Dallas Cowboys: Same Old Story, Cowboys Can't Overcome Mistakes and Lose

Derek MajorCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

ARLINGTON, TX - OCTOBER 10:  Defensive tackle Jason Jones #91 of the Tennessee Titans sacks quarterback Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium on October 10, 2010 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Tony Romo threw for 406 yards, Miles Austin had nine catches for 166 yards and a TD, Felix Jones had 15 rushes for 106 yards, even Roy Williams had another solid game with six catches for 87 yards, but once again the Cowboys couldn't stay out of their own way, and all these stats are overshadowed by another Cowboys loss. 

Instead of looking at the stats above as an indication of how last night's game went, we have to look at the negative side of the stat page. The Cowboys committed 12 penalties for 133 yards. Tony Romo was sacked six times and was constantly pressured from the right side of the line, which includes Leonard Davis and Marc Colombo. Davis played so bad he was benched for Montrae Holland. Colombo was absolutely housed by Jason Jones, who had two sacks and at least six pressures. 

Mike Jenkins was called for two pass interference penalties on the first Titans drive and was constantly behind receivers and out of position, grabbing and clutching instead of covering, and he dropped a interception. Martellus Bennett dropped a potential TD that was intercepted.

Even the special teams was bad, as David Buehler missed a 44-yard field goal attempt and after the Cowboys scored a TD to tie the game at 27, they were called for a celebration penalty. On the ensuing kickoff, Titans returner Marc Mariani ran a kick back 73 yards to the Dallas 20-yard line and a facemask penalty was called on Buehler, putting the ball at the Dallas five (in Buehler's defense, if he didn't facemask Mariani, he would've scored a TD).

That's three paragraphs of mistakes, penalties and an overall terrible performance to keep Dallas in last place, at 1-3.

This isn't something a postgame press conference, tougher practices and a players-only meeting is going to fix. The Cowboys are a bad football team loaded with great football talent. Their talent was the only reason that despite all the turnovers, mistakes, and penalties they only lost by seven.

At some point you have to start playing disciplined, and you have to start winning, and who knows when that is going to happen next. The Cowboys head to Minnesota next week, then face the Giants, and the way they've been playing, they're not going to beat either team.  

The hot-seat rumors are going to start any day now for Wade Phillips, but he can only blame himself. Week in and week out he allows the Cowboys to play this way, saying that he's disappointed and that the Cowboys will fix things. 

Then they go out and play well for a game or two, but then it's back to the same mistake-prone team. What makes this even worse is that this was coming off a bye week. A bye week in which they bragged that they had the best practices during a bye week since Phillips has been in Dallas. 

As Allen Iverson put it, "Were talking about practice." The Cowboys weren't ready for the game, as the Titans pass rush and passing game dominated.

Jerry Jones has shown a lot of patience with Phillips, but you have to think it's running out, especially in a season where the Cowboys could be playing in their own home for the Super Bowl. The biggest sign that Jones is already pissed was that he was unavailable for comment after the game.

The Cowboys are staring at a 1-5 start and a killer two months to finish the season. This team is unraveling and there seems to be no way out. They need to fix a lot and I'm not sure they can.