Minnesota Vikings Fans: What If Brett Favre Was 30

Tony TuckerCorrespondent IOctober 7, 2010

26 Jan 1997:  Quarterback Brett Favre of the Green Bay Packers celebrates during Super Bowl XXXI against the New England Patriots at the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Packers won the game, 35-21. Mandatory Credit: Brian Bahr  /Allsport
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The Minnesota Vikings recent acquisition of Randy Moss has excitement coursing through the veins of the fans.

I know this doesn't make them the immediate favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, but it definitely increases their odds.

I wanted to share a "What If" fantasy that I have been having since I wrote about the possibilities and the actual trade happened Wednesday morning.

Brett Favre at age 39/40 had the best statistical season of his Hall of Fame career - 33 touchdowns to 7 interceptions.

Once Sidney Rice recovers from his hip injury and you add Moss to the equation things only look brighter for the old Sliver Fox.

The most depressing thought about this situation is that Favre is playing on the best team of his career at age 40. Now before Green Bay Packers fans start to tell me about the '96 & '97 Super Bowl teams look at the rosters.

At running back Favre had Edgar Bennett. I think it's safe to say that Adrian Peterson is better. Anyone who thinks otherwise should probably lay off the crazy pills.

The wide receiver position is so incomparable, that is a bigger joke than the first time you heard "Your Momma...". Vikings have Moss, Rice, and Percy Harvin and the Packers had Antonio Freeman, Robert Brooks, and Don Beebe.

The tight end spot I will give to Mark Chmura over Visanthe Shiancoe. However, it's not much of a drop off.

People will talk about how great the Packers defense was in '96, and it was amazing. It ranked 1st in points allowed at 13.1. With some big time play-makers - Reggie White, Gilbert Brown, and my personal favorite LeRoy Butler.

All though the Vikings are 1-2 this season it is not because of their defense. They are currently ranked 2nd in points allowed at 12.7. They too have some big time players on defense - Jared Allen, Pat & Kevin Williams, and E.J. Henderson.

Granted the Vikings defense is only three games into the season and will have a tough time staying at 12.7 points allowed per game, (especially with schedule they face this season) they are still a top 5 defense.

The Packers had a great team and they finished off greatness. This Minnesota Vikings team has yet to run its course, but on paper this roster looks better.

For those of you who will say, "Favre will choke like he did last year and ruin any chances they have of winning the Super Bowl". Favre struggled against the Dallas Cowboys for a few seasons before that '96 Packers team got over the hump and won.

That is where my problem lies, "a few years". Favre most likely doesn't have a few years left in that 40-year old body. Especially if they increase the season to 18-games next year.

My fantasy remains, "What if Favre was 30?"

I believe if Favre were 30 the Vikings would be the favorites to win the Super Bowl for at least the next four-years. I would bet money that this team would win two, possibly three rings over that four-year span.

Even if Favre was the age of 33-year old Donovan McNabb I would probably make this bet.

Many of you reading this are probably thinking or saying, "He is saying all of this because of Randy Moss".

Yes, when Rice gets healthy we are going to see beautiful things from this offense. With Moss and Rice both being dangers to stretch the field it will open room for Harvin and Shiancoe that will make them look like Pro-Bowlers every Sunday.

I can't even begin to describe what this is going to do for Peterson. The play-action fake and the opposing teams lack of ability to stack the box with their safety's would put Peterson at a 2,000-yard rusher in consecutive seasons.

For the defense, it changes everything. More rest because drives are longer for the offense. Having big leads creates more passing down situations for the opposing offense - with a pass rush of Allen and Ray Edwards teams would suffocated.

All I am saying is that if Favre were 30, we would be getting ready for some 49ers of the 80's and Cowboys of the 90's type stuff.

Time is killing my fantasy of watching Favre be apart of a dynasty. The Vikings have a legitimate shot of winning it all this season, but that means Favre would most likely ride his tractor off into the sunset.

In reality we all know Favre has the propensity to say one thing and do another. So, in actuality Favre could have off-season ankle amputation surgery and be the first player in NFL history to lead a dynasty with a prosthesis.


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