NFL Week 5 Bleacher Report Awards: Raiders and Cards Pull Upsets, Kolb Wins

Brian DiTullioSenior Writer IOctober 11, 2010

NFL Week 5 Bleacher Report Awards: Raiders, Cardinals Upset; Kolb Wins

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    If you thought upset week was last week in the NFL, you would be wrong. The Oakland Raiders upset the San Diego Chargers, the Arizona Cardinals upset the New Orleans Saint; it was crazy.

    Now that the dust has settled on another Sunday, it's time to hand out some awards. As always, not all of these awards are for positive things that happened, but we'll hand those awards out anyway.

    There are rookies to honor, performances to mock, and of course, the coveted Manning of the Week Award. Will a Manning receive it this week? Will Peyton earn any honors for the Colts victory?

    Let's find out...

Rookie Of The Week: Max Hall

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    Max Hall didn't put up Hall of Fame numbers in his first pro start, but he got the job done and helped the Cardinals beat the defending Super Bowl champs.

    Cardinals fans everywhere probably are wondering right now why teams even bother drafting quarterbacks in the first round since Hall is an undrafted free agent.

Loser Of The Week: Derek Anderson

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    There are several candidates for this award, but when a former Pro Bowl quarterback loses his job to an undrafted rookie, and said undrafted rookie looks better, you get this award.

    This is Anderson's 14th benching since 2007. (I have no idea if that's true or not, but it sounds good.)

The Michael Vick Award For Performing Under Pressure: Kevin Kolb

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    Kevin Kolb is a man under a lot of pressure whether he admits it or not. The success Michael Vick came out and had this season after Kolb's concussion put Head Coach Andy Reid in an awkward position.

    But Kolb came out on Sunday night and played a really good game, once again putting Andy Reid in an awkward position.

The Al Davis Memorial Award For Screwing Everything Up: Jerry Jones

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    How do you put together a team that has a quarterback who throws for more than 400 yards, but still throws three game-changing interceptions?

    How do you put together a coaching staff that no longer seems to know who's in charge, who's calling plays, and generally just seems to wander the sidelines with confused looks?

    Ask Jerry Jones, this is his mess.

Poise Under Pressure Award: Josh Freeman

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    Josh Freeman held himself together and engineered two late drives to help the Bucs beat the Cincinnati Bengals.

    He did this with no timeouts and a hostile away game environment.

    Congratulations, Josh!

Manning Of The Week

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    Yep, Eli wins this one easy this week with 297 yards and three touchdowns.

    So, for those keeping score at home, Eli has two Manning awards to Peyton's one. Better luck next week Peyton!

Didn't See That One Coming Award: Detroit Lions

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    Seeing the Lions get their first victory of the year wasn't the surprise, but doing it by 38 points was.

    The Lions scored FORTY-FOUR points with their backup quarterback.

    The Lions may only have one victory this year, but the improvement this team has shown is starting to be realized in the win column.

Tough Luck Award: Sam Bradford

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    Rookie quarterback Sam Bradford had found a favorite target in Mark Clayton.

    Now Clayton is done for the year with a knee injury.

    The Rams now will be scrambling to find another reliable receiver for the young quarterback to throw to.

    Good luck with that.

Nice Try Award: Kansas City Chiefs

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    Hey, going undefeated isn't easy, and the Chiefs still held the Colts to 19 points and Peyton Manning to less than 300 yards.

    When the season started, how many Chiefs fans thought their team would be 3-1 right now?

Not So Fast Award: San Diego Chargers

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    The San Diego Chargers, who were supposed to be one of the better teams in the league this year, lost to the Oakland Raiders.

    And they lost after knocking out the starting quarterback. The Chargers also had two punts blocked.

    Chargers fans might want to hold off buying playoff tickets until the team can remember how much talent they have on it.

    Then again, A.J. Smith still is the general manager and Vincent Jackson still is sitting at home.