Forget The Coach -- MICHAEL HUFF HAS GOT TO GO!!!

Gonz BContributor IOctober 6, 2010


Granted we've had a string of bad luck. Heck, I'll even call it 'Raider' luck for the better part of the past decade. And for one reason or another, whether it's age, injuries, lackadaisical play on the part or one or most of the players -- we've been little more than fodder for color commentators and opponents alike.


We excised an almost 300lb tumor from the QB spot. We put our extremely talented offensive skills players on notice and we're scoring points again, something that hasn't been done since before the Governator took office. We've brought back Richard Seymour and drafted a bona-fide stud linebacker. We've wheeled and dealed and have managed to re-appear on the collective radars of all the know it all analysts around the country. This was our year to knock on the door of the 'dance' known to all as the play-offs.


This year was supposed to be different.


In spite of Jason Campbell not living up to the collective hype, mine included -- the team had rallied around Gradkowski and is making an effort to win games. McFadden is quietly earning himself a spot on this year's Pro-Bowl and Miller is having a banner year. Although not stellar, the Defensive line is holding it's own and not permitting the onslaught of years past. Our linebackers strike fear in the collective hearts of anyone trying to score yards around midfield. Asomugha has been his all-pro self complimented nicely by Stanford Routt and our safeties are doing what they can given the lack of leadership or physical talent.


This is no slight against Mike Mitchell who has stepped up his game this season nor Tyvon Branch who is serviceable at his position but rather at the supposed anchor -- Michael Huff. Huff maybe a fast, strong tackler and had great height but lacks one intricate skill a Safety in the NFL must have -- HE'S GOT TO BE ABLE TO STOP THE RUN IF HE'S UNBLOCKED!


Either bench him in favor of the up and coming Mike Mitchell, change his position or trade him. Either way someone who is not doing his job WEEK IN AND WEEK OUT is a detriment to a team that is finally competitive. (meaning we're playing in games with the outcomes of less than a TD)


If this problem is not fixed, Sproles will kill us this week, Frank Gore will exploit him the following week and who knows what Denver will have stored for us the following week. At that point we'll be 1 AND 6 and this magical, hopeful season will be effectively be OVER.