Brett Favre Story Meant Only to Distract Vikings

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

Favre's reputation has been questioned, but is it legitimate?  Instinct tells me NO.
Favre's reputation has been questioned, but is it legitimate? Instinct tells me NO.Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

I am one of the rare people in this country who always believe that people are innocent until proven guilty. 

So when I first heard the story about Brett Favre, the first thing I did was go online and read different articles about the story and situation.

A few things stuck out to me: First, PAID more money than they ever have for the information, and the information was from a third party—anytime someone pays for information, I always question its validity. 

If you pay someone to tell you something, it is always at least possible they will take the money and tell you whatever you want to hear.

Second, Deadspin acknowledged that the texts may not have been from Favre. 

So if is not sure that they are valid, then why should we, the public, believe that they are valid? Also, why are they reporting that they are from Favre if they do not know themselves? Again, that just seems odd to me.

Third, there are two other women who claim Favre was inappropriate with them. One of them said Favre looked at her ass and ogled her—WHAT? Since when does LOOKING at someone constitute a legitimate complaint? 

Not to mention, he was apparently on the massage table at the time, and it is entirely possible he was just watching her massage a teammate or was just spacing out while getting a massage.   

Favre also apparently got the girl's phone number, but she was a hired massage therapist by the team, and apparently it's common that players get the massage therapist's numbers in case they need a massage outside of the organization.

So let me get this straight, a 40-year-old guy who gets pounded at the QB position may need an extra massage? Wow, what a terrible guy. 

Finally, the last thing that stuck out as strange to me was that one of these girls claimed to still have some of the text messages from Favre from two years ago. 

Now as a frequent text messenger, I can tell you I have trouble keeping texts in my phone for a week due to storage limits, and you are telling me these people kept messages for two years? Please. 

I could change any name in my phone to say Brett Favre and claim I have text messages from him. 

So I decided to look into this story further. I went on (who I admittedly had never heard of before last week), and I wanted to see if I could find some information about this website. I was shocked to see that while it listed the editor-in-chief and some of the staff, there were no bios on any of the writers. 

There was no company information. Their FAQs were all about how to become a commenter on their site but gave little or no details about the company. 

There was one thing that did stand out to me though: They appear to be based in New York, which just happens to be where the Vikings are travelling to play the Jets tonight.

So let me get this straight—a New York based Internet media firm allegedly paid for dirt on Brett Favre a couple days before the Vikings played the Jets? Excuse me if I am not buying their information as factual.


My personal belief is that Favre will be vindicated and the NFL will find that Brett did not do anything inappropriate. It will probably happen a couple days after the Vikings play the Jets. 

Ironically, will say, "Oops, we were wrong," and no one will complain that they threw information out there without checking its validity. 

I am interested to see what the facts of this case will determine, but if I was a gambling man, I'd be betting on being full of crap.