Hit the Mute Button! The NFL's Worst Broadcasters

JW NixSenior Writer IIOctober 7, 2010

Hit the Mute Button! The NFL's Worst Broadcasters

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    Are you ready for some football? Are you ready to hear the following people talk about it too?

    There are broadcasters who are walking commercials. They make you leave the room to make a sandwich when it is their turn to speak.

    Here is a list of the worst talking heads the NFL has to offer. Please feel free to add your own.

Joe Buck

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    Joe Buck's demographic is for those who find watching paint dry a life-changing experience. Watching grass grow is more exciting and informative than he is. A case of why nepotism is horrible for society.

Troy Aikman

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    When FOX started out in 1986, there was a running joke they weren't a real network.

    Aikman is Buck's broadcast partner, and pairing two of the game's worst announcers as their top team shows that joke still applies.

    He cannot hide his obvious love for the Dallas Cowboys, his former team, which is unprofessional in broadcasting circles.

    Of the Cowboys famed triplets, he is the best announcer. That says very little, because Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith were nightmares when employed.

    Hopefully Aikman will soon join them on the unemployment line as ex-broadcasters.

Shannon Sharpe

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    I'm all for bilingual broadcasts, because America is a country full of different languages. However, Shannon has made up his own language and he is the only one who understands it. When he speaks, you would be lucky to understand one word per sentence he speaks.

    This is a man in serious need of annunciation lessons.

Skip Bayless

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    OK, we all know Skip is a little light in the loafers, but this drama queen borders on moronic almost daily.

    Everything, everyday is the "greatest of all time."

    This guy either has the memory of a fruit fly or a prisoner of the moment 24/7.

Suzy Kolber

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    Suzy lies somewhere between brain dead and idiotic. She never offers anything to a broadcast, and throws "interesting" tidbits like, "he plays the game because he likes it," or "when he plays, he tries his best."

    Most sideline reporters offer just as useless information, but her squinting buffoonery is past annoying.

    She serves no purpose.

Terry Bradshaw

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    The "Good Ol' Boy, Yuk Yuk" act has worn thin long ago.

    Listen to Terry do highlights. Not only is he borderline illiterate, but you can't understand half the words out of his mouth.

    Last week he proclaimed the Tennessee Titans winners, yet meanwhile, in a world called reality, the Denver Broncos had already scored the winning touchdown against said Titans.

Lou Holtz

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    OK, "Dr." Lou doesn't cover NFL games, but he once had a disastrous stint as head coach of the Jets.

    Plus I had to end on this guy with a mouth full of spittle. The guy sounds like he is ready to hock a loogie with each word that comes out his mouth.

    I'm shocked he doesn't wear a bib, and hope he wears a yellow shirt one day so the wet spot under his chin shows more prominently on TV.