The Kevin Kolb Era, Part Two

Mike BurkeCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 03:  Kevin Kolb #4 of the Philadelphia Eagles throws a pass against the Washington Redskins on October 3, 2010 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Remember how pumped we were about the Kevin Kolb Era?

Remember how we thought Kolb would be able to tear up defenses with his accuracy and make the throws that Donovan McNabb couldn’t?

Remember when we thought Kolb was the future and nothing could stop us?

You should, because that was about six weeks ago.

It’s amazing how much things can change in such a short period of time. After all the excitement leading up to Week 1, we saw Kolb's shaky play against the Packers before taking an early exit due to an injury.

With the accelerated play of Michael Vick in Kolb’s absence, the Kolb Era was brought to an abrupt halt. However, the revolution is back and Part Two of the Kolb Era will begin tonight in San Francisco.

Despite throwing for over 200 yards against the Redskins, Kolb was not able to get any throws down the field. The Redskins played a deep Cover-2 defense, and Kolb was forced to check the ball down on almost all his throws. On the few opportunities that he did have receivers available down the field, he missed.

Kolb has looked pretty good being accurate with his short throws, but he still is making some poor decisions. He has a lot of room for improvement, and it’s only the kind of improvement he can have from getting live reps in game situations.

When coach Andy Reid talked about his decision to start Vick over Kolb, he mentioned that it would help Kolb’s maturation process. However, with all the time Kolb has spent maturing behind McNabb, I don’t think spending time on the bench is going to help him anymore. The only way Kolb can prove his worthiness in the NFL is to play.

With a full week knowing that he will definitely be the starter, Kolb should be well prepared for tonight’s matchup against the 49ers. He’s going to get another opportunity to shine, so it’s time for him to show us what he’s made of. It’s time for him to prove all the preseason supporters that he’s a starting quarterback in this league.