NFL Trade Update: Randy Moss Will Realize Brett Favre Is No Tom Brady

Michael PerchickCorrespondent IMarch 23, 2017

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Yesterday morning I woke up to find out that Randy Moss—that slouch—will now be doing his mooning up in Minnesota, after the Pats shipped him to the Vikings for a third-round draft pick.  And yes, Randy happened to be playing—you guessed it—against former Packers QB and new teammate Brett Favre when he pretended to moon the Lambeau faithful.  

So what does this all mean for Randy Moss? First off, as good as Brett Favre is, he's without a doubt not Tom Brady. Favre is a maverick (like John McCain) and kind of just makes up plays as he goes. Even at age 40 (he turns 41 on Sunday, which makes Moss a really good birthday present), Favre still has no fear of slinging the ball down the field into double-coverage.  

Last year, that worked, with Favre throwing for over 4,200 yards, while also putting up 33 touchdowns against only seven touchdowns (a career-low). But this year without Sidney Rice roaming the field? Favre has looked like, well, a guy about to turn 41 years old.  

He's already thrown six interceptions (with only two touchdowns), and his yards per game is down from 262.6 last year to only 199 this season. His 61.9 percent completion rate is his lowest since 2006. And the Vikings find themselves at 1-2, struggling to find any consistency on offense. To put it politely, Favre has begun to age.  

And Brady? Through four games this season, Brady has looked just fine, with nine touchdowns and only two interceptions. At age 33, Brady is still in his prime, coming off a 2009 season where he made the Pro Bowl team and was named Comeback Player of the Year.  

And Brady's Pats are at 3-1, coming off a thrashing on the road of division rival Miami. Don't forget that Brady never won a Super Bowl with Moss (and lost his only one). He did win three without Randy drawing attention.  

So, will the new change of scenery help Moss, who was held to no catches last game and has only put together nine catches for 139 yards through the first four games this season?  

Maybe initially, as Favre tests out his new toy, but the Vikings have the best running back in football (Adrian Peterson), while the Patriots haven't had a 1,000-yard rusher since 2004 (tied with the Lions for longest streak in the NFL).  

And when Sidney Rice comes back, the Vikings offense will have to divvy up touches between A-Pete, Moss, Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, and TE Visanthe Shiancoe.  Simply put, as many options as Tom Brady had at his disposal, Favre may soon have more.

So Randy got his wish. He's "back home" with the Vikings, gone from the Patriots and their all-world quarterback and mastermind coach. Just be careful what you wish for. Because sometimes, it comes true.