Calling All Favre Fans, Vikings Fans (and Packers Fans): Down With Jenn Sterger!

Jonathan WardContributor IOctober 7, 2010

Brett Favre, one of the NFL's all-time greats, has been falsely accused of a crime he never committed.
Brett Favre, one of the NFL's all-time greats, has been falsely accused of a crime he never committed.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

"It was really exciting in practice to have Brett Favre throwing me the ball, you know, he's legendary" - Randy Moss on Brett Favre (10/7/10)

Brett Favre is seemingly always in the news. Whether it's his waffling over retirement or his demolishing of yet another NFL record, the media always has something to say about Brett Favre—and rightfully so. Brett Favre is the most exciting football player to watch in the history of the NFL.

Not only does he put his all into everything he puts his mind to, but also he has reminded us of the joy that comes with the game we all love—football. It's no surprise that everyone wants to watch him. It's no surprise that football fans want to be informed about him. It's no surprise that reporters want to report about him.

He has been the face of the NFL for the past 20 years and will continue to be as long as he continues to play. As you can see, being the center of attention is nothing new to Favre. But now, Favre has been put into the news for a reason he is not used to.

According to Deadspin, a sports gossip Web site, Favre has been accused of "sexting" Jenn Sterger during his time with the New York Jets. Not only are we led to believe that Favre, 40, (38 at the alleged time of the sexting) sent suggestive voicemail to Sterger, but sent "cockshots" ( pictures of his genitals) to her as well. Deadspin has since published counterfeit sound clips edited to sound like Favre in an attempt to cause controversy. Deadspin will also publish counterfeit "cockshots" of Brett Favre sometime later today in an attempt to further embarrass Favre.

Now ask yourself this: Who is Jenn Sterger? Most of us probably didn't even know until these false accusations broke out a few weeks ago. We can conclude from the "evidence" she provided to Deadspin that she is just trying to make a name for herself at the expense of the old gunslinger.

She just wants attention, but this kind of attention is uncalled for; it's unacceptable. Football fans should not be subjected to such devious lies, just as Favre should not have to deal with this dilemma.

What Sterger may also be aiming for  as a secondary objective is to ruin Brett Favre himself. Perhaps she is sick of the media circus surrounding him, or perhaps he threw a last-second miracle touchdown to beat her favorite team. Whatever the reason, she is trying her best to take him down. Not only is she attempting to ruin Brett Favre's image, but she is trying to ruin Favre's longtime relationship with his wife, Deanna Favre.

Jenn Sterger  has now put in all her effort into destroying the legendary career of Brett Favre. As Vikings fans, Packers fans, and football fans in general, we cannot stand for this. We will not let some nobody (a.k.a. Ms. Sterger) ruin the legacy and reputation of the man that has shown us the joy of playing football, not only at the NFL level, but at any level.

 If this news were to be percived as a fact, what would happen to the morale of the kids who grow up saying "I want to be a quarterback just like Brett Favre"? What would happen to the excitement Favre has brought us for all these years? What would happen to Favre and his family? 

What Sterger has not taken into account in her plans is that most football fans are more than likely supporters of Brett Favre. Favre fans outnumber Jenn Sterger fans (if she even has any), and Favre fans most definitely outnumber Jenn Sterger herself. We fans have a voice, and we will not stand for this! So let us all come together in defense of Brett Favre to say -

 The accusations are false! Down with Jenn Sterger!