Randy Moss Trade;What Will Happen To the Vikings and Patriots,The Now and Future

Christopher NicholasContributor IIIOctober 7, 2010

Randy Moss Trade;What Will Happen To the Vikings and Patriots,The Now and Future

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    The Patriots and the Vikings might have made the trade of the year. There are a couple of aspects to look at here; Brett Favre, Randy himself, the Vikes and the Pats. And its not just about what this trade will bring this season, or next, but what about that draft pick the Pats got. Lord knows Bill Bilechick will turn that into another great, versatile player.

Brett Favre's Time Left

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    Brett Favre is 40. How long do you think is going to be able to keep this charade up? This may spark a rejuvenated interested in him but how long will he be able to preform as the first grandfather in the NFL. Last year shocked everybody as he was near perfect by throwing a career low with 7 interceptions but this year is not looking so good.He has already thrown 4 interceptions in 4 games and only won one game against the lowly Lions. Brett Fare should retire after this season and if he does not, his eventual retirement might not be great when he is forced into a wheel chair and cant move his right arm above his head.

The Vikings

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    Moss is 33. Favre is 40. Both will be limited due to age but there are pieces around them to help lead that team to the playoffs if not this year, then definitely next year. Lets also look at the fact that Sydney Rice will be healthy all of next season for starters. That is the main reason that this trade happened. Well that and the fact that the Vikings did not get a deal done with San Diego for Vincent Jackson. Second, actually may be the most important, Adrian Peterson. Not that it helped, but teams can no longer stack the box to try and stop the run. This might open up more lanes with the strong safety playing more than 7 yards off the line of scrimmage. Third reason may not happen but hopefully Percy Harvin will stop suffering from migraines and be the ROY he was last year. If you put all these together something tells me that next year the Vikings will look like they did in '09.

Randy Moss's Time Left

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    Randy Moss is 33. Best bet, he has about 3 "good" years in him. What I mean by that, is he may have the athleticism for 3 more years but he could probably still play for 5 total years. Here are the upsides to Moss in the now: he is 6' 4" and has deep play ability in him, he can still be an affective blocker and is a team player as long as he gets his fair share of ball (which he will). Unfortunately he cannot run intermediate routes which might limit him and simply allow defenses to jam him at the line and then have a safety roll over to his side of the field. 

    Another good thing that will help the overall team, and hopefully produce wins, is that teams should no longer be able to crowd the box to stop Adrian Peterson. This will hopefully cause defenses to play AP honestly and give AP a chance for his usual highlight-game-breaking runs.

Give the Patriots Another Draft Pick, Are You Crazy?!?!

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    I'm pretty sure there that anybody in the NFL can agree that over the past decade, Bill Belichick is the closest thing to the draft guru's of Chuck Noll and Jimmy Johnson. So far they have turned a 6th round pick into a future Hall of Famer, an undrafted Wes Welker into the best slot receiver of this decade, a 7th round pick who never started a game to a first round draft pick, and the list goes on. They are possibly the best evaluators of talent and trading draft picks. Heck because of a 4th round pick they gave up they resurrected Randy's career and got more than face value for a player who could possibly be on the decline.

The Future

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    I will admit that this might limit the Patriots for the remainder of the season, but lets face it, Bill Belichick would not have excited this without a plan. If I were a betting man, and the Patriots feel they need a "big play" receiver, that they would trade up in the draft to get a Julio Jones or a A.J. Green. Or if there is an immediate need for a big play wide receiver, they could trade for two players: Vincent Jackson, or (shock alert) Larry Fitzgerald. Jackson wont be able to play until week 7 while still serving a league mandated suspension. Larry Fitzgerald must be flipping you out right now. "Why would the Cardinals trade their best offensive player???" Lets face it, in an offseason where you lose Anquan Boldin and Kurt Warner, what can you expect from your offense when your best weapon will now be double covered every down? If the Cardinals do trade think about the picks they would receive: at least a 1st and 2nd and a 4th. Do you know what you can do with three extra picks??? They can essentially rebuild their entire team with that.

    While the Vikings lose a draft pick, they are purely thinking about the present. But how long will this "present" last? (get it. like a gift and the form of time) But seriously, I think they can live without a 3rd round draft pick this year. And if it does not work out with Moss, something tells me Al Davis is crazy enough to trade for him....again....at age 35.