Brett Favre, Jenn Sterger, New York Jets: Freaky-Deeky in a NFL Front Office?

Lake CruiseAnalyst IOctober 8, 2010

Future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre.  Maybe the best QB in NFL history - on the field.
Future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre. Maybe the best QB in NFL history - on the field.Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

What is green, white, gold, purple, and packing?

An alleged flasher and phone sex smooth operator, future Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre has again been put on viral discharge thanks to reports that he sent inappropriate pictures and voice messages to a former New York Jets employee named Jenn Sterger.

Both Favre and Sterger worked for the Jets in 2008.  She has modeled for Maxim and Playboy magazines, and she served as a reporter for the yet again scandalized Jets organization.

In September, Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested for allegedly driving while intoxicated, and head coach Rex Ryan has been a lightning rod for journalists going back to the NFL’s preseason.

Already a hot topic for journalist “Screaming” Stephen A. Smith, who is probably hard at work digging up the facts and preparing to put Favre on Dynamite Hill, this is a very serious matter that could mean the unraveling of the Minnesota Vikings' playoff aspirations.

The team acquired disgruntled future Hall of Fame WR Randy Moss from the New England Patriots this week. 

Dealing with two huge distractions that came in a matter of days while preparing to travel to New York City where they will face the very dangerous Jets defense is not an optimal situation.

If Favre is not focused during the game, the fierce Jets hitters could end his career.  Favre is 40-years old and in the last throes of a sensational career on the field.

While fielding questions from intense journalists has never been his forte, he has managed to endear himself to legions of football fans who appreciate his nature boy image.

Natural is not a word that best describes Jenn Sterger’s body. She appears to be quite a bit younger than Mr. Favre who is married with children.

Favre fought off addictions to pain killers and to alcohol, and he is also a former Atlanta Falcon and Green Bay Packer.

Like it was a Packer pass rusher, Favre side-stepped a question about the leaked voice mails during a Vikings press conference.  "I'm not getting into that," he bristled.

The investigation is ongoing, and while a lawsuit is not imminent from either party in this matter, the financial effect could fly into the millions of dollars range according to CBS News legal analyst Trent Copeland. 

CBS News picked the story up from Gawker blog Deadspin.

The site claims responsibility for viralizing the nude flicks of athletes such as San Antonio Spurs combination guard “Naked” George Hill, Jets WR Santonio Holmes, Vikings TE Visanthe Shiancoe, Evan Longoria, Chris Cooley, Grady Sizemore, and Greg Oden.

Copeland is one of the most acclaimed lawyers in US history, successfully defending the likes of celebrities Shannen Doherty andJean Claude Van Damme, as well as Hollywood physician Dr. Gordon Goei.

Copeland has also served as a fill-in judge in Los Angeles Superior Courts.

Courting an organization’s employees by employing lewd methods as a star professional player could be viewed by the public as being tantamount to sexual harassment.

Legally, though, a sexual harassment lawsuit would be tough to prove in this case. 

According to Copeland, Sterger would need to show that Favre’s alleged advances were unwanted, and that she complained to the Jets who blew her off.

On the other hand, knowingly and falsely accusing a star NFL player could be the basis for a defamation law suit.

But since the data came from a third party, as Deadspin claims, the site is not likely to be held accountable for any wrong doing.

To me this begs the question of whether or not Deadspin sat on this story until this week.  The Jets host the Minnesota Vikings in a game to be played on Monday Night Football.

This game could be the highest rated MNF broadcast yet.

Sterger co-hosts a network cable show, and she has yet to comment.  Favre had nothing more to say, either, at the time of this writing.