game, and maybe for once, Municipal Stadium will sell out.  Tennessee vs. Jacksonville may not excite the neutral style fan, but for AFC South faithful, this is one to keep an eye on all week long.

6. Will the Saints Rebound from a Week 5 Loss to Arizona Against the Buccaneers?

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    Christian Petersen/Getty Images

    Arizona Cardinals rookie quarterback Max Hall stunned the New Orleans Saints away in Arizona in Week 5, as the Cardinals went on to win 30-20, and take the top spot in the NFC West division.

    To many people's surprise, the New Orleans Saints weren't the same old team they were last year.  Sure, Drew Brees still looks great, but the high flying offensive factor isn't apparent right now, and the Saints find themselves at 3-2 midway in the year.

    Keeping the NFC South trend going, New Orleans now travel to Raymond James Stadium to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in a game that could mean the difference between second and third seed on the ladder.

    Looking at it simply, the Saints are still a very good football team, and as head coach Sean Payton said, it isn't time to panic.  However, if the Bucs roll over the Saints, and leave them in third spot to contemplate their losses, times may become tough for the reigning world champions.

    Saints fans reading this, don't worry just yet, it's far from over.  But like many divisions right now, maintaining touch with the first ranked team is vital, and 3-3 isn't where the Saints want to be in a week's time looking toward even tougher matchups in the year.

5. Should David Carr Take over the Starting Role in San Francisco?

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    Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

    His experience is low, his skill is questionable, but San Francisco fans chanted "we want Carr!" And they may just get him in due time.

    For any fan that witnessed the San Francisco 49ers' affair with the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, would have noticed the hostility in the 49er crowd.  An 0-5 record to start the season, and with a lack of offensive production and untimely passes, the Bay Area is now becoming embarrassed by its all-so-promising team heading into the year.

    On the season, David Carr has no stats whatsoever on the year, so is this the guy San Francisco want to throw in the deep end?

    Well I guess it's worked for Arizona, and after all, David Carr does have nine years to his name, but still, San Francisco can't risk this type of gamble, to see it crumble in front of them.

    To make matters worse, the 49ers now have to deal with coaching issues, even though the team has stated they are standing behind Mike Singletary.  The situation is fickle in 49er Nation, and unless David Carr is the second coming of Joe Montana, it's likely San Francisco fans won't be happy until their team has a solid and well rounded quarterback in the near future.

    The 49ers have announced that Alex Smith will be starting for one final week, but given how Week 5 turned out, we may see David Carr in before we know it.  If that is the case, Alex Smith may be as good as gone.

4 Was Brett Favre’s 500th Touchdown Pass to Randy Moss a Sign of Things to Come?

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    A friend of mine sat in New Meadowland's Stadium and witnessed Brett Favre throw his 500th touchdown pass to Randy Moss on Monday night, and boy what an event it must have been.

    Similar to Brett Favre's other milestones throughout his career, the memorable celebration followed.  But this time, the wide receiver was an familiar former villain, who was now seemingly best friends with the old timer, after making his return as a Viking so memorable.

    For Viking fans, this moment was perhaps overshadowed by Minnesota's disappointing loss to the Jets 29-20.  The game was an absolute cliffhanger, but once again Brett Favre's interception proved costly, as the Vikings fell to 1-3 on the season.

    In Week 6, Minnesota take on the also 1-3 Dallas Cowboys back home in Minnesota.  A crucial game for both teams awaits, and even though Brett Favre has passed the 500 mark, it does seem like it is a sign of things to come.

    Whether or not Favre and Moss will link up again next week remains to be seen, but it's not like this duo will last long anyway, given this should be Brett Favre's final season in the NFL.  Still, a touchdown in a debut is pretty, and Brett Favre has to be happy with his confidence, even though the Vikings lost on Monday night.

3. Can the Packers Bounce Back from Two Key Injuries In Week 6?

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    After Jermichael Finley hit the turf hard after injuring his hamstring, star Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers then went on to suffer a heavy hit in the dying stages of the game, that ultimately resulted in an interception.

    If the injury bug has bitten a team worse than the Green Bay Packers, I am yet to see it.  Not only are these two injuries key, the fact that Clay Matthews also pulled up lame, and Al Harris and Atari Bigby are also out only further adds insult to injury.

    The above question has an obvious answer.  Jermichal Finley's status is unclear, along with Aaron Rodgers, but there is a good chance that number 12 will play in the coming weeks, if not in Week 6 against the Miami Dolphins.

    Unfortunately for the green and gold, a concussion is one of the worst injuries to sustain.  Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler was lucky, but in the case of Kevin Kolb, it goes to show how unpredictable a head knock really can be.

    Two key losses now plague the Packers, and with Donald Lee out also, the tight end position will see an entirely different attitude.  The upcoming week will test Green Bay, and with a 3-2 record, could spell trouble for the rest of the year.

2. Will Mike Singletary or Alex Smith Survive The Season?

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    Fortunately for 49er head coach Mike Singletary, his coaching job is in safe hands in San Francisco.  For the record, the 49ers have officially backed Singletary, stating that the coach is going to be given every chance possible at the helm.

    As for quarterback Alex Smith, he will be given one more week to prove himself in Week 6, when the 49ers take on the Oakland Raiders, at home in Candlestick Park.

    Luckily for both men, each has been given a second opportunity.  However, Mike Singletary still seems to be loved by the fans, unlike Alex Smith, who was booed on Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Now that Alex Smith has one last chance, expect to see him give it his all.  Boos or applause, Alex Smith needs to return to his preseason ways, and simply hit tight end Vernon Davis accurately, and let Frank Gore take some of the workload.

    In relation to Mike Singletary, he has the luxury of a little more safety, but a win would be nice. 

    Singletary needs Ditka?

    How about Singletary needs a miracle, even more so if the 49ers lose to the Raiders this weekend.

1. How Will Ben Roethlisbergers Return Pan Out For The Pittsburgh Steelers?

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    Yes, it's that time, big No. 7 Ben Roethlisberger makes his return to the Pittsburgh Steelers following a five-week suspension issued by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

    Pittsburgh's defense has handled the absence of Roethlisberger reasonably well.  Pittsburgh sits with a great record of 3-1, and whether it was Dennis Dixon lighting it up early, or Charlie Batch finishing the job, the Steelers have coped without their main man for the past five weeks.

    But what can we expect from the ill awaited return of the NFL's newest and most controversial player?

    If Big Ben is who he has been in the past five years, he'll play extremely well.  While Roethlisberger isn't known for striving in the face of adversity, the Steelers don't have an overly tough test against the Cleveland Browns, especially as the game is being played at Heinz Field.

    Steeler fans will of course welcome Big Ben back, and so will the rest of the league.  Ben Roethlisberger hasn't faced this type of situation before, so it will be all eyes on the two time Super Bowl Champion, as he tries to lead Pittsburgh to a win over the rival Cleveland Browns.

    Will he do it?

    Last season Big Ben recorded 4,328 yards, 26 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.  The usual for a player of his caliber, so it's fair to say Roethlisberger may take it easy in his return.

    Try not to miss it, if history proves to be noteworthy though, Ben Roethlisberger will be just fine.